Can You Visit The Same Priority Pass Restaurant Twice On The Same Day?

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Priority Pass has been adding airport restaurants to their lounge network at a furious pace. Within the past year alone, restaurants in Cleveland, Denver, Syracuse, St. Louis, and Indianapolis airports have joined the program, just to name a few. The concept is pretty simple in that each Priority Pass guest gets a $28 credit to spend on food and drink. My family has saved some significant money on food — you’d be amazed at how much kids eat — while traveling.

The proliferation of Priority Pass restaurants is leading to some interesting questions. I recently discussed whether you can visit a Priority Pass lounge on arrival, which of course can be handy if you want to grab a free (or cheap, once you include tip) bite to eat.

Reader beth asked another interesting question:

Weird question, how long do I have to wait to use my pass a second time? I have a 4 hour layover and am wondering if I can order some food and then get a drink later as a second check-in.

That’s an interesting question for sure.

With traditional lounges or airline clubs, you generally only need to check-in once for the day, even if you have to step out at some point (though some lounges do have a time limit in terms of how long you can stay).

Maybe you want to eat or do some shopping. In those cases, I just mention to the staff that I’m going to be back later, and it’s never been a problem. When you get back, you just explain that you’ve already shown your credentials, and they welcome you back in.

But with Priority Pass restaurant lounges, you specifically want them to check you back in so that you can get a fresh $28 food and beverage credit.

Adam, one of the managers from Timberline Steaks and Grille, the Priority Pass restaurant at the Denver Airport, left a comment on a Doctor of Credit post stating that they can actually check you in once every two hours using the same Priority Pass membership card:

My name is Adam and I am an assistant manager at Timberline Grille. Priority Pass allows additional check-ins after two hours, so if you have a long flight, you are welcome to get another check-in processed for another round of $28 credit after this two hour time frame has passed.

That sounds really generous to me.

And it means you can eat multiple meals at the same Priority Pass restaurant, all in the same day and using the same Priority Pass membership card. Or perhaps you want to dine, go for a walk, and then come back for dessert. That works too.

Bar Symon burger and fries

How to visit a Priority Pass lounge twice in a day

I always present my Priority Pass card to the server at the first opportunity. Either as we’re seated, or when he comes over to take our drink order, I’ll mention that we are using Priority Pass and hand him my card. He’ll usually ask how many guests I have, and then check us in right away.

I do it this way for a few reasons

  • Checking in right away helps ensure I won’t forget
  • If they decline my card, I can choose to go elsewhere since I haven’t ordered yet
  • It starts the clock running

Now to be fair, I never really thought about the last reason until beth asked the question. But if you are aiming to have a second visit to a lounge, and hoping to get a new $28 credit, you should definitely want to get the clock started as quickly as possible since that determines how soon you can come back. Checking in shortly after placing your order, as opposed to when you leave, will allow you to come back that much sooner.

So say you eat lunch at a Priority Pass restaurant, and have them swipe your card at 12:15 PM. Even if you finish at 1 PM, you should still be eligible to return again at 2:15 PM.

Timberline Steaks and Grille cheesecake

Is this why Priority Pass restaurants can’t add guests after the initial check-in?

I’ve been to both Timberline in Denver and Bar Symon in Cleveland recently, and they both have published policies for Priority Pass guests. And in both cases, the third bullet specifically states that staff cannot add additional guests after initial check-in.

Timberline Steaks and Grille Priority Pass guest policies

Bar Symon Priority Pass guest policies

I hadn’t really thought about it before, but I’m guessing the reason that staff cannot add guests after the initial check-in is that the Priority Pass computer system simply won’t allow it. Because that would be two check-ins on the same card within two hours. I imagine that’s why you need to give them an accurate headcount when you present your card.

Bottom Line

I’ve enjoyed the restaurants that Priority Pass has added to their network. Simply put, being able to dine before our flight departs, and (sometimes) when it lands, saves my family of five some serious money. I’ve never had a reason to visit the same Priority Pass lounge on the same day, so I had never thought about this issue. But it’s definitely good to know that if the need arises, you can check back into the same Priority Pass restaurant, and get an additional $28 credit. You just need to wait two hours.

