Qatar Airways Premium Lounge Opens In Singapore

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Qatar Airways has increasingly been opening lounges at their major outstations, including in Bangkok, Beirut, London, and Paris. They’ve done this in order to offer passengers a better experience compared to what they’d otherwise have access to.

Well, the airline has started this week by opening their latest lounge, at Singapore Changi Airport.

Qatar Airways Lounge Singapore Changi basics

Qatar Airways’ outstation lounges are excellent, and I suspect their Singapore Changi location might just be the best business class lounge at the airport. In addition to what I imagine is very nice decor, the lounge also features a la carte dining, which is a treat for a business class lounge.

What hours is the Qatar Airways Premium Lounge open?

The lounge opens approximately three hour before Qatar Airways departures, and right now the airline has flights at around 2AM, 11AM, and 8:30PM.

Therefor you can expect that the lounge is roughly open from 8AM until 11AM, and again from 5:30PM until 2AM, give or take.

Who can access the Qatar Airways Premium Lounge?

Qatar Airways has strict entry requirements for their lounges. Even though the airline belongs to oneworld, they don’t follow the standard oneworld access requirements for their lounges.

The Qatar Airways Premium Lounge Singapore is not only open to Qatar Airways business class passengers, but also to all oneworld first and business class passengers.

However, oneworld Emerald and Sapphire members, including those traveling on Qatar Airways, aren’t able to use this lounge. That sure is a frustrating exclusion.

Still, this lounge could be an excellent option if you’re traveling in business class on another oneworld airline.

Where is the Qatar Airways Lounge Singapore located?

The lounge is located in Terminal 1 at Changi Airport. This is the same terminal used by oneworld partners British Airways, Finnair, Japan Airlines, and Qantas, should you want to visit the lounge.

Meanwhile Malaysia Airlines departs from Terminal 2 and SriLankan Airlines departs from Terminal 3, both of which are connected airside by train to Terminal 1.

The odd airline out is Cathay Pacific, which departs from Terminal 4. This is separated from the rest of the airport, and airside transfers are possible, but really complicated.

How good is the new Qatar Airways lounge?

This lounge opened at the beginning of the week, though I haven’t seen any press releases or official pictures yet of the lounge (I’ll be sure to share any if/when I receive them).

That won’t stop me from making some educated guesses about the lounge, though. My general assumption is that:

  • This is likely to be the best lounge at the airport for oneworld business class passengers departing T1-T3; there’s not much competition for that title, as the British Airways and Qantas business lounges are nothing special
  • If you’re traveling in oneworld first class and/or are a oneworld Emerald member, the new Qantas First Lounge is spectacular, and I’d assume that will still be better

Qantas First Lounge Singapore Changi

Bottom line

The oneworld member airlines sure are upping their game in Terminal 1 at Changi, between the opening of the Qantas First Lounge last month, and now the opening of the Qatar Premium Lounge. The former is a treat for oneworld Emerald and first class passengers, while the latter is a treat for oneworld business class passengers.

Anyone plan to check out the Qatar Airways Premium Lounge Changi soon?

(Tip of the hat to Phillip)

  1. I wouldn’t describe the Qantas lounge as ‘nothing special’. It is a beautiful design, with a cocktail bar, barista service, and great showers. It doesn’t have a la carte dining admittedly, but I would dare say it is still a very solid option pre flight.

  2. Visited this lounge yesterday, on the first day of opening. Not a huge lounge but well layed out and with a tasteful design. The lounge included a business centre, lounge-style seating, two dining areas, a bar and shower facilities similar to the Al Mourjan Lounge in Doha. A nice touch were the side tables with build in wireless charging for cellphones. What impressed me the most though, was the extensive a la carte dining menu. Although I didn’t eat anything since I had a short connection, there was plenty of choice like Singapore chicken rice, beef tenderloin and sushi. Through the whole lounge there was table service, however there was no wifi yet.

    A serious competitor for the Qantas an BA lounge at Changi!

  3. This has to be a huge improvement on the previous Qatar offering at SIN which was the Dnata Lounge, first in T3 and then T1 when they moved. The one in T3 is dreadful, at least in T1 at certain times of the day you could go to the QF or BA lounges which were way better.

    Given that QR treat this as a premium route and for instance it was one of the first to have all flights with Q-Suites on the A350 this development is not before time. I just hope the lounge is not over run with OW F & C passengers out for a better experience than they get with their own airline.

    Somehow though, I doubt this lounge will make Singapore Airlines up their game even though it’s likely to be far better than The Private Room.

  4. A very nice space. They have tried to divide it into different areas, even for the dining. I believe they called one part of the dining area the “garden” area. The pods as you enter have a QSuite feel And design to them.

    WiFi was working fine for me while I was there on Monday.

    The one thing I will say, in true QR style, the attentiveness can sometimes be overbearing. The staff evidently want to be of service but with so many of them, you can’t help but feel they’re watching your every move!

  5. @Phil Duncan: Although SQ is overhauling their lounges, I find the projected offering to be disappointing. The Private Room is great for privacy and serenity, but not much else. The new offerings look like a new coat of paint and a few new amenities in the business class offering.

    Compare this to the impeccable ground service offered in Frankfurt for first class LH passengers or the endless stream of Cathay lounges in HK. Even United Polaris lounges offer clothes pressing. SQ, you can do better.

  6. Thank you for the update.

    I’ll be down there next month on a First ticket on Etihad.

    I’ll have to check this out.

  7. Just visited in the morning. Much better than BKK. Breakfast isn’t buffet like in BKK and the shower is much bigger. An excellent addition to the QF lounge for the morning hours.

    Lack of OW access make the lounge quite empty.

  8. One of the great things about this lounge is that they will be enforcing private-club style dress code: no beachwear, sleepwear, thongs/flip-flops, shorts, tattered jeans, vests or revealing clothing is allowed.

    As usual, QR is leading in elevating the flying experience!

  9. „ Qatar Airways’ outstation lounges are excellent“….sorry, but I have to disagree here. Try Berlin, Istanbul, Warsaw or Seoul….those contract lounges are bad….real bad.

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