Wow: The Park Hyatt St. Kitts Promotion Gets Even Better

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On Saturday I wrote about the incredible deals available at the Park Hyatt St. Kitts for stays this summer.

The Park Hyatt St. Kitts’ awesome promo

The hotel is offering a fourth night free plus a $300 per person resort credit for bookings made by June 30, 2018, and for stays through July 26, 2018. We’re seeing rates of $255 per night after factoring in the fourth night free.

A four night stay would cost $1,244.40 including all taxes and fees, which is an average of $311.10 per night. That doesn’t factor in the $600 resort credit you’d get if two people are traveling. If you were to value that at face value, that would lower the nightly cost including taxes and fees to $161.10.

This deal gets much better

But it gets much better than that! Like, this deal is so good that it’s confusing.

A while ago I wrote about Hyatt Privé, which is Hyatt’s special program available to select travel agents, which offers their guests special privileges for stays at select Hyatt hotels. For stays at Park Hyatt hotels, guests booking through Privé receive:

  • A $100 property credit per room per stay
  • A one category room upgrade confirmed within 24 hours of booking (room-to-room or suite-to-suite, subject to availability)
  • Daily full breakfast for two in the hotel’s restaurant
  • Early check-in (as early as 9AM) and late check-out (as late as 4PM), subject to availability
  • A welcome gift and letter

Usually you have to book one or the other, but in this case, you can combine the Park Hyatt St. Kitts’ amazing promotion with Privé benefits. This means that for the same rate you see on Hyatt’s website under the “4th Night Free With Credit” price, you can also receive complimentary full breakfast, a room upgrade confirmed within 24 hours of booking, and an additional $100 property credit.

Even better than that is that the cancelation policy is improved. With Privé you have to pay a deposit of one night at the time of booking, but the booking can be refunded up to 72 hours before arrival (including the one night deposit). As a point of comparison, the other rate requires canceling at least 14 days in advance (so if you’ve already made a booking with the previous deal and it’s refundable, you should be able to rebook with Privé benefits). Furthermore, this promotion is actually available through mid-December, and not just through July.

So yes, a four-night booking for two would come with one night free, $700 in hotel credits, free breakfast, a confirmed room upgrade, and a better cancellation policy than what’s available on Hyatt’s website… WOW!

If you’d like to book this rate, Ford is a Privé agent and would be happy to help, and can be reached at [email protected] I’d recommend first looking up the “4th Night Free With Credit” rate on Hyatt’s website, and then Ford can verify the rate is the same and help you book (or rebook, if you’ve already made a refundable reservation) and get all the other perks, including the better cancelation policy, the additional $100 credit, the upgrade, the free breakfast, and more. Other travel advisors are also free to leave their info below, and you can contact them if you prefer.

I was sort of on the fence about going to St. Kitts (not because the deal wasn’t amazing, but rather because my schedule is already so full). However, I feel like the deal has now gotten to the point where I can’t afford not to go. See everyone in St. Kitts in July?

  1. But you would lose the 4th night free via Citi if you book direct…I assume no way to combine THOSE?

  2. ThaNk you for posting this.i guess we can make the deal seeeter with Citi 4th night free benefit (now that they are taking a average) works in our favor in this case

  3. @ joelfreak — I know the Citi Prestige concierge now reimburses the average cost of the four nights (rather than the cost of the fourth night specifically), but I was under the impression they still wouldn’t offer this if the cost of the fourth night is zero. I’ve asked about this in the past, and they insisted it’s not possible. Has something changed recently, or is this a case of hang up and call again till you get an agent willing to book it?

    And you’re correct that you couldn’t combine Prive and Citi Prestige.

  4. @ tiffany — You’ll be able to pay however you’d like for the balance at the hotel, though a deposit is required in advance with a credit card for one night at the time of booking.

