Insane: EVA Air Passenger Demanded Crew Wipe His Butt (And A LOT More)

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Usually I don’t like to write stories about airline incidents that involve individuals who may have serious issues. I’m making a (slight) exception here:

  • I’ve had no fewer than a dozen readers email or message me to ask if I can cover this
  • I’m not going to post the pictures of the guy that are out there
  • This has turned into a really big thing at EVA Air, and the unions have even gotten involved; apparently EVA Air isn’t taking the viewpoint of the flight attendants seriously, which is why they’ve gone public

EVA Air’s most demanding passenger?

I haven’t found any news stories in English on this, so I’m going off translations from others here. An American man was flying from Seattle to Taipei, and connecting to Bangkok (no comment on the fact that he consistently seems to fly to Bangkok). Apparently this man travels to Thailand frequently, and has had many write-ups by EVA Air employees over his behavior.

The man was boarded in a wheelchair, and was apparently the last to board, so the crew didn’t have much time to assess his situation.

For those who speak the language, here’s a flight attendant news conference about what happened:

Here’s what apparently happened, based on a summary by FlyerTalk member hayzel7773:

  • 2hr30min into the flight, the passenger said he needed to use the business class bathroom (he said he couldn’t fit into the economy bathroom)
  • The crew accommodated him, and three flight attendants as well as the purser assisted him to the bathroom
  • A minute after entering the lavatory, the passenger pushed the call button; when the flight attendant opened the door, his genitals were exposed, but his underwear was still on in the back; he told them they needed to help him take off his underwear, or he’d just go in them
  • He sat down and spread his legs, exposing his genitals
  • They tried to close the door, but he objected, claiming he was having shortness of breath from claustrophobia and that they need to keep it open; the crew refused, but kept the door unlocked
  • 15 minutes later he said he was done, and they opened the door to find him still sitting there with his pants at his ankles; “I’m done, you can wipe my butt now.”
  • The flight attendant objected, and then he berated her, saying she promised to do it, and since she promised she needed to do it or he would just sit on the toilet for the rest of the flight
  • The crew obliged, realizing they can’t just leave him there the whole flight, so they threw a blanket in front of him, which he refused; the purser wiped, while the other flight attendants held his front
  • While the purser wiped he allegedly says “mmmmmm, deeper, deeper”
  • The purser ended up having to wipe on three separate occasions, as the guy claimed she didn’t do it correctly; he said “you better have wiped me clean”
  • Eventually the flight attendants just pulled his pants up, even though he insisted they do it again, and he threatened to faint if she didn’t
  • The passenger was brought back to his seat, but later in the flight he had to go #2 again, so a different group of flight attendants did the same

Also revealed is some of this guy’s history with EVA Air:

  • He also flew from Los Angeles to Bangkok via Taipei in May 2018, where he made a similar request, but flight attendants refused; so he went #2 in his seat, and apparently the whole cabin smelled terrible for the rest of the flight
  • He peed himself on another flight
  • On another flight he asked a crew member to clean and change his diaper; they refused, so his diaper overflowed
  • On another flight he threatened to faint and make the crew’s life worse if they didn’t help him
  • On another flight, he spilled juice in his crotch area and demanded the crew wipe it; they gave him napkins to do it, but he said “you can do better”

The union is demanding the following:

  • The airline to help the flight attendant pursue legal remedies against the passenger
  • Allow time off for the flight attendants involved (based on the video they seem to be really disturbed by all of this, as they’re crying, etc.)
  • Blacklist the passenger, and improve the procedure for getting passengers blacklisted
  • Improve wheelchair handling so that something like this doesn’t happen again

My take on all of this

Ummm, holy $hit. Like, actually.

Obviously we don’t know both sides of the story. We haven’t heard from the guy, and it’s possible there was something “lost in translation” here (either due to a language or culture barrier).

I say that to give the guy the slight benefit of the doubt. Let’s assume he was expoing his genitals because it’s only natural to take your underwear off if you’re sitting on the toilet. And let’s assume the “deeper, deeper” was an actual statement of wiping preferences, rather than something he found enjoyable or arousing.

