Parker New York Becoming A Hyatt

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This hotel sure has an identity crisis.

The Le Parker Meridien New York and Le Parker Meridien Palm Springs left Starwood as of January 4, 2018. While these hotels were long Starwood properties, they had an interesting past with the brand.

The Parker Palm Springs

Back in 2013 Starwood filed a lawsuit against the hotels, as they apparently got more than a million dollars in fraudulent reimbursements from Starwood. They got this by falsifying records to make their occupancy levels look higher than they were, which meant they got higher reimbursement from Starwood for award stays.

So last year both properties joined Leading Hotels of the World. As part of this, “Le Meridien” was also dropped from the names, so the hotels are now simply known as the Parker New York and Parker Palm Springs.

While I think the Parker Palm Springs is a great, quirky property, I found the Parker New York to be really bland. As I noted at the time, I find the Parker New York to be an odd fit for Leading Hotels of the World, since it’s really not a special property at all, and I wondered how they’d do with that branding.

The Parker New York

Well, I guess I wasn’t too far off base, because it looks like the Parker New York has now become a Hyatt. The hotel is now bookable on Paid rates are reasonable, though it doesn’t look like award redemptions are available just yet.

All things considered this seems like a much better fit for Hyatt than Leading Hotels of the World. Interestingly the Parker New York is just a block from the Park Hyatt, so I can’t imagine the Park Hyatt is too happy about this, even though the two hotels are generally chasing different customers.

What I find interesting is that Hyatt is generally very good about honoring elite benefits and providing a consistent experience, while the Parker properties have been known for how stingy they are.

The Parker New York was one of the first hotels in New York to introduce a “destination fee,” and back in the SPG days the Platinum member breakfast here was a coffee and croissant. I’m just waiting to see what kind of games this hotel will play with Hyatt.

Unfortunately there’s no word of the Parker Palm Springs joining Hyatt — now that would be a huge win.

The Parker Palm Springs

Bottom line

One of Hyatt’s biggest issues is that they don’t have as big of a portfolio as Hilton, IHG, and Marriott, so I’m thrilled every time they add a hotel, even if it’s not that exciting of a property.

It really seems to me like the Parker New York might need a bit of a reality check, based on how often they’ve rebranded. I imagine they rebranded because they felt like they should be doing better, though perhaps they don’t realize that the issue isn’t necessarily the branding, but just that the property is bland.

Still, I’m excited about this, and I’d really love to see the Parker Palm Springs join Hyatt.

What do you make of the Parker New York joining Hyatt?

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  1. Nothing lost there simply a hotel owner thinking he will get a better deal with Hyatt even after he committed franchise fraud. These things happen a lot

  2. Really disliked this hotel after a one-night stay there a few years back (after a trip that included stays at IC NY and PH NY).

    It is literally across the street from PH NY but I don’t think PH is losing any sleep — it’s head and shoulders above Parker.

  3. Hyatt is on the move with new buys….. good for them. Marriott and Accor are HUGE competitors.
    I love Hyatt and am glad there are now even more options.

  4. Never stayed at the Florida property, but the NY property was engaged in anti-consumer behavior, starting with non- or poorly-disclosed fees for everything (including to use the pool!) and just overall unfriendly even for NY. After my second or third time there, even if it was the most convenient location for my trips, I blacklisted it.

    Am surprised that Hyatt fell for it. I doubt they reformed themselves (and wouldn’t be surprised if Leading Hotels booted them out — there was nothing leading about the service there, quite the contrary).

    Hyatt or not, I’m not returning there.

  5. This place was easily my worst Starwood redemption ever. And it’s a shame because back in the ’90s it was a terrific hotel.

    Without a top-to-bottom change in just about everything, its irrelevance will continue.

  6. I’ve always liked the NY property. Norma’s, Burger Joint, the cocktail bar Knave and the amazing Central Park views from the rooftop pool and terrace. Good sized rooms and large suites too.

  7. The Parker NYC was and remains on the blacklist of more frequent travelers I know than any other hotel on the planet. I don’t think the PH has much to worry about, in fact the proximity could be to their benefit – after the first day when you leave early there’s another Hyatt property very close by to move to.

  8. Never, ever cared for that property. Other than a great location, it’s needed a refresh for at least 10 years. Was glad to see it go as a Starwood. I suppose in a real pinch as long as the rates are attractive. Hopefully Hyatt will require a refresh.

  9. Thanks to @Jon – sounds like there has been a change of management. Coupled with Hyatt branding, should be worth a try. The location is great – right next to my office in NY. I stayed there in the past as a Meridien and it was better than many of the mediocre hotels in the area like the Hilton, Sheraton etc. Midtown is populated with many mediocre hotels unless you want to spend over $500/night.

  10. Maybe the changes are simple, but they confuse me. I just want to revisit NYC where I lived for 2 yrs. in the 90’s. I want the hotel that is close to Columbus Circle, near Whole Foods and has an inside pool. I think it was Le Parker Meridien, but not sure??? Maybe they both have indoor pools? Both are in the same area, but the indoor pool and an Indian restaurant are important.

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