Qantas unveils new A330 business class

Qantas announced today that starting in late 2014 they’ll be installing a new staggered business class seat on all 30 of their Airbus A330s, which includes those that fly domestically and internationally. Here are a couple of pictures:

Qantas_Business_Suite Qantas_Business_Suite1

This looks like a solid staggered business class product with flat beds, so will be a huge improvement over the current product. According to the fact sheet, you’ll also be able to recline your seat during takeoff and landing, which is awesome and something that I wish were possible on more airlines.

Sadly it’ll be over a year before we see the first plane with the new configuration, but once installed it’ll be tough to beat this for a flight within Australia. Qantas hasn’t yet announced plans to install this configuration on other aircraft types, so presumably the A330 will have the best business class product in the fleet.

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  1. They look great.. amazing what some competition locally from Virgin Australia has done.

    Shame that it’s taking so long before they bring it to market though!

  2. Excellent.

    This will renew my use of QF as an option. The old product is/was ok once or twice, but more than that no thanks.

  3. Just to clarify, it’ll mainly only be on domestic transcons between Perth and the east coast (similar to the rejuvenated US transcons), but it’s a massive improvement for those, some mid-haul Asian sectors, and the couple of US flights currently serviced by the A330 fleet (BNE-LAX, for example).

  4. A330s no longer go to the United States. They did, for a time, on the LAX-AKL route, but LAX-BNE is a 744 route.

  5. @ wwk5d — On the A380 Emirates has fully flat staggered seats, while Qatar has standard fully flat seats.

  6. Lucky, is the QF A380 product out of LAX a fully lie-flat product in business? I have seen mixed comments on that. I think you should do some Oz trips and review Qantas, Virgin, United and Delta to down under!

  7. I agree wholeheartedly with Scott! It would be great to see some new reviews of carriers servicing the Australian/US market.

    And yes, all Qantas A388s are fitted with their fully flat, second-generation (lie-flat) Skybeds. A large majority of their 744s have also been refitted with these superior seats.

  8. About time they had a decent business seat QF3/4 SYD to HNL to |SYD
    Let’s hope that the price is reasonable so we can actually afford it.

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