So even taking those things out of the picture:

  • He has had repeated incidents with the airline
  • Based on the flight attendant reports, it sure seems like he’s incredibly manipulative in how he approaches this stuff

But even taking those things out of the equation, the bigger problem is that it simply isn’t the responsibility of flight attendants to wipe a passenger’s butt, no matter what.

EVA Air has a webpage about the services they provide passengers who require special assistance, and it’s pretty comprehensive. For example, they make it clear that they help transport passengers between the aircraft seat and toilet, but they also make it clear that they can’t provide assistance within the restroom or assistance at the seat with defecation and/or urination functions.

If you’re someone who needs assistance inside the lavatory, or other accommodations, then you need to travel with someone who can help take care of you.

So while we don’t know what the guy’s motives are — does he just like bossing people around, does he like the “attention” from the young, pretty Asian flight attendants, or does he have some sort of butt-wiping fetish — it’s clear that no matter what, his expectations of the crew were unreasonable.

This guy seems to take a lot of longhaul flights, and I hope EVA Air takes action so this doesn’t happen to their crews again, whether that comes in the form of them banning the guy, or requiring that he travel with a caretaker.

What’s your take on this situation?

  1. What the hell.. that’s just gross and being an @sshole. He should definitely be blacklisted. Feel bad for the purser and FAs.

  2. Well, the company brought this on themselves, as they let him aboard with hist history.
    He obviously has a mental illness, so i would not put all the blame on him.

  3. Wow lucky,so many hypothethicals from you to give the white american man “slight benefit of the doubt.” Who says white privilege is dead?

  4. @ Yojimbo — Huh? No matter what, I’m putting 100% of the blame on him here for not having a caretaker. The reason I bring up the “benefit of the doubt” is to say that even if things weren’t as they seem, he’d still be in the wrong. That makes the way he acted even worse.

  5. It’s amazing that he wasn’t banned earlier. I wonder if he has been banned from US airlines or other airlines? Imagine pulling this on United. They would kick him in the genitals and lock him in the lavatory, divert the plane and have him arrested.

  6. Ben – the guy is nothing more than the kindness of pathetic Western sex tourist you see everywhere in central Bangkok. I pity the poor Thais he’s hiring.
    @ Mark – he’s white (there are photos online) and I see no evidence of mental illness.

  7. This passenger’s history is clear cut and shows a disgusting, repetitive pattern, as you have outlined. How is there a remote possibility of even a “…slight benefit of the doubt”??

  8. Disgusting this guy should be banned from lots of airlines surprised the cabin manager didn’t say to the flight attendants to not do it.

  9. A good example of the need for unions. Management not having FAs backs, even in this matter? EVery now and then, Management needs to be beat around the head with a brick. No way should a cabin crew be subjected to such abuse. Lock him in the lavatory and let him rot.

    EVA flight attendants are so kind and solicitous, it hurts to read about them being treated like this.

  10. The first reaction by EVA Air was questioning and accusing the cabin crew on how the photo of the passenger got leaked to the media instead of actually trying to negotiate and contain the issue. I guess that is why it eventually broke the internet and turned into a public news.

  11. @Mark – the combination of his past history and the fact he hasn’t been blacklisted before pretty much says it…

  12. @Mark – the combination of his past history and the fact he hasn’t been banned yet pretty much says it…

  13. Shame on the passenger and shame on the management of Eva Air. Thanks for covering this story. I wasn’t aware of this incident until I came across it on your website.

  14. I’m trying to think what is more degrading…..

    Being the FA asked to wipe the hoop.

    Or having some stranger wipe my hoop.

    For me it would definitely be the latter.

  15. @ Yojimbo – I was going to post something similar minus the white privilege comment.

    It doesn’t make sense to give someone the benefit of the doubt and then put ‘100% of the blame on him here for not having a caretaker.’ You either give someone the benefit of the doubt and reserve judgement or you don’t. It’s like using the word ‘but’ when you’re trying to persuade someone of your opinion. Once you use that term everything that proceeds it doesn’t matter. Call it like you see it Lucky. IMO this person doesn’t need to receive a benefit of anything. There is a documented history of unreasonable requests and abuse. Blacklist him and pursue any appropriate legal remedies.

