Qatar Airways Launching Flights To Toronto

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You wouldn’t expect airlines to be adding routes to new destinations right now, but that’s exactly what Qatar Airways is doing.

Qatar Airways launching flights to Toronto

Qatar Airways has today announced that it will begin operating 3x weekly flights between Doha and Toronto as of July 4, 2020. That’s right, the airline is launching these flights with just a few days notice.

This new Toronto service will operate with the following schedule on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays:

QR767 Doha to Toronto departing 8:30AM arriving 3:00PM
QR768 Toronto to Doha departing 8:50PM arriving 4:15PM (+1 day)

The route will cover a distance of 6,928 miles, and is blocked at 13hr30min westbound and 12hr25min eastbound.

Qatar Airways will fly an A350-900 to Toronto, featuring a total of 283 seats, including 36 business class seats and 247 economy class seats.

Qatar Airways’ A350-900 business class

While Qatar Airways has been operating some flights to Canada to get stranded travelers home, this is the first time that Qatar Airways will operate scheduled passenger flights between Doha and Toronto, and this route is expected to be permanent.

As Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker describes the new route:

“We have worked closely with the Government of Canada and its embassies around the world during this crisis to bring home safely over 16,000 Canadians through our scheduled flights to Montreal and special charter flights to Toronto and Vancouver. Qatar Airways has never stopped operating to Canada throughout this crisis and we are pleased to be able to further strengthen our support to the people of Canada with the addition of these three weekly scheduled flights to Toronto.”

Qatar Airways A350-900

Why didn’t Qatar Airways already fly to Toronto?

Given what a global airline Qatar Airways is, it might surprise some to learn that the airline didn’t already fly to Toronto. Previously Qatar Airways’ only Canadian destination was Montreal, which the airline flew to up to 4x weekly.

The reason that Qatar Airways hasn’t historically operated more flights to Canada is because of the bilateral aviation agreement between the two countries:

  • The Canadian government have historically taken a rather protectionist approach to aviation, largely protecting the interests of Air Canada
  • At one point the bilateral agreement between Canada and Qatar only allowed 3x weekly flights
  • That agreement has been updated over time, and at this point Qatar Airways can operate 7x weekly flights between Qatar and Canada, so those are being split between Montreal and Toronto

Qatar Airways also operates 4x weekly flights to Montreal

Historically similar restrictions have existed between Canada and the UAE. The agreement between the two countries used to allow for six weekly flights, but that was increased to 10. As a result, both Emirates and Etihad generally operate 5x weekly flights to Canada.

Emirates and Etihad operate 10x weekly flights to Toronto

Bottom line

Qatar Airways will be launching 3x weekly flights between Doha and Toronto in just a few days. This might be one of the first new permanent route announcements that we’ve seen during the current pandemic.

It’s interesting to see this launch with just days notice, though I guess it makes sense. For those who need to travel internationally, connectivity is extremely limited, especially to & from Canada. This new flight will give Canadians access to destinations around the world.

Are you surprised to see Qatar Airways launching flights to Toronto?

  1. Finally! Now I gotta learn what’s the best way to travel with them. Would that be with AA miles?

  2. YES!!! That’s amazing news and glad to see Qatar come to Toronto especially with the A359

  3. It sounds like all of that flying throughout the ongoing Covid19 crisis is paying off for Qatar Airways. Glad to see that they still have an active aeropolitical team that can lobby properly. I wonder if Emirates or Etihad will have the same caliber aeropolitical team to respond and get additional rights themselves. Or are they all being fired for their inability to get anything done and have now been shown up by the other guys across the Gulf? It appears that Qatar Airways is easily beating Emirates and Etihad hands-down without any sort of response. Is Tim Clark still active or have they shoved him out for ruining a once great entity with poor fleet decisions that are clearly sinking Emirates at the moment?

  4. I travelled on QA and had to go to Montreal. Think all that hassle was worthwhile as Qatar Airways did surprise me with their service. And now having it from Toronto is a god send. That’s the only plane I will be boarding for longhuals

  5. Now, if they’d only include a quick stop here in Halifax! (It gets tiresome flying two hours west, to then turn around and fly east…

  6. @Steve-O
    Spot on! The tenacity of QR astounds me and is something to admire in this shrinking aviation market. By comparison their immediate competitors at Emirates and Etihad (my usual ME airline) look sluggish.

  7. A359 so possibly no qsuite configuration? Reverse herringbone is still solid but I hope when the seat map loads into inventory it’s the qsuite a359 in their fleet. Either way as someone near BUF, this is great news.

  8. Finally!
    AC has been getting protectionist subsidies and stole billions from Canadians during covid

  9. The schedule has been posted until the end of July (I hope this isn’t a temp route). QR will operate on Sat, Tues, and Thurs with an evening departure from YYZ at 8:50pm and get to DOH around 4pm the following day. Return flight is a day time flight with a DOH departure of 8am.

  10. Amazing! How do you think awards availability in business will be on this route? I can never find anything on EK.

  11. @Bob, I’m sorry, what billions did AC steal from Canadians? Are you referring to the un-refunded tickets to customers or under the table loans from the government? Just to be clear, I agree with you on either or both premises.