Have you ever visited the same Priority Pass restaurant twice on the same day? 

  1. Not that I can recall. However, I’ve wondered whether you can visit the same Centurion Lounge within 30 mins. of initial entry to get around the guest limit? For example, bring in 2 family members, and then after 30 mins. swap them out for 2 other family members?

  2. Does the 2 hour thing apply to different restaurants? Can I eat at one then move to the other within 2 hours?

  3. Miksa Jordan — This is just about returning to the same PP restaurant. You can hop between different PP lounges immediately.

  4. I have three priority pass cards from different credit cards. How does this change the equation? If one has multiple cards could one check in more frequently in theory? Could one bring more guests? I have wondered about how this works, not only at restaurants but also at Priority Pass lounges (especially as Chase is ending its unlimited guest policy).

  5. 2 hour limit is when the card can be swiped. Go in quickly pay for a few beers then sit around and then swipe again after 2 hours.

    I have friends working at these lounges and they will help me swipe every two hours. I give them $10 every swipe and I get $18. Easy $200 per day per lounge. And yes I can be in Denver and Miami on the same day, same time.

    I also push drugs and have sex trafficking rings and contract murdererss for hire.

    Oh right, now you are going to get all judgemental. Your white collar loopholes are fine but anything more is too much? Remember innocent until proven guilty so no one is a criminal until they are convicted.

    So Hitler ever convicted? …. serious question

  6. I have an interesting question. I have a Priority Pass card with the majority of the credits cards I have. So I have about 8 Priority Pass cards! For the actual lounges, they don’t have a problem if I use one of my extra cards for my kids/family members. In these Priority Pass restaurants, will they allow you to use an extra card either for yourself (to stack up $28 benefit) or use it for family members?

  7. I tried using my pp credit twice in a day at Bobby Van’s JFK and was denied. I am certain two hours had passed but maybe not four. Either way, this didn’t really seem to be a consideration to the staff, it was more just a “haven’t you already used a credit here today?” type of situation. I didn’t dig any deeper, just paid up, so maybe with some further pushing you could get a second credit.

  8. I will piggy back on the question brought up by some other comments. A lot of us have multiple priority pass cards which begs the question of if we can use 2 different cards within the 2 hour rule, which I assume is for the same priority pass card?

    So maybe I can go and sit at the bar and have a couple of drinks, charge 1 priority pass card, then go and sit at a table with a different server and use another card? I mean all different priority pass card linked to the same individual or no?

  9. Interesting that they asked you how many guests you had. We stopped in Portland, OR on our departure day at Capers Cafe for lunch. I was told that since we had 4 people in our party that she had to put 4 down for Priority Pass. I thought you could only visit Capers Market or Capers Cafe in Portland???

  10. Amazing how fast the greed accelerates.

    How long until some yahoo uses 4 PP cards at once so that they can bring 8 people to a restaurant, and then repeat this 4 times in a day?

    Suddenly PP is paying $28 x 8 x 4 = $896, and it will be shut down.

    then cue the caterwhauling of “it was part of the terms and conditions!”

  11. Travis, your reviews are really great and informative! But honestly, you are the king of disgusting food pics ;-). Look at that burger, that’s really really terrible!

  12. Any of these places actually have good food? I know CoronaBeach in MIA is poor other than the guacamole.

  13. @JRMW if you think PP is paying $28 you’re crazy! Anybody on the inside know the contracted rate??? My guess would be $14.

  14. Probably a dumb question, but I have the CSR and the priority pass is going down to 2 guests and the cardholder. If you have a family of 4, can you just apply the $28 x 3 to the entire bill? Or will I get charged the $28 for the 4th person?

  15. I hope they expand this program because almost every place I fly through, there is no PP lounge. Nothing in SLC. Nothing in DTW. Finally something in LAX. I have 3 cards with PP access and consider it fairly useless.