  16. “We haven’t heard from the guy, and it’s possible there was something “lost in translation” here (either due to a language or culture barrier).”

    Sorry Ben, I have to disagree with your statement above. I have flown with EVA multiple times – although their FAs may speak or reply with a slight accent, they are relatively proficient and can certainly understand (American) English perfectly.

    With regards to what’s being said in the video @ around 5:48, there appears to be some deliberate rough mishandling of the FA by the passenger as well. She tried to cover his genitals with a blanket (to remove his underwear) and he hit/slapped her arm away rather aggressively, saying that he did not require the blanket. That action alone would definitely qualify as an assault on her and there’s no doubting his deliberate attempt to expose himself.

  17. @Yojimbo, I didn’t know he was white until you brought it up. Thanks for perpetuating racial tension where there isn’t any. Overall, this “person” is a disgusting filthy thing. He should be banned by all airlines unless he has a carer with him.

  18. You will come across news report in English if you just Google Eva Air flight attendant and go to news section

  19. In Asia banning or blacklisting by a private company unless the customer does pay is akin to blesphamy. I’m quite impressed by what the China government is doing at sine front on banning people but that’s at government level and they have the whip to do it but private companies don’t even punish the hand that feeds.

    Employees rights ? Well if you not happy just quit many others are waiting in line. Sad truth but the truth

  20. I used to describe F on certain airlines as, “Amazing! They do everything except wipe your ass”. I guess I can’t say that anymore.

  21. If they don’t blacklist him they should require he provide his own companion to provide his care. He obviously doesn’t qualify to travel alone. Crew should not be providing that level of care.

  22. Well…it’s interesting that this apparently helpless passenger did not opt instead to fly United or American. Frankly, I wouldn’t see the crew at even Asian airlines like Cathay Pacific or Singapore Airlines tolerating this nonsense. I am surprised that the crew of the Eva Air flight actually agreed to be part of this.

  23. @lucky

    In the beginning, he was also requesting the FA’s help to look for something in his bag(which has a wad of cash and was just showing off.

    The last part of the story is when the man got off the flight and was waiting for the wheelchair service (two men) they asked if he needed to use the bathroom and if assistance is needed, he said yes I’d need to use the bathroom but assistance is not needed. And the FA heard the conversation as they stood by the door for people to deplane.

  24. EVA Air actually handled this completely wrong – they set a precedence, which meant the passenger could repeatedly go on with this behaviour. He should have been blacklisted instantly the first time and not even allowed to fly back with them. Flight attendants greivances are well founded…

  25. I could not stop laughing as I read through the details. He obviously has no shame and either does this for personal amusement or wants attention. Or the slight possibility that he is seriously disabled to the point in which he can’t control any of these actions, but if that were the case he probably wouldn’t fly as much as he does.

  26. @Dennis “I didn’t know he was white until you brought it up. Thanks for perpetuating racial tension where there isn’t any.“

    Ah, yes. The tried and true “race doesn’t matter if you don’t talk about it” argument. Please get your head out of the sand.


    Shouldn’t he have a medical attendant accompanying him if he has THAT much problem? The crew can’t suddenly have training and becomes nurses and care aides. As he is a frequent flyer, this behaviour is not isolated and should’ve been caught the attention of the higher ups and actions should’ve been done by the “third strike”. Now the airline has bad PR, all because they tried to please a customer that cannot be pleased.

  28. Ugly Americans at its best. If this guy lives in China he’ll be identified in minutes thru the viral clip and getting public scolding every time his fat ass was out of his house. This is how he remembers his wrongdoing.

  29. @Debit:

    You sounded like you are also 200kg obese gentlemen who paid for peanuts and asking for first class seat.
    Get a life! Cheers….

  30. @tda, if you don’t understand, it means why bring race into it if it doesn’t make a difference? I honestly had no picture of his race when I was reading the article, but of course someone has to bring it up. It’s no wonder Americans are so divided and can’t sort out their social issues – “We are a united country, but let’s keep talking about how different we are”…

  31. @Debit

    So many racist and undertones in your post I don’t even know where to start, let alone the sterotyping. Good riddance.

