All-Female Qatar Airways Crew “Draws” Ribbon In Sky With 787

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Qatar Airways honored Breast Cancer Awareness Month in a special way today. The Doha-based airline had an all-female crew operate a special flight over Qatar.

According to the airline, the flight had female pilots, cabin crew, ATC controllers, engineers, dispatchers, and passengers.

The pilots & cabin crew of QR9901

Over the course of 63 minutes, flight QR9901 “drew” a ribbon in the sky over Qatar. The flight was operated by a Boeing 787-8 with the registration code A7-BCM, which was first delivered to the airline in February 2014.

Qatar Airways is far from the first airline to “draw” something in the sky with its flight path, as we saw EL AL draw a 747 in the sky for its last 747 flight, Qantas draw a kangaroo in the sky for its last 747 flight, Virgin Atlantic draw a heart in the sky for Valentine’s Day, and more.

When we see airlines do this, there’s understandably some controversy about whether or not this is responsible for airlines to do, given that it’s hard to argue that this isn’t a waste of fuel.

The only exception would be if there was some other reason for this flight to operate, whether it was for crew training, because a plane just finished maintenance, or something else? But it sounds like that may not have been the case because there were passengers aboard?

Regardless, I sure do find it to be a cute concept for a worthy cause.

  1. I applaud Qatar Airways for being brave and raising awareness of such an important issue. Kudos to the crew! It takes courage to do this.

  2. Let’s hope they didn’t forget to taxi with a single engine only after landing, otherwise QR must enforce disciplinary actions against them.

  3. But but but Qatar is soooo oppressive, how can it be they let women take the whole responsibility for a flight?!

  4. I flew on all female crewed US Airways Express ERJ-145 in 2003. Without checking my records, I think it may have been a Piedmont jet (not the original Piedmont that had 737’s and 767-200ER). The two pilots and one flight attendant self identified as female (based on the announcements) and looked like typical females.

  5. If it raises more money for brest cancer than it cost then fair enough, if not its a vanity project, would have been better donating money

    @Linda, not sure how it’s brave?

  6. I hope they remembered to taxi with only a single engine when they landed after burning all that fuel.

  7. Yes, all public transport operators, particularly bus companies, should be “drawing” things with their vehicle paths.

  8. All its positive for any good cause, please dont be so critical, critics are the easy mode of human being, i think because tgey dont know how to create anything..
    Today, with this awareness action, this great ladies probably safe a lot of lifes.

  9. Probably would have been more beneficial to just donate to breast cancer research/care, rather than pay for crew, fuel etc on a flight to nowhere.
    But I guess that wouldn’t create us much good publicity for the airline…

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