  5. The $100 and $300 credits don’t really reduce the room price per night. I understand that they can be applied only to food and activities.
    In other words, if you did nothing at the resort(even eat…i know far fetched) then the credits would not actually apply, would they?
    And as Globalist, won’t breakfast come comped anyway?

  6. Ben, do you know If booking through Hyatt Prive, you are still entitled to your membership benefits, earning points, etc.. just like booking directly through Hyatt website? Unfortunately the room I booked is not available anymore, but I will keep my eyes on the website and reach Ford If availability comes in. 🙂

  7. @ geoff — Correct, if you wouldn’t otherwise spend anything at the hotel then you’d get nothing out of this (though as you note, I think a vast majority of people staying here would easily spend a lot of money on food, activities, massages, etc.). Yes, Globalists get free breakfast anyway so for Globalists the benefit of this over the other deal is that you get an extra $100 credit, a better cancelation policy, and a confirmed upgrade within 24 hours of booking, rather than an upgrade at check-in.

  8. @ Lucas — Yep, you absolutely earn points, stay credits, etc., as usual. Hopefully the room becomes available again. Do keep in mind that if you cancel and it’s not very close to your stay, odds are good that the room will go back into inventory. There’s no guarantee, but I’ve had good luck with that in the past. Enjoy your stay!

  9. Ben, thanks a lot. I though about that and I’m tempted to do it (cancel it and wait), but It’s my daughter’s birthday and If the room doesnt show up again and our trip is at risk, my wife would kill me! Haha By the way, our stay starts on the last week of june.

  10. We got married in St Kitts a few years ago. Loved the island. Will have to find a way to make this work!

  11. Ben, from a larger standpoint, in your opinion is the resort struggling or might this simply be a low(early hurricane season) special?
    I’ve read a few places that the resort is a bit remote(a good thing in my book).

  12. Resort credit is for all occupants 3 or older so bring your three year old for 900 off instead of 600

  13. @ geoff — It’s a good question. The hotel is still new, and it’s not unusual for occupancy at new hotels to be new for the first year or two. This is probably compounded by the rough hurricane season in the Caribbean last year, which might be making a lot of people cautious. So I think it’s probably a combination of factors.

  14. I’d love to jump on this deal, especially since I’ve never been to St. Kitts & Nevis and in conjunction with the ongoing Hamilton craze, but airfare prices from the West Coast are unfortunately too high right now. Where’s Jet Blue when you need them?!

  15. @ MFK — You can always book a paid ticket to Miami and then redeem Avios from there, as American has plenty of award availability!

  16. Glad to hear it Ben! Ford hooked us up last year at Amanemu and we are excited to head to St Kitts for July 4 week!

  17. What do you all reckon is the difference between a standard Hyatt rate and a Prive one? Aside from the $100 credit and a few minor perks, the rest could be had by a Globalist, so unless the difference was minimal there’d be little value to be extracted imo

  18. @lucky I’ve had no problem booking 4th night rates through the Citi concierge. I always go through email. The reason why 4th night rates often don’t work is that the average nightly rate shows up as more expensive on some systems. So, you have to go back and forth a bit to get them to understand that the rate (and therefore, the credit amount) is lower. I’ve done this multiple times with SPG 4th night free rates.

  19. @ Ben Holz — At a minimum the difference is a $100 credit, a confirmed upgrade within 24 hours of booking (rather than at check-in), and a better cancelation policy (3 days vs. 14 days). That would be the difference for a Globalist. Others would benefit from also having breakfast included.

  20. how many hyatt points will you earn with this 4 night stay? i think this should be added to the value.

  21. @ gareth — Indeed, you’d earn points as well. You could earn 3x points per dollar spent with your credit card, and 5x points per dollar spent on eligible spend at the hotel. If you’re a Globalist you get an additional 1.5x points per dollar spent. Do note that you won’t earn points for the spend that’s reimbursed through hotel credits. In other words, if you spend $700 on food and drinks and that’s all reimbursed, you wouldn’t get points for that.