  32. If I am listening to it correctly, it seems that the cabin manager was the one wiping his behind. The person who got abused the most was the purser as she felt she could not and should not get her juniors to assist this pathetic excuse of a human being. No matter what, no one should be put in that degrading position.

    He is mentally disturbed as he just wanted the door open while he was doing his thing. He kept insisting on it. He is too nasty.

    He clearly does not have a problem with his hand. He told her that his hand was hurt, so he needed help to get up from the toilet. Yet, he had no problem smacking her hand. This is absurd, but the most abursd of it all was management allowing it to happen on several occasions. Poor cabin crew.

  33. Someone should tell him that that last man known to have a Groom of the Stool was King Henry VIII.

  34. Actually the worst part was after he deplaned, where two male ground staff escorted him along the way in the airport. While they kindly asked him if he had needs for the restroom, he claimed that he needs it but does NOT require any assistance. This pretty much explains what game he was trying to play with the FAs during the flight. Also rumor has it that he is high-status passenger. Another ironically funny thing, as part of the Taiwanese culture(and as a Taiwanese myself), The FAs we’re actually requesting EVA to hire male FAs so that they can deal with the issue in a better way…. I think workers in Taiwan are just way too nice to these illogically demanding customers (sadly).

  35. I’ve had a bit of experience when Grandpa was in the nursing home. He needed help with wiping after defecation. It is very conceivable if the cabin crew doesn’t have experience wiping, they will wipe very superficially and with not much force. On the other hand, wiping a little deeper (like half to 2/3 of the length of a fingernail deep, not real deep penetration) is best done by yourself because you can gauge and not tighten your anus.

    As far as exposing yourself, it’s hard to do if you’re disabled. The main way to avoid it is to have a napkin or paper towel opened up and on your lap.

    Since the passenger has soiled himself before, I believe he needed home health aide type assistance and that he is not doing this for some sort of psychological gratification.

    Basically, he needs a helper to travel with him because the cabin crew doesn’t want to be that aide. To them, it’s eeeeuuuuuwwww.

    Someday, someone may sue an airline because they want a free ticket for that helper.

  36. Ben, so if you were trying to decide whether to cover this story or lets say UA179 which was stuck on the apron in Goose Bay, Canada for over12 hours due to a medical and then a mechanical, I would have picked the UA 179 story.

  37. @Freddy As Gary from View from the Wing said: what could the male cabin crew do differently in this situation? They also need respect as well. The best solution is to make sure he has a caregiver with him or ban him from future flights.

  38. Aside from the fact that this guy very likely should be banned not only from EVA but from any airline, could we please not outright assume that any guy who travels to Bangkok regularly is some disgusting sex tourist? People have friends and family in Thailand, too, and some have businesses and projects there, and there are many other perfectly legitimate reasons to go to Thailand.

    I agree with the sentiment to this very character though. Poor flight attendants should not have to deal with this.

  39. How was that festering whale allowed to purchase just one Y seat??? What if the plane had been full?

    Poor J class passengers having to use that bathroom…

  40. “But even taking those things out of the equation, the bigger problem is that it simply isn’t the responsibility of flight attendants to wipe a passenger’s butt, no matter what.” – Well actually some staff on a previous flight refused to help him when he was on the plane and he went the bathroom right in his seat. The staff was subsequently disciplined so the argument that this isn’t the FA’s job (which I agree with) doesn’t really hold water because the airline itself apparently disciplined people, which is why these particular FAs felt compelled to act. He has had repeated incidents like this on multiple airlines and really should have been blacklisted from the airline a long time ago.

  41. What was also upsetting / disturbing is that he was allowed to board the TPE to BKK flight soon afterwards. During that flight, he continued to exhibit abusive behavior (both physical and verbal) toward the crew.
    He still has a return trip with 2 flight segments remaining on the ticket. It would be a gross injustice if EVA does not find a ground (either based on the Contract of Carriage or otherwise) to legally cancel the remainder of his ticket.