  12. My relatives who are US citizens , are stranded in India since March , are waiting to come back to USA by Qatar airline. When Qatar airline will operate from Amritsar(India) to Dallas(USA) ?

  13. As a person living in Western Canada I have always admired the way the Federal Government thinks Canada starts and ends on Bay street.

    Wexit would be a great start and then we would finally get some service in Vancouver from the ME3 or even SQ.

    Just a short feeder flight to either Toronto or Montreal and no reasonable airline loyalty plan available for the connection. At the mercy of the great mother , AC, whose active life was created by a Liberal Government that killed Canadian Airlines as any competition.

    Once again, thank you Justin I.

  14. I took the QR flight to Montreal earlier this week. A350-900 with Qsuites. The service and food was fantastic. The seat was not as good as and older than what I had on the Sin-Doh flight on a 350-1000. But both were really good. QR has improved its services levels quite a bit. Nice for them to be flying to Toronto now.

  15. @CVW why would you be surprised? Toronto is by far the biggest and largest airport in Canada with the most passenger movements. It only makes sense for the flight to Doha to go there.

    @Azamaraal another butt hurt Westerner. The government had nothing with Qatar Airlines choosing Toronto.

  16. @zac

    Actually that’s not correct.

    Transport Canada or whatever it is called these days has always restricted the flights in and out of various airports across this wonderful nation of ours.

    Back in the day, Air Canada was allocated all the lucrative routes to Europe from Eastern Canada and CP was given access only to LHR, Paris and if memory serves Rome. CP was given China and Asia back before the borders opened to western tourism. It was a long and thin route and eventually was the downfall of CP. When CP opened up China AC was given a lot of the new routes.

    Emirates for years has worked with government to get permission to fly to YVR because of the HUGE SE Asian and India/Pakistan market here but has been prevented because it would kill the AC routes here that form a huge profit center for them. Instead EK flies to SEA and gets some feeder traffic but crossing the border was such a hassle and totally unacceptable that AC still gets the bulk of the business.

    Even now when AC is no longer owned by the Federal Government it still has huge influence from Quebec.

    I’m happy to see that you are an well supplied Easterner sucking the blood out of all the transfer payments from Alberta as you kill the energy industry. Nice to know that you like the money but prefer to import your oil from Saudi and Iran.

  17. @Azamaraal,

    Pretty rich coming from a resident of Alberta when 35 years ago the provincial government said to Eastern Canada during an oil crisis, “let the bastards in the east freeze.” Alberta refused to ship oil to Ontario, Quebec, and the eastern provinces.

    Perhaps you were not born then so I’ll cut you some slack.

    Have a nice day.

  18. @Azamaraal,

    Forgot to add that the premier of Alberta said “let the bastards in the east freeze” in the middle of winter.

  19. Peter Lougheed, Alberta Premier:
    “If my voice is trembling, it’s because I am terribly angry, to the point where I would be happy to fight for our freedom and I literally mean with a rifle.”

    “Let the Eastern bastards freeze in the dark!

    Very strong language, most will agree. The above quotes effectively illustrate the emotions felt by a majority of Albertans directed towards the Pierre Trudeau led federal government of the early 1980’s. The emotional outcry, of course, was in the wake of Trudeau’s infamous 1980 National Energy Policy.

    The first quote came from an Albertan who called in to a radio station to voice displeasure and outrage with Trudeau’s policy. The latter was a phrase all too popular among the bumpers of many an Albertan car.

  20. The actual mis-quote was a response to Trudeau’s new energy policy which raped the west and allowed Middle East Oil into Ontario and Quebec. Everything on the St Lawrence and east was at the oil price of about $30 a barrel and the west had to pay $60 a barrel.

    The actual quote was “let the bastards freeze in the dark and the cold” during the fall election and was coined by Trudeau pere (Pee-air) as an attack on the Conservative party. It worked and the Liberals were elected then went on to screw all of Canada over energy.

    This was about the time he coined the phrase “fuddle duck” and the one-finger salute from his rail car in Kamloops. About the only thing ripe he wanted from the west was Margaret. And look how well that worked out. If he’d only been impotent we’d be free of his idiot offspring.

    But so much for E vs W friendly dialogue. It is probably a young vs old dialogue and demonstrates how some quotes get changed and misappropriated.

    On Canada day we should just celebrate we don’t have the same set of problems as south of the border, eh?

  21. I did misquote, the correction stands above. As for young versus old dialogue, that could be ageist on both sides so we’ll set that aside.

    Agreed however that we are faring better than our neighbours to our south.

    You make great discussion points by the way even if I disagree with a number of them.

  22. My wife flew DOH-YUL yesterday (July 1st) and she had a Q-Suite. Wine list was the same but the food service all came packaged. She was also given a protective face visor. As usual, she said she loved the flight. The following AirCanada connection flight to Vancouver… not so much. lol

  23. Any idea if they have the QSeats for service to Toronto or the outdated ones. The old ones are solid but would be nice to see the Qsuites.

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