Qatar Airways Flight Diverts After Father-Son Fight Causes Damage

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It’s not unusual to hear about flight diversions resulting from fights between passengers. However, this one is pretty unique.

This morning’s Qatar Airways Airbus A320 flight from Doha to Islamabad, QR614, diverted to Lahore after aĀ fight broke out between a father-son duo. Apparently it was so physical that damage was done to one of the plane’s windows, at which point the pilots decided to divert.

The return flight from Islamabad to Doha was canceled. Given that Qatar Airways’ management is very good at marketing/covering up negative situations, I’m surprised they gave “Diverted” as the reason, and not “Complimentary Stopover.” šŸ˜‰

Qatar-Airways-Flight-Status-1 Qatar-Airways-Flight-Status-2

Islamabad and Lahore are only ~160 miles apart, so it must have been a pretty bad situation if the pilots decided to divert, given that ~160 miles translates into less than 20 minute of flying at cruise altitude (and that’s on the high side, given that Lahore isn’t even directly on the way to Islamabad).


So, what exactly happened? Per

According to sources, a father-son duo, Khalid Hussain and Khurram Khalid, brawled during the flight and amid the ruckus, one of the men smashed window glasses of the jet.

Sensing deteriorating mess between the passengers, crew members alerted the pilot who immediately moved the plane towards nearest location and landed at the Lahore airport.

After the landing, Airport Security Forces arrested the two men who are residents of Jhelum.

Qatar-Airways-A320-First-Class - 43

My guess is that there was damage to the plastic casing of the window, rather than the window itself. But still, I’m not sure what’s going through peoples’ heads when they cause a ruckus on a plane (or perhaps the problem is how little is going through their heads).

The fact that the fight was between a father and son makes it all the worse…

(Tip of the hat to Gaurav)

  1. Ditto the LOL on “complimentary stopover”, which featured “special in-flight entertainment and live performance”.

  2. Doha to isb is 36 miles *shorter* than doha to lahore, maybe not due to airspace restrictions? The distance between the two airports isnt nearly as relevant as their respective distances from Doha. Very strange…

  3. Does QR server booze on flights to islamic nations? Pakistan is no Saudi Arabia but I do believe booze is hard to get in Pakistan, if at all.

  4. I wish you would find a different word to use other than “given”. You’ve exhausted its use and it makes you sound incredibly repetitive.

  5. The brawl was not between father-son but the two against a hostess according to Pakistani media, the guys were shown in news footage according to some.

  6. This would never happen in first class. In economy they are neanderthal and primate in behavior. As evidenced in the lavatorium.
    Thank God for the curtain between us and those animals.

  7. Was this a Southwest / Spirit / Allegiant codeshare?

    Looks like the ME3 are getting a taste of what ferrying American passengers is like.

  8. @Tutti Fruits
    Thank God? Really; bringing religion into a public forum? Thank goodness would be a more appropriate response.

  9. The father and son duo are not from Jhelum. They happen to be car crooks selling ringers from Walthamstow, East London. A right pair of idiots.

  10. @Gulfie…
    Yeah, it really is amazing. Thank God the father n son weren’t allowed there. They would have made a right pigz ear of it. ” gimme a drink, or me and my car salesman old man are gonna trash the S#*t out of your champagne lounge!”

  11. Please do a fact check.
    Islambad airport was closed due to an incident. Flight diverted to Lahore.
    So what’s the truth?

  12. @Jo Murf, no, sorry Islamabad airport wasn’t closed due to an incident. Please do a fact check.
    The last time Islamabad airport was closed due to an incident was 10th March 2016. Not yesterday……
    You ain’t one of the Khalid family members are you?????

  13. If I were on this flight and I got delayed becasue of this incident, would I get compensation from the airline?

  14. This is rubbish. I was on the flight in question. The flight was diverted due to the closure of Islamabad due to an incident. Father and son got irate with staff *AFTER* landing at Lahore. The son got angry and punched a window – the dad was trying to calm him down.

  15. son touched up air stewardess and she slapped him and then the brawl started!!!
    bunch of jhelumi idiots from walthamstow!!!!!!!!!

  16. #Roger I heard that theory too. Lol. But your wrong mate it wasn’t the son that touched up the stewardess it was the dad!!

    Dodgy car crooks!!

  17. #Abdul
    that makes it even worse

    Ive also heard airline putting the mother of all bills on them for costs!!!

  18. I must say to all you idiots with small and narrow mind’s the father and son
    are very well known and respected family from Walthamstow and also there are known to be business tycoons, with a very large dealership in East London.I was travelling alongside them and really and truly it was an accident when the sons hand accidently touched the glass of the plane and it already had a small crack in it! PLANE GLASS is made from fibre glass so how it could break is a mistry, one thing I can say for sure without a doubt that Pakistani Police will even sell there children for money if they had to, and as for the airlines staff whom are on the pay roll with Pakistani police, all they wanted was money because there’s no reports after this one.

  19. Your right I have known these guys for many years they are a very humble family they have around 10 businesses based from East London to North London, very nice and honest people it’s a SHAME on Pakistani MEDIA with there fake reports! Low life brass pakis! And a big shame to all the idiots with there fake comments and haterid! Your the same as Pakistan POLICE!!!!

  20. These idiots need to be jailed. Adnan Khalid, Khurams brother owns a crooked dealership called Leabridge motors which has come on BBC programmes such as sheriffs are coming and donā€™t get done get dom.

    These guys are absolute low lifeā€™s. Should put behind bars!

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