  42. “Usually I don’t like to write stories about airline incidents that involve individuals who may have serious issues” – don’t you? I’m pretty sure that every single airline incident involving a crazy person I’ve seen on mainstream news I’ve also read about here.

  43. While it’s unacceptable behavior and he should definitely be banned from EVA, some of you need to get a grip. It’s something millions of people have to do as a full-time job day-in, day-out.

    It’s disgusting and unpleasant, but if it causes you to be “seriously disturbed” from doing it just once (and if that’s the case I’m not sure why they agreed to do it – were they forced to?) then you need to re-evaluate how privileged your life actually is.

  44. He should be banned from ALL carriers worldwide. This is beyond…just no words!.

    EVA is also at fault for allowing him to step foot on their planes after the first offense.

  45. Send him to Singapore and they will cane the sht out of him. I’m sure he will never do #2 on airplane again!

    Joking aside, all airlines should black list him and call it a day.

  46. @callum. Yes this is a job performed by many people. They are performing the scope of their responsibilities and they are properly trained and prepared for the duties. Flight attendants are not.

    Millions of people perform surgery every day, yet somehow you cannot do it, are you therefore a moron who needs to get a grip?

  47. Callum, those ‘millions’ of ppl CHOSE their profession knowing exactly what it involves. FAs did not sign up to sexually pleasure a fecally incontinent pig.

    You need to get a grip if you think that is acceptable.

    That filthy animal needs to be put down.

  48. Travel blogs like this one seem to post increasingly more horror story gossip posts. It makes sense when you see how many readers read and react to them, then stay on the site to read other stuff. Half of vftw reads like a tabloid nowadays.

  49. Lucky:

    I’m a mental health professional and see patients in a variety of settings, including correctional facilities. It is not uncommon to see similar behavior in those convicted of sex offenses and those with severe mental disorders. His behavior (if accurate) is clearly calculated and voluntary, done in order to achieve a response from others. Such individuals will cease acting in such a manner only when consequences occur. I can virtually guarantee he would not act in this manner on a US airline as he knows what would happen to him if he did so. He is behaving as he is, on this airline, because they allow him to act in this way, without consequence. He appears to be enjoying this.

  50. I was expecting the racist and derogatory comments..

    Ohh , the hypocrisy of the new gen leftists.. the history made their day assuming the race of the subject (and even the looks! go figure!).. by no means they consider this is a person with serious mental illness (that shouldn’t be allowed to fly), so I guess in this case it’s not racist, offensive, non-inclusive and so on..

    Rest assured that if the guy was of a race/ethnicity or whatever minority they are brainwashed to ‘defend’ that accommodates the rhetoric of the left, the comments would be something in the lines of ‘poor guy should be taken better care of’, ‘they didn’t wipe his ass because he was not X,Y,Z’.

  51. These people were assualted! They will need counseling and shame on Eva for letting this perve onto the plane with his history. I fly them next November in Business and if this guy happens to be on board, it would only be my luck!!! Fugh!

    Watch out Asiana he might try your crews next!

  52. Benefit of the doubt? I’m not giving him a doubt that’s disgusting, it’s not their job to wipe juice up off his crotch, change his diaper, or wipe his ass. Ban him.

  53. Surely Thai authorities should be alerted – based on very circumstantial evidence, I’d say there’s almost no chance he’s not a child sex abuser right?

  54. @debit As an Asian male, I can say that the only people I truly loathe are trolls like you who try to cast stereotypical aspersions upon all of us.
    As for the abusive passenger, I am all for a blacklisting for life. He’s either an angry, entitled, narcissist who used his “disability” as high-ground where he can play the role of victim, or he’s just too stupid to know how to travel in a civil way.
    In either case, he’s a hazard to an orderly flight and an embarrassment to humanity.

  55. I’m laughing at the white boys in the comments covering for the ABDL fetishist. Per your president, SAD!

  56. I just googled him. That pathetic @sshole is so obese, no wonder he doesn’t fit in an economy cabin lavatory. I certainly understand and see how his obesity makes it rather difficult for him to wipe his butt. YMMV, but for me he is dissatisfied with his life and enjoys the attention of young Asians. Wouldn’t be surprised if he continues to assault Thais in BKK. What an obnoxious pos.

