What Are Radisson Blu Business Class Rooms?

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With my recent hotel stays in Norway and Iceland I’ve learned quite a bit about the Radisson Blu stay experience. While I was familiar with the Club Carlson program going in, I didn’t have any experience with the actual properties, so there are many things I’ve found interesting.

One of whichĀ is that on two of my three stays I was upgraded to Business Class rooms.


I wasn’t really familiar with what they were going in, though in general I love the branding. As a frequent flyer program nut, who wouldn’t want an upgrade to business class? šŸ˜‰

It wasn’t until my second Business Class upgrade that I actually looked into what it is, though.

What are Radisson Blu Business Class rooms?

Radisson Blu’s website describes business class rooms as follows:

Business travellers at Radisson Blu Hotels & Resorts find the services and amenities they need with Business Class. For the extra convenience of our business guests, all Radisson Blu Hotels offer Free high-speed Internet access. And since most of our hotels have wireless Internet access, this means that you can log on to the Internet from anywhere in the hotel, free of charge.

An addition to the Business Class amenities is a NespressoĀ® coffee machine in your room with an assortment of flavors that invites you to a unique coffee experience.

Business Class amenities:

  • Nespresso machine with a selection of coffees
  • Free high-speed Internet access
  • Daily newspaper
  • Lifestyle magazines
  • Pay-TV movies
  • Breakfast with room service option
  • And much moreā€¦

My experience being upgraded to Business Class rooms

I was upgraded to Business Class rooms at the both the Radisson Blu Oslo Airport and the Radisson Blu 1919 Reykjavik.

In the case of the Radisson Blu Oslo Airport I was upgraded to a massive room with extra beds. Based on the room itself I wasn’t really clear what made it a Business Class room, though it was nicely furnished.

Business Class room at the Radisson Blu Oslo Airport

My stay at the Radisson Blu 1919 Reykjavik cleared things up a bit.

Business Class room at the Radisson Blu 1919 Reykjavik

There was a placard on the wall which explained that I was in a Business Class room, and which amenities that entitled me to, including:

  • Nespresso machine
  • Bathrobe & slippers
  • Good Morning News delivered to your room
  • Free Monthly Magazine
  • Upgraded bathroom amenities
  • Free Pay TV movies
  • Super breakfast buffet (not applicable for upgraded guests)
  • Turn down service upon request


It is interesting to note that the complimentary breakfast only applied to guests that paid for that type of room (at least on paper).

Nespresso machine in Radisson Blu Business Class room

Redeeming points for Radisson Blu Business Class room

The Club Carlson program typically also lets you redeem points for a Business Class room for a 50% points premium. To figure out if it’s available, simply do a search for points availability for the hotel you’re looking at.


As soon as you get to the page displaying the various rate options, click the button that says “View All Rates & Packages.”


If the hotel has Business Class rooms available on points, it should display. In the case of the Radisson Blu 1919 Reykjavik, the premium for a Business Class room is 22,000 points per night.

Keep in mind that if you have the Club Carlson Premier Rewards Visa Signature Card, the second night of each award redemption is free. That includes premium rooms, meaning as a card holder you could redeem 66,000 points for two nights in a Business Class room.


Are Radisson Blu Business Class rooms worth the extra points?

Is it worth spending 50% extra points for a business class room? The most noticeable benefit you’ll get is complimentary breakfast, which at some hotels can be worth quite a bit. But there are lots of other features, like a larger room, Nespresso machine, etc.

Having stayed in a couple of Business Class rooms now, would I pay extra for them? I’d say it’s worth it, but only if:

For example, lets crunch the numbers on this stay. I paid 44,000 points for two nights, and if I had booked a Business Class room would have paid a total of 66,000 points, which averages out to 11,000 extra points per night. I value Club Carlson points at ~0.4 cents each, so that’s like paying a premium of ~$44 per night. For two people I’d say that’s well worth it for the breakfast buffet alone, especially in expensive countries in Northern Europe.

Add in the fact that the room is larger and the extra features, and I do think it’s well worth it.


However, when traveling alone I’m happy rolling the dice and hoping for an upgrade to a Business Class room thanks to the Gold status I have through the Club Carlson Premier Rewards Visa Signature Card.

What has your experience been?

I know in the comments section a lot of Gold members have mentioned receiving complimentary breakfast.

Is that because you were upgraded to a Business Class room and they honored the complimentary breakfast despite the fact that you were upgraded, or for other reasons? Would you spend the extra points for a Business Class room?

  1. Hey, is that a crib in the first picture????!!!! Are there proto-Bens lurking out their somewhere??????

  2. @ KahunnaTravel – You mean the second picture…the first one just shows the signage “Business Class”

    Was the 1919 any less crap than the Saga? Doesn’t seem so.

  3. I stayed at the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel in Oslo and Radisson Blu Royal Viking in Stockholm this summer on points and in both cases was upgraded to business class rooms and offered free breakfast without asking. Breakfast at both properties was very good, buffet spread with lots of options. It was certainly nice to have it for free as both of those cities are pricey but I would have easily been able to find cheaper options if need be instead of paying more points for a business class room. So I guess I see it as an unexpected benefit that I was grateful to receive.

