Qatar Airways’ New Safety Video, Starring FC Barcelona

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Aside from their casting choices, Qatar Airways isn’t an airline which has ever been known for their safety videos.


For example, here’s their A380 safety video, which isn’t exactly exciting:

Fun fact: unlike many other airlines, Qatar Airways don’t use real flight attendants for the safety videos. Instead they hire actors.

Qatar Airways seems to finally be catching onto the trend of producing videos which are engaging and “current.” This is a trend where Air New Zealand has been leading the way, as they come out with an engaging new video every few months.

In Qatar’s case, they’ve finally produced a video which some people will love, as it stars the FC Barcelona team.

Check out Qatar Airways’ safety video:

Very well done, Qatar Airways!

  1. Couldn’t help but think that Qatar took that idea from Emirates, which has already performed a “safety briefing” to 65,000 Benfica fans some two months back.

  2. @ HT my thought was FINALLY they use Barcelona team on something! However didn’t like the safety video as much as the post suggest, but certainly an improvement from the old ones.

  3. They have already done a couple of TV ads which feature the Barca team with the Jackie Wilson song. As far as airline ads go, these too were pretty good.

  4. I could not help but wonder whether the safety video was some sort of joke. The notion that all passengers love football or know FC Barcelona stars and would pay attention is ill-taken. The type of emergencies that one would face on an airplane are rather different from what is depicted in the video. Believe me, you won’t need an oxygen mask because Pique is walking in but rather for serious loss of cabin pressure. Neymar’s great dance moves will do little to help in case the plane is landing on water. Qatar Airways can have a fun video spot with football stars if they feel like it but should not compromise on passengers’ safety. Some things are just meant to be plain vanilla and security videos are one of them.

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