  16. Here’s my experience at the Corona Beach House in Miami in May.
    I was travelling to Cuba , and my American Airlines flight got delayed. I had no choice , but to visit the SAME place again. But , the entire staff got confused when we came back , and the manager had to make a few calls here & there for ‘clarification’. They could not come to any definite conclusion , so they allowed us to use our cards again.
    Just a week later , when we were on our way back , our flight to Philadelhia on American Airlines got delayed as well. We were still seated at the restaurant when we were notified about it , so we asked the staff if we could come back again after a while , which they CLEARLY DENIED , and told us that the SAME card(s) could not be used TWICE.
    I must add a little warning about the staff here though. On our second time here , the staff was pathetic , and they literally “conned” us into believing something which made no sense at all. Our bill had exceeded by around $23 , and we were all set to pay this amount by our credit card. This is when the manager comes in , and gives us a (false) “suggestion” that she would cancel one visit & swipe one of the cards again showing that there was an additional “guest”. When we told her that we would end ip being charged $27 ( i.e. $4 MORE than our bill amount ) , she “claimed” that there was a “promotional” offer by Priority Pass ONLY at Corona Beach House , that one guest could be brought in for FREE. Despite my reluctance , I gave my card to her , and she did the needful.
    The day I arrived back in India , I noticed that my credit card had been charged for $27. Retrospectively , I realised that this “scam” was just to earn their share of the 18% gratuity INCLUDED in those $27 of the Priority Pass charge , which would have not been earned had I paid the remainder amount directly by my card.

  17. @DavidS

    Even if it’s $14 that would be $448

    My point is that some people feel the need to push these benefits beyond the breaking point which ruins it for the rest

  18. @Tim We are in the same situation with 4 people. I would just have one of the 4 ask for a separate bill, otherwise you will be billed for the 4th person. We were billed $27 and my husband only ordered a diet coke. Lesson learned.

  19. Thank you for this post, Travis. And thanks to Beth for asking this question.

    When PP got rid of the UA Clubs in the USA I thought that was a terrible mistake and a ridiculous devaluation (at that time, I actually personally paid for a membership, not via a CC). While I prefer a decent club for the quieter and more peaceful setting (while sometimes having some nicer offerings, and I should say that I had two of the greatest bartenders recently at the Club in PHX which is such a delight when this happens -cheers to Brent and the other dude, which makes me happy to support PP), I think this partnering with restaurants is such a clever advancement. While the club neworks should really get their stuff together in the USA (so PP can contract with them and give them $$$), I think this is a great *supplement* until that happens and also a great supplement for those airports which will not have a lounge for logistical reasons. Those will always have a decent restaurant… or be in BFE- no worries. Although DEN should absolutely have a PP lounge and it is quite a deficency with PP, keeping restaurants like Timberline also really adds value to the program. Last week, I so enjoyed a caesar with salmon and a nice sauv blanc there. Applause to both Timberline and PP for this. And, again PP, you still need to add a lounge in DEN, amongst other places in the USA. Gracias. Merci. Thank you. Cheers.

    Oh, PP: looking above, there also absolutely needs to be lounges in SLC, DTW, etc. Hint: if it’s a hub of one of the three USA majors, ya need a lounge there. There ain’t that many. Beware with potential upcoming probs in SEA also, with the elimination of AK lounges.

  20. Since ^^ that was my first comment to something you wrote, Travis, (no offence, I read often yet post infrequently), let me thank you for your posts and let you know how much I enjoy them and your insight.

  21. @JRMW agreed. Priority pass should only allow one membership per person, and only one admittance per day / per airport (not counting nap rooms). The greedy aren’t helping anything.

  22. I recall people stocking up on wine in Portland, triggering an update to terms. The greed over getting free stuff will ruin this benefit. I hope they adjust their T&Cs to align with their intent and that people use the benefit as intended. Americans are so glutinous. Do your family grocery shopping at home, Travis.

  23. In Singapore Changi Airport, it is a 3 hours limit for the PP lounges and 1 restaurant (TGM)

    Once I was having lunch at TGM and a friend walked past. He decided to join me and I tried swiping again, as it was under 3 hours, the staff said he will cancel my initial 1 pax swipe and make a new one for 2 pax. YMMV

  24. Seems no one knows the answer to the simple question of using multiple pp cards without leaving, just checking in and out.