  57. I’m not that familiar with the role of white privilege American culture, but is this type of behavior common?

  58. I’ll sum it up. An unacceptable blacklist worthy passenger on ALL airlines. First and Business have larger bathrooms and the fact that he has done this more than once disgusts me. I hope this doesn’t ruin the FA’s career

  59. @Jason well said. @ Derek yes. It is is LA to TPE to BKK. She even said the LA part in English not Seattle.

  60. Wow so many replies to this post, so not sure if this was mentioned.

    United Airlines flight from Buenos Aires to New York, and what Gerard B. Finneran did inside the international First Class cabin across the walls and on top of the food cart. Oh and President Mario Alberto Soares of Portugal, who was on his way to the United Nation’s 50th anniversary celebration sat watching all of this go down (and out) so to speak.

    Great post from flyer talk.

  61. @debit for the first time you’re so wrong. That scene was because they already bought the hotel. Secondly, yes, mainland Chinese travelers are mainly a bunch of idiots. But not all. About 1.23% can still behave. (Approximately).

    Sorry for the sarcasm but it it well needed.

  62. After giving the guy so much benefit of doubt, and as someone who claims to care about FAs and limo drivers (with all the post about tipping that you wrote), isn’t it fair to at least point out the other (more likely) possibility? That maybe this is outright SEXTUAL HARASSMENT?

    And how much can be lost in translation when a male pax had female FAs wipe his butt? I for one would actively avoid this situation no matter how bad the communication barrier is. It’s called human decency, if not shame.

    Come on lucky.

  63. The TSA no fly list for life should be the only fitting outcome for this piece of shit.

    After the FA wiped his ass she should have rubbed it in his face!

  64. It’s too bad that this story has generated the most comments in quite a while. I wonder what elite status he has, what hotel he is staying at, and what’s in his wallet. We may as well know the whole story. No one has complained that this story is click-bait either. : )

  65. They really should black list this guy. Disabled people really take the piss with what they request and think is normal service. He’s probably going to Bangkok cos that’s the only place where he can pay someone to get laid

  66. As much as I don’t want to make hasty conclusions, he’s almost definitely is a sex tourist. If he’s traveling for business, he’d behave more professionally, or at least not shit 3 times on one flight or at least be able to wipe his own assl or if to visit family and friends considering he supposedly can’t even shit by himself, they would be flying TPAC to him not the other way around.

    I had the misfortune of sitting next to that kind of guy, dirty old American man, on a PR flight from MNL to HNL. He’d “flirt” with flight attendants making uncomfortable intimate remarks and then seek attention complaining of chest pains though he didn’t bring any meds. I immediately thought of a remark by a US ambassador to the Philippines, that 40% of male American travelers to the Philippines are sex tourists. Considering how my seatmate and Hello Shitty passenger treat professionals in public settings, I loathe to wonder how they treat women in more desperate conditions in private.

  67. Lucky, I’m from Taiwan and have been following this story, as it’s all over all the TV shows and news in the past couple of days. The problem is that this guy lied. The ground staffs checked with him if he would need assistance and he said he’s fine. Even before the doors closed, he acted as if he was fine. As soon as the door closed, he changed into someone/something else.
    He actually shitted on the seat in a previous flight on EVA AiR, the problem is the company didn’t back the flight attendants, instead question them why they didn’t help him, and let him shit on a 10+ hours flight and led to major complaints. He also pee into a bottle and handed to another flight attendant previously and asked her to wash it for her, so very clearly this asshole knew what he was doing, and he’s just taking advantage. The only reason it’s all over the media is the company is so poorly managed, management questioned the flight attendants why the photos leaked online, among other ridiculous questions. The senior management at the company is known for making ridiculous decisions(just look at their weird inflight safety video). Clearly some people need to step down, and start caring about their staffs. The major complaint is the company does not back up the employees at incidents like this, which occurred over and over again (in this guy’s case), they put the blame to the flight attendants. This is just wrong. If this happened on any US or European carriers, i bet they will make emergency landing and have police involved to investigate on the spot, and not let this guy fly to Bangkok and do nothing

  68. The airline seems to imply in the link above that FAs always have the right to refuse and if the passenger becomes disorderly, unsafe, or unsanitary enough, they can escalate which could ultimately lead to diversion and expulsion from the aircraft. It seems training refreshing is in order.
    Now, I understand there are claims from previous incidents that FAs were pressured by the airline to meet these requested accommodations….