  4. I guess Radisson Blue value proposition is “why make it simple if we can make it more complicated?”.

  5. I was upgraded to a Business Class room at the Radisson Stockholm Arlanda Airport because I asked for the very best “runway view” available. And I was not disappointed. [I had to walk a bit further, down a long hallway in which I sensed there were not many guests who elected to sleep in the Bus Class wing. My room looked right down onto several Norwegian Air gates.].

    I could hardly sleep from the excitement of having a front row seat for the Airport’s intense snow removal procedures. Back and forth went they went into the morning light, as the snow flurries continued to come down. It was a great memory. Loved the [not free] breakfast buffet and only having to take a 3 minute walk to my gate upon check-out !! I’m a big Radisson fan – Business Class room or not !!

  6. The branding does get somewhat confusing, because some properties actually have Business Class Lounges (that you get access to by booking Business Class rooms; not sure how upgrades are handled) that have continental breakfast and an evening appetizer and beverage service. Here in the US, the properties with lounges (i.e. Chicago, Philadelphia), while nothing like hotel lounges in Asia, are pretty good for a domestic US offering, particularly since the evening beverage service includes wine, beer and cocktails at no extra charge.

    Also, because elites are not automatically given lounge access, the Blu lounges tend not to be crowded.

  7. I stayed in a Rad in the states and I paid extra for “business class” room, which entitled me to the club lounge. What a mistake that turned out to be. I did get a free microbrew beer (bottle) every day, but the hors d’oeuvres that they advertised was basically a salad consisting of romaine lettuce, and a few carrot sticks. Not even a chicken wing or a swedish meatball. What a joke. Yes, I will definitely be more wary of the “business class” upgrade. Not worth the money, at least at this place. CC’s business class in general seems to be a bit…nebulous from property to property. Approach with caution.

  8. The extra points were definitely worth it at the Radisson Blu Royal in Copenhagen. Breakfast is upstairs on the top floor in Alberto K, which is exclusive and much nicer than the regular breakfast place. You also get a high floor corner room with a fifty-fifty chance of overlooking Tivoli. Also “free pay movies” really means free very hard core porn. When you first turn the tv on, it asks for you to enter your room number. If you just do it and don’t read it carefully, you end up with three very hard core porno channels added to your regular tv lineup — not special channels, they just show up while flicking. So, flicking up from BBC News you are greeted with Nordic Schoolgirls In Trouble. A bit of a concern with teens. Although, one nice feature of our room was that tv sound was piped into the bathroom, making it kind of funny to put on one of the naughty channels when one of them was in the toilet.

  9. I was upgraded to a business class room at the Radisson Kathmandu, that I had booked on points. The room was large and I had access to the lounge. They had breakfast and evening appetizers. But, I never tried either one so, can’t comment. They also had refreshments and snacks put out during the day so, I would often grab a sprite. Once I saw a cockroach. Which really didn’t bother me.

  10. When I stayed there I experienced the same thing, both times when I asked I was upgraded to a suite and even though the breakfast was not included when I asked I was given 2x breakfasts for free. I booked the regular room each time for 2 days with my wife(2nd nt free). That was 3 months ago.

  11. Upgraded to business room at Radisson Seatac and given 2 full breakfast vouchers for restaurant and 2 vouchers for a drink at bar for each day of stay, redeeming points for standard room. Also given club access at Radisson Blu Mall of America redeeming standard room on points. Also no charge for a rollaway at Seatac.

  12. We decided to use the extra points in lucern Switzerland. With a kid, the guaranteed larger room and breakfast was definitely worth it, especially when the breakfast is pretty expensive outside the hotel too. But we will not use the points in an inexpensive country.

  13. Have gotten upgraded to business class room about 80% of time, mostly in Northern Europe but also ZRH and IST. Breakfast always free with upgrade.

  14. Stayed at the Park Inn Bejing (not Rad)….but we paid to upgrade to 2 Business Class rooms (traveling with our kids). Plenty of extra room. The evening appetizers were better than I expected. I didn’t get a chance to try breakfast, though. I would definitely pay to upgrade again.

  15. We’ve only had one experience with the Radisson Blu so far–at the ZRH property. We were upgraded to a Business Class room (did not “pay” for it”). There was indeed a Nespresso maker and breakfast was included-a beautiful buffet. That was much appreciated in super-expensive Switzerland. Also, any thing, except alcohol, in the mini-bar was free including the snacks. Had a great view out to the taxi way and international terminal.

  16. Having 6 weeks travelling around “Eastern Europe” in March/April this year, I have nothing but praise for Radisson Blu Krakow. Having been left standing on the doorstep of another establishment because they cancelled my booking (did not read my contact details whilst overseas and contacted my home details) leaving my wife and adult daughter without anywhere to stay. It was late afternoon, storm clouds looming and tired from travelling from St Petersburg Russia in the morning. Across the park was a Rad Blu and upon enquiring they had a room – so my wife told me, as I was on the phone trying to sort out the booking that had been cancelled. After getting nowhere, I went in to the Rad Blu. My wife had told the story of our accommodation previously. In between her being there and me getting there, there was still a room available. They ended up discounting the room further and gave an upgrade to a Business Room. What a lovely large room, additional bed for our daughter and all the extras to go.

    Later in the trip we were in Amsterdam and original accommodation was dreadful. Cancelled the next two nights and then stayed at the Rad Blu there. Again a Business Room.

    If you are travelling with two or three people, the Rad Blu Business Rooms make a lot of sense and from my two experiences, the quality and extras are very worth the extra money.

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