Qantas’ 100th Anniversary Safety Video

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Qantas is currently celebrating their 100th anniversary, and to commemorate that they’re introducing a new safety video, which will debut on all flights on March 1, 2020.

The safety video takes place through different eras of flying, starting in the 1920s, all the way through present day. The airline is using present day employees in carefully recreated historical settings and uniforms.

Apparently months were spent perfecting the details of each scene to be as accurate as possible, from original life jackets, to some wall panels being retrieved from the Mojave Desert from retired aircraft. As far as the clothing goes, that was sourced from Qantas’ own collection, and from retired Qantas crew.

You can find the video here:

The safety video on YouTube is over eight minutes long. However, Qantas typically puts a longer version online for promotional purposes, and then cuts down the onboard video by at least a couple of minutes. I suspect that will be the case here as well.

It’s interesting how at the end of the video they say “thank you for showing respect to each other, and our crew,” which unfortunately needs to be said nowadays.

Overall I think this video is fascinating to watch, especially as an aviation geek. It’s not nearly as “in your face” or catchy as some of the comedy or music themed safety videos we see, but I do definitely like this one.

I prefer this to Qantas’ 2018 safety video, which was all about the “spirit of Australia.”

What do you make of Qantas’ new safety video?

  1. Every time qantas posts a safety video online you complain about its length. Everytime everyone tells you it’s cut down in length on board and much snappier.

    I’d say the on board version will be between 4-5mins long.

  2. Love it, a good blend of humour and sincerity. “Smoking is not allowed on Qantas aircraft – any more…”

    If this means they are retiring the previous video with the “double shots mate” stockbroker wanker, I’m all for it.

  3. They left the Airbus aircraft out….the A330 and the A380…..I thought the video would end with the A380…..Considering Project Sunrise has gone to the Airbus A350-1000.

    Ben, I loved the 2018 version. It was “very Aussie”. Been four times already to Sydney and would not hesitate to go there again.

    Considering most if not all Safety videos are played during pushback would this video considering the length be started prior to pushback. Some taxing to the runway is actually quite quick if close to the runway.

  4. A few random thoughts:

    First, I like this video. It’s a nice trip down the ages and gets across all the necessary safety bits in a way that doesn’t have me ignoring it.

    I often wonder why these videos explain how to stow carry on items when they are shown during taxiing after all carry on items are presumably all stowed. It’s a bit late, isn’t it?

    They show you how to put on and take off your seat belt, but only how to put on your life jacket. Either they think you can figure out how to take off your life jacket or they know that you won’t be the person to do that.

    If you don’t know how to put on a seat belt, you probably shouldn’t be allowed to fly.

  5. If you don’t know how to put on a seat belt, you probably shouldn’t be allowed to fly….

    Heard of first time adult flyers? Even those who fly fumble with the belt lol

  6. What a great video for celebrating 100 years. Oh Darryl you’re The Star buy I’m sure all crew had a fun time making this video. Well done QF!!

  7. mmmm, that chesty bloke at the start, I swear there’s overtones of kiwi in that accent.

    I love how Qantas plays up their bush heritage when now they basically ignore it service wise

    Oh, and the Qantas website crashed last night. Cheers

  8. Thank god their finally getting rid of the London knob!!

    “TWOOO flAt WHitES boIiIIsssszzz?”
    “DOUblE sHOTs mAtE”

    Soooooooooo douchey. I couldn’t watch it with him in it.

  9. This must be the best and most carefully made safety video I’ve ever seen. And one that I won’t grow tired of watching anytime soon. I’m impressed! Well done, Qantas!

  10. @ YULtide most airlines show the safety video before cabin crew confirm to the flight deck that the cabin is secure for takeoff so still time to secure before.
    Agree its one of the better videos

  11. I think it’s a great video – to try and recreate the history of any airline is difficult but I think they’ve pulled it off as it hits all the marks – Id forgotten how they pioneered many things and especially “business class “ as Ben said I found it incredible that they added the respect for each other and the cabin crew – a timely reminder that a lot has been lost over the years , and just being a nice person is underestimated

  12. 3 things about the current version: the aforementioned creeps asking for double shots ( …it’s genuinely creepy, not merely marginally so..) , plus the Margot Robbie lookalike getting in the front seat of a NYC cab ( “ you must be an Aussie”), just about as unlikely as it gets…( on the plus side, the Tai Chi scene in Shanghai is very clever)
    The new version: some interesting and attractive footage , interspersed with the usual mawkish muck that’s been a hallmark of the garden gnome’s tenure.

  13. Just flew Qantas from LAX to SYD yesterday and they didn’t have this video yet. I love it. Enjoyed the music, with various time appropriate renditions of “Still Call Australia Home” playing in the background.

  14. @ Marco

    As this is the 787 safety video, perhaps there are different ones for the A380 and A330, ending with a shot of those aircraft?

  15. I watched the vid two days ago and loved it and even tweeted it. As an Aussie who is overseas 6 or 7 months of the year travelling and working on the tennis circuit, I felt a bit emotional watching it … still call Australia home.

  16. Love this. Had my first QF flight in 1959 at 14months old. Was given a “junior flyer” membership that included a badge and trip log book. Have flown with them almost excessively since and really regret throwing the badge and book out…. rookie error.

    And before the nay sayers pile on about how bad QF is compared to their favorite airline – I’m not an FF so don’t fly enough to use many other airlines.

  17. Firstly I love the new video with the use of older aircraft and crew uniforms.

    As for all the comments regarding the 2018 video and the “bankers/stockbrokers”. You guys have missed the point. The guys are Australian twin brothers who work as fashion models across the world. Hence the Double Shot scripting. Cheesy, yes absolutely. But that’s the back story.

  18. @stephen787

    Interesting – I had googled for more info but didn’t know that. Good to know they are actors/models just playing douchebags rather than the genuine article. I think they should be trying to cash in on their infamy, they are absolutely burnt into Australia’s national consciousness judging by the number of articles about them this week.

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