  22. @lucky @joelfreak While the Citi Prestige 4th night free benefit originally was the exact amount you paid on the fourth night, that is no longer the case. Because the Citi Prestige benefit is now the average rate over four nights, the Citi concierge will book a hotel’s ‘4th night free’ promo offer and you will receive the average of the four nights as a statement credit. I have confirmed this when speaking with a concierge rep. In the example @lucky gives in this post, the credit would be $255 ($1020/4), leaving you with a total bill of $989.40.

  23. @Lucky: Suggestion for a future article – if you would consider writing an article about Hyatt Prive/Four Seasons/Virtuoso/OTHERS? – seems like there are several Chains that are now doing this and it could add real value for many of your readers. And of course many of us that value what you do – would be free to use Ford’s services as well.

  24. @Garrett. Exactly. Even from ATL Delta has one daily flight to SKB on Saturdays. Otherwise it’s a connection via SJU.
    And the flights are not cheap, Skymiles or $$.

  25. Lucky, can I combine this deal with two free nights I have thru CC bonus. I know that will be a horrible redemption but nights expire on 9/1 and I doubt I’ll be able to take another vacation.

  26. @ OleGunnar — This is only valid for revenue rates, but you could use those to turn this into a six night vacation, and book four nights through this offer and then two nights with the free nights (though you wouldn’t receive Prive benefits or the resort credit for those nights).

  27. Anyone else here have Hyatt Prive that can help with a booking? I want to use Ford since I’m a regular reader here but at the same time, prices have gone up while waiting and I don’t want my dates to completely disappear so I’d book through someone else to make sure I get my reservation.

  28. Stayed here with my two free night certificates and then a Citi fourth night free booking combined with the Hyatt fourth night free and resort credit. Globalist got us free breakfast but only a slightly upgraded room as opposed to a pool suite. The credit is best used for lunch and dinners since massages will burn though it in a heartbeat. Get your own rum at the grocery store on the way in, much cheaper and still good. The pools are spacious which is good since the beach is mostly seaweed.

  29. I booked the hotel deal and then tried to go find flights. Now I think I’m cancelling. :-/

    From Atlanta to SKB – trying for July 9-13 (+/- one day). Checked Delta and AA. In the end the best I could do was not good:

    1) Delta RT reward tickets Atlanta / Miami (Monday AM, Friday late PM) 42,000 miles
    2) AA RT reward tickets Miami / St. Kitts (Monday noon, Friday early PM) 105,000 miles + $140

    All in coach. Seems like a lot of value to give up just to make this (great) deal work. Contrary to the earlier posting, the American reward availability was terrible for me. Trying to book the whole trip on one ticket gave me two options: Sunday 5:53AM departure or leave ATL monday night and arrive in St. Kitts via Miami on WEDNESDAY night.

  30. Lucky – where can i find a list of available activities that the $700 can be used for? I dont see anything on the website.

  31. @ matt — You can spend the credit on any food, beverages, or spa treatments at the resort. I don’t think they publish the menus for those online.

  32. Ahh nevermind…it looks like a 50 min massage will run you $205 and beers range from $12-22. Golf and watersports looks to be extremely limited. $700 is not going to last long at all.

  33. Hello readers, this is really a fantastic offer yet again from St Kitts.
    I’m also happy to help with any Prive booking requests you might need.
    The great thing is that the Prive rate gives you breakfast which is USD$45 + tax per day, so a longer stay or even on the 4th night free this adds up quickly.
    Feel free to email me on [email protected] for access to these rates.
    Kal Ruediger
    Founder & Travel Designer at Haus of Travel

  34. The T&C’s are a little confusing… says the “certificate must be shown upon arrival”, but all I see is a special booking code and no certificate…..what does this mean?

    To get the 4th night free, do we just book a normal 4th night stay and they’ll deduct the last night at checkout? I would love to take advantage of this as it’s during my bday, but there seems to be a lot of vague details that could end up biting you in the *ss if you’re not ready every little nuance.

