Qatari Royal Family Selling Boeing 747-8 Private Jet

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The Qatari royals have quite a fleet of private jets, known as “Qatar Amiri Flight.” This fleet of over a dozen jets is owned by the government of Qatar, and is managed by Qatar Airways. These plans are exclusively used by the royal family, and other VIP government staff.

Well, if you have a few hundred millions dollars burning a hole in your pocket, here’s a cool way to potentially spend it.

Qatari 747-8 business jet for sale

One of the Qatar Amiri 747-8s, with the registration code A7-HBJ, is for sale. The “HBJ” in the registration code has some significance, as that’s commonly how people refer to Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani.

You can find all the pictures and specifications of the plane here. This plane has been a frequent visitor to shopping capitals around the world, from Los Angeles to London (I’ve seen this particular plane parked several times at LAX).

The jet was delivered back in 2012, and in the past eight years has just 1,069 hours and 279 cycles on it. It’s pretty crazy to think that over the course of eight years the plane flew just over 1,000 hours, which is an average of ~130 hours per year. That’s an average of just over two hours of flying per week.

The lavish plane has seating for just 89 guests plus room for 14 crew members.

The price for the plane hasn’t been disclosed, though presumably it’s a case where you have to ask about the price, it’s not for you…

Price aside, one seriously has to wonder what kind of a buyer would consider this plane. I’d think the biggest markets for something like this might be Saudi Arabia or the UAE, but Qatar doesn’t have relations with those countries, so…

The last Qatari 747-8 was gifted to Turkey

In August 2018, another Qatar Amiri Boeing 747-8 was listed for sale. That plane had also been delivered in 2012, and was essentially a sister plane to this one. That plane had only 436 hours of flying time and 200 cycles.

A buyer wasn’t found for the plane, so the Qatari royal family decided to gift the plane to Turkish president Erdoğan. It joined the fleet of 11 other Turkish state jets, the largest of which was previously an A340.

Bottom line

The Qatari royal family is once again trying to sell a Boeing 747-8. The last one was listed for sale a couple of years ago, and after no success, the plane ended up being gifted to Turkey’s president.

I can’t imagine Qatar will find a buyer for this plane, so one has to wonder who this 747-8 will be gifted to. 😉

(Tip of the hat to Saad, featured image courtesy of John Taggart)

  1. Add a bit more gold plating and it could be our next Air Force One! JK, sorta. Isn’t the US Gov’t buying used 747s to retrofit into next gen AF1’s?

  2. Sad news, now they’ll only be left with only TWO 747-8s left! And then, they’ll have to settle for their existing A340-500, A340-300, A340-200, 2 A320s, and 3 A319s!

    That aside, maybe this could be used to replace one of the DoD’s Boeing E-4B planes. I hear they want to start looking for replacements next year. Maybe Korean/Lufthansa will have some to spare.

  3. All that purple – I wouldn’t be surprised if I find Barney the purple dinosaur in the cockpit

  4. I’d love to take it, but would have to change that tacky interior into something a bit more tasteful.

  5. Is it the sign of richest nation in the world start biting dust? Oil in global market has a big set up due to Covid but didn’t know the fate of gas.

  6. The interior is much more staid than the one given to Turkey. It’s almost classy.

    I love that it has an “anti-intrusion system.” Every private 747 needs a good burglar alarm. If I weren’t convinced I need this jet before I read that tidbit, now I am!

  7. Regret for a type in my comment. Read Oil in global market has a big set back (and not set up).

  8. Despite richest state in the Gulf and top exporter of LPG .. Qatari Amir remains the richest among Arabs world .. this is only eyewash that austerity measures are being observed ..

  9. One might wonder why they need 4 in the first place with so little flight time… some people might be put off by lavish displays of wealth but personally I find rooms full of possessions and homes, jets and luxury cars that are used once and them left to rot before being replaced with something bigger and more expensive far more off putting.

  10. How many 747-8s do they have/had? Also, why have they been painted in different liveries, as I’ve also seen one in a Qatar Airways livery?

  11. Others have already made the same suggestion but I think that it would be wonderful as it presently stands as a replacement for Air Force 1. Available immediately. Set up for a King so it would fit in nicely.

    Alternatively when Trump returns to private life he should consider replacing his tired 757. This would be much more fitting for a mogul of Industry.

  12. Good Grief!

    It would be perfect for King Justin I of Canada. What was I thinking?

    He could pay for it with what’s left over from the WE money recently returned to his pocket.

  13. Wow…Qatar has sooooooo many private jets…maybe its time for bigger aircraft…A380 perhaps? Wait, does Airbus still make new A380?

  14. @subu Qatar is best situated of the oil producing middle east countries. They make more money selling natural gas that has a steady and increasing demand.

  15. @azamaraal Cost of AF1 is in all the coomunications gear, hardening of electronics, & performance upgrade. The B747 itself is just chum change.

  16. Actually, you can only do so much falconry with these planes.
    They would fly the family on one plane to south Africa and on the other 747 the birds. $20,000 lunch a little birding then back home. All in a day. Nice life.

  17. @King

    We all know that. But isn’t it funny?

    Although I suspect that the Emir of Qatar would also have a pretty sophisticated defense system as he is rather not liked in the area.

  18. Dear Amir of Qatar,
    ALLAH SWT has blessed Qatar with lots of wealth of different kind.
    Kindly gift this plane to Pakistan as a friendly gesture towards a Muslim country. We shall be thankful to you.

  19. Please send it to me in the South Africa so I can use it as a VIP taxi .I can hire the plane to all those who steal government funds and give back to the poor.

  20. This plane has exactly one potential use: to be gutted and converted into a freighter. If it finds no buyer for that, it’ll sit in the dessert for years and eventually be parted out.

  21. I’m happy to see the boycott is getting good results ! Let the Qatari government now stop abusing human rights !

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