Priority Club offering a 50% bonus on purchased points through November 22, 2012

Between November 15 and November 22, 2012, Priority Club is offering a 50% bonus on purchased points.

The most points you can purchase through this promotion is 50,000 at a cost of $575, and you’d receive 25,000 bonus points, for a total of 75,000 points at ~0.77 cents per point. What’s unique about Priority Club is that even purchased points count towards status, and 60,000 points is enough to get you top tier Platinum status with Priority Club. Admittedly that’s not worth all that much, but given that the value of purchased points is decent to begin with, that only further adds to the value.

Now, there’s a workaround whereby you can purchase Priority Club points for 0.7 cents each, as discussed in this post. The key difference is that points purchased through this method don’t count towards status, while points purchased through the 50% bonus promotion do count towards status.

So if those points would help you get to the next elite threshold it could very well make sense to pay the extra ~0.07 cents per point to be purchasing points that count towards status.

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  1. what can you do with a priority status even though with Platinum? May be you will get bonus points when paying for a stay. I am a platinum and what do I get from them, many many times I don’t even get a free bottle of water. I must say Priority status is almost useless

  2. @ jdaking — I find recognition to be a bit better abroad than in the US, and have gotten some suite and/or club upgrades out of it. That being said, you’re right, Platinum status with Priority Club isn’t nearly as valuable as with other chains (then again, it’s also easy to achieve).

  3. do you know what any other brands would status match this to? might be worth it to get this, use up the points, then also have elite status with another hotel chain where it is worth more.

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