  69. @Jordan – Finneran died in early ’05 from complications from Alzheimer’s.

    It’s not much of a reach to suggest that dementia certainly could have played a role in that unfortunate incident on United back in ’95.

    What started out as a gross-out “funny” drunk story ended on a much sadder, somber note.

  70. Actually, there is more detailed description about this very sick person incident on this site:

    The title is:
    American frequent visitor to Bangkok demands that EVA Air flight attendants wipe his ass, “mmmmm, deeper, deeper”

    And if you google putting words such as EVA Attendant wipe ass, you can see his low-life trash ugly face.;_ylt=Awr9ImqbwkdcoyEA3yZXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTExbGtvMmJiBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDVUlDMV8xBHNlYwNzYw–?p=eva+airline+attendants+wipe+customer+ass&fr=yfp-t

    Very sick sick…..
    Even if one is ill, no right to ask a stranger to wipe ass and enjoy it with moaning X#$%^@#$!!!!

  71. Not only does EVA need to ban this clearly twisted passenger for the safety and well-being of their crew but also for the well-being of other passengers as well. The fact that he defecates in the seat makes the flight unbearable for those around him. We need to make it known to the airline that we as passengers will not stand for them allowing this person to abuse both the crew and put other passengers flights on the line. EVA corporate needs to be called out. If we feel strongly about this, we need to make it known to them that we find it unacceptable.

  72. @Hockey That is exactly the treatment he should have gotten. This is madness. I mean first the New Zealand travelers wreaking havoc and now this. Does anyone remember a classic scene from Coming to America? ****wipers!!!***** Grossest story EVER. Drawn and quartered sounds like a plan for this pervert.

  73. Unacceptable and should be banned from flying any airline until his miserable self is 6 feet under. Flight attendants are NOT butlers. Their first priority is passenger safety and when you monopolize multiple FAs because you’re “disabled” and can’t do basic things for yourself , you don’t deserve the PRVILEGE to fly.

  74. Apparently the same POS is taking EVA back to the US on 5/17. The airline union is hoping EVA would do something about it, but so far the company isn’t doing anything to refuse/blacklist but the passenger. Big sad.

  75. There’s too much hate from an ignorant point of view. I work at a hospice helping the elderly and they would prefer using a butt wiper over manual assistance any day

  76. Yes, restrictive ban. He should only be allowed on a flight with a certified care taker that he has to pay to employ. This way every time he wants to take that flight, he’ll be reminded what a disgusting pig he is, and have to pay for it.

    If EVA refuses to do anything about it, they are money grubbing and don’t want to take on this fat lawyer who is doing this repeatedly and to other airlines as well. He is a career criminal.

    So, with no action from EVA, the union should stand behind their agents providing their own independent ban. So even if EVA accepts the purchase of his ticket, once he reaches the terminal the agents there have his name and picture, so when he provides his credentials to fly, they can deny him based on past unresolved grievances.

    His response will be to sue EVA, which may help the union finally get EVA to stand up for it’s employees against human rights violations. Because that’s what this is. You are being demeaned by a pig who appears to take great pleasure abusing people on regular and repeated occasions.

    He has gone too far, has profited from it in the past, and must finally but put in his place.

  77. News update The passenger died a few days ago in Thailand in an area famed for prostitution so that right there is a red flag.This guy was a pervert ,he refused to let the flight attendants cover him for modesty, and I don’t think there was anything wrong him with mentally or physically apart from being a fat tub of lard. Let’s call it like we see it,this guy was a pervert

  78. If this “thing” was on my flight, i would speak with the other FAs and leave him in the toilet the entire flight and block off the toilet as inoperative until landing, when we would request he get back to his seat…
    This creature clearly isn’t fit to live anywhere other than in a nursing home or intensive care, let along travel…

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