    (No need for the self righteous posters to post their objections again. Just want a direct informed answer.

  25. Assholes who brag about how they game this system really grind my gears. Enjoy it while you can, because the days of such generosity from PP are numbered.

  26. Hello Travis,

    Interesting article. Surprising to see how different the posted rules for PP acceptance in your two sample restaurants are. Have you contacted PP yet to confirm the restaurants can set their own rules for acceptance? Bar Symon is clearly for departures only while Timberline is ambiguous. Oh! Wait! Didn’t we already determine Timberline was for departures only? The assistant Manager from Timberline stated he could swipe PP every two hours. Does that immediately extrapolate to every PP Restaurant in every state? In other countries?

    Starting September 1st you can still access the ALASKA Lounge at LAX, PDX, ANC & JFK with PP, space permitting, so, by your reasoning, you can also access any of the ALASKA Lounges in SEA.

    It is hard to appreciate your contributions when there is so much assumption and not as much research going into your articles. To me, they read more of PP Gaming 101.

    Something to contemplate the next time you enjoy a Timberline meal upon arrival in DEN at PP’s expense.


  27. LOL at gaming Timberline at DIA. It’s generally filled with grumpy solo business travelers cramming the bar for their “free” tough-as-a-boot steak and a drink. Grumpy servers, extremely slow service, meh food – yikes, I mean there’s an Elways, a Root Down outpost, a New Belgium outpost, and several other cheerier places at DIA to try. There are a lot of fun ways to earn/save here, but more time at some of these Priority Pass places wouldn’t be for me.

  28. An article like this is only meaningful with research. Travis, why didn’t you contact PP and many of the lounges to ask the policy? Then you would have had actual information to share rather than just fluff.

  29. Marius Trip. I disagree with your thoughts about Timberline. It’s a great restaurant, and the servers are polite and fast. We ate there on our way to ANC, 28 Jul. The food was very good as was the Bloody Mary.

  30. OMAAT is quite schizophrenic these days – on one hand you have the Aman reviews and on the other hand life in the cheap seats maxing out PP restaurants. My instinctive response to the title of this post is – why would one want to do this?

  31. Clearly you haven’t heard Tom: self-righteousness is a thing now. The self-righteous no longer have to live in the shadows. They can bray at anyone who will listen.

  32. I haven’t dined with Priority Pass yet. But I can say that using multiple PP cards to access lounges with additional guests is YMMV. I sometimes travel with my dad and two siblings and most clubs will only put us all on one card, since both cards are in my name, meaning I’m paying for one person.

  33. Dang – lot of cheapos in this board. And you wonder why LL Bean had to change its return policy.

  34. I’m wondering why so many are saying it’s being a cheapo or gaming the system, etc., etc. to ask about using multiple PP cards in the same visit. I pay an annual fee to each of the card issuers for each of those cards. If I’m NOT using them, the system is gaming ME! So, yes, I AM curious if I could collect benefits from multiple different cards on the same visit to the same restaurant.

  35. I used my priority pass for the first time last week at Capers cafe in PDX. I swiped for breakfast and in the evening when I landed, I tried again for dinner and was told it was only once per day per location. If they swiped, I would be chatged $28 since I had already used it that day.

  36. Today, Timberline at DEN told me you can’t do this anymore. The bartender told me the PP machine will ask if they want to check the cardholder back in. The guidelines at the bar specifically say once every 24 hours as well.

  37. What about using the restaurant benefit for $28 credit and then going directly to the Lounge to relax? (A) Is this possible when under 2 hours apart? (B) What about after 2 hours?

  38. What about same lounge brand across different terminals? E.g. minute suites at dfw has two locations and gives PP holder 1 hr stay. How long should one wait between visiting each of these?

  39. I had a meeting in DC, so fly in/out of DCA same day. Went to American Tap Room at 10:30am for a quite bite on Priority Pass. After a day in DC, visited the same restaurant at 5pm and was told my Priority Pass could not be accepted because of a “24 hour” rule. No where does it mention that in the rules? I got stuck with a $30 bill. Considering I spent $10 on breakfast, I was rather annoyed!! 🙁

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