  35. @ RJM — There’s no certificate here, you just have to book the eligible rate. You’ll see that reflected when the booking is made, as you’ll be charged for the first three nights, but the cost for the last night will show as zero. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  36. Hi Lucky,
    Is Hyatt Prive and Amex FHR offering the same rates? The benefits look almost identical.
    The reason I ask is because I noticed on the Amex FHR site that the $300 resort credit is per stay – whereas the rate on Hyatt’s website is $300 per person per stay. Granted, for a two person stay, the $100 resort credit, free breakfast, and upgrade probably makes up for it, but I wanted to make sure folks are aware if this is the case. Thanks!

  37. @ Tim — FHR is a $300 credit per stay while Prive is a $300 credit per person per stay, plus another $100 credit, plus an upgrade within 24 hours, subject to availability. So there is a significant benefit to Prive vs. FHR here.

  38. @lucky – thanks for confirming, that’s an amazing offer. Hope to see you in St. Kitts in July!

  39. @Drew or Lucky: Does your post mean that you stayed for 6 nites using 2 free Hyatt nights from a credit card bonus combined with a 4 night stay via the Citi concierge which included the Hyatt promotion of a 4th nite free? I just don’t think that you can use the Citi concierge program for a 4 nite stay and apply Hyatt free nite certs for two of those nites. Please advise.

  40. Booked this for Dec. What an amazing deal.

    Anyone who complains about this deal probably thinks staying at a Courtyard in the Dells is a big deal.

  41. @ Darlene — The free night certificates can’t be used as part of the four night booking. So you’d have to book at least six nights in that case.

  42. I might cancel my booking and use Prive instead… Thanks for the post Lucky!
    Can someone chime in about going there as a same sex couple ? I heard a lot of horror stories about St Kitts, and I know big resorts catering to tourists are more tolerant but I’d still rather avoid uncomfortable situations. Thanks!

  43. I was there two weeks ago.

    Beach was great. Next bay over walking distance cockleshell bay even nicer. Look at Mommypoints youtube on St. Kitts for more insights on the pools and beaches.

    There were a couple gay dudes there when we were there no staff or other guests batted an eye.

    kids meals via room service are a good way to max out your resort credit. pasta portions are still decent and quite good.

  44. Any luck squeezing a third kid in a room? I would love to book it but it seems as though they may require me to book 2 rooms. Any feedback on whether 3 litttle ones can be accommodated in one room?

  45. You should probably mention that the ZIKA virus is still going strong there.

    Unless this is an ad for Ford.

  46. Thanks Lucky! Just booked with Ford this morning – he was super responsive to my emails, very impressed!

  47. I booked this rate, with citi prestige. They were able to further reduce my rate. I would defintiely combine this with Citi Prestige to get further discount.
    Location: Basseterre, St. Kitts, Saint Kitts and Nevis

    Bed Type Requested: Park Queen
    Rate Type Requested: Hyatt 4th Night Free With Credit
    Room Type: Park Queen
    Total for the Stay (including Taxes): $1,464.00
    4th Night Credit: $300.00
    Total with 4th Night Credit Applied: $1,164.00

  48. Wow. Some rather picky posters here. I’d hate to see how they would pick apart an Aman… Yet something tells me they wouldn’t be staying at one to begin with 😉

    Just snagged an upgrade to their Penthouse during my summer visit. Thanks for the head’s up Ben… This trip will be the cherry on top of also checking out the new Amanyara a couple of weeks before.

  49. DO you think this will be a good use of the 90k Iberia Avios for the flights to St Kitts? Traveling from Mobile, Al and frustrated with Iberia’s terrible website, haven’t had any luck yet searching as it doesn’t recognize any outbound flights from MOB. Also says no connections from nearby Pensacola or New Orleans to St. Kitts. Just trying to put it all together. Thanks.

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