Plaza Premium Opens First US Lounge At DFW

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If you’ve been to airports in Asia or Europe, odds are good that you’ve seen a Plaza Premium Lounge. Well, the lounge network has now opened its first location in the United States.

Plaza Premium Lounge DFW Terminal E

Plaza Premium’s first US lounge location is at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Terminal E. In September the lounge will be open from 6AM until 1PM daily, though in the future it’s expected that the hours will be extended.

Plaza Premium Lounge DFW exterior

This is Plaza Premium’s 18th location in the Americas, as the group has plenty of lounges in both Canada and Latin America.

The lounge is located near gate E31, and it’s just a short walk from the Skylink, which connects terminals at DFW. The Plaza Premium Lounge is the only common-use lounge in the terminal.

Plaza Premium Lounge DFW map

For those of you not familiar with Terminal E at DFW, it serves a variety of airlines, including Air Canada, American, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Spirit, and United.

The lounge is definitely on the small side, at just over 1,400 square feet, but then again, it adds incremental lounge space over what’s currently available, so that’s good.

Plaza Premium Lounge DFW interior

The lounge features a bar area, a dining area, and then more traditional lounge seating towards the back of the space.

The lounge has adjusted its offerings for the time being due to coronavirus, so that means pre-packaged and pre-portioned food items will be available at a self serve buffet, and then drinks will be available at the bar.

Plaza Premium Lounge DFW bar

Who can access the Plaza Premium Lounge DFW?

The Plaza Premium Lounge can be accessed in a couple of different ways:

  • Those with the Amex Platinum Card can use the lounge
  • People can pay to enter, at the cost of $45 for a three hour visit, though through November 30, all walk-ins and online reservations receive a 30% discount
  • As of now it appears that the lounge doesn’t belong to Priority Pass, though that could change over time

Plaza Premium Lounge DFW entrance

Bottom line

It’s cool to see Plaza Premium open its first US lounge location, even if a 1,400 square foot lounge at DFW Terminal E probably isn’t anything for most of us to get that excited about.

Among contract lounges I find Plaza Premium Lounges to be among the better ones out there, so I’m always happy to see the group expand its footprint. I’ve visited Plaza Premium locations all over the world, from London, to Taipei, to Toronto.

Any frequent DFW flyers excited about this new Plaza Premium location?

  1. Flying out of DFW tomorrow and with the centurion still closed I will check this out. Not expecting much but better than nothing I guess.

  2. I’ve been through a few Plaza Premium’s in Asia. While they’re not the most top-tier lounges, they are generally very very good regardless, IMO. I can usually count on them to serve a good hot meal. The only real complaint is that they do get crowded.

  3. Just stopped by.

    They have been open since September 1st apparently.

    The space is gorgeous, though just one large room with no window or natural light. It feels like a small cozy bar.

    Similar to most Plaza Premium lounges in Asia, almost all the alcohol is for purchase. House beer and wine are free. I was able to get a mimosa easily.

    Food is all cold and packaged. Saw hard boiled eggs, pastries and bagels, prepackaged bars, cream cheese, cut fruit bowls. Hopefully the offering will expand eventually with some hot food included.

    Laneisha was the only employee working, and she was lovely and took great care of us. If there is a peak time, I could see there being a small wait to check in as she was doing everything from making drinks, restocking food, and even doing dishes (with gloves on).

  4. Based off of current offerings, the Plaza Premium lounge is better for relaxation, ambiance, and peace/quiet. The Club Priority Pass lounge has the better F&B offering

  5. Always used PP landside arrivals at Hong Kong for a shower. Very nice facility. I suspect they could open one on the new midfield concourse opening at LAX soon. Apparently there’s room for 3-4 lounges and the last I heard Air France was going to have its own, although that may be on hold now The Tom Bradley terminal would be prefect for a PP Lounge

  6. Went to the one in Vancouver – awful, dirty and disgusting. I clearly remember food stains on the lampshades. Put me off to all them since then, but will check it out in DFW.

  7. I am a fan of Plaza Premium and seek them out in Asia frequently. Terminal E location is great too….near which gate? I am suprized that They are not Priority Pass but Amex Platinum will apparently get the job done.

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