Park Hyatt New York Now Accepting Reservations

The Park Hyatt New York is possibly the most anticipated hotel opening of 2014.

While New York has a lot of luxury hotels, in my experience a vast majority of them are “old world” and past their prime. So having a new, modern, luxurious hotel is exciting. And the fact that you can redeem hotel points for it at a reasonable rate is even more exciting! The Park Hyatt will have just 210 rooms (92 of which will be suites), with the smallest room being 475 square feet. That’s massive by New York City standards.

It will be part of the One57 building, which is a 90 story building at 153 West 57th Street, overlooking Central Park.

Anyway, per the hotel’s website, the Park Hyatt is now accepting reservations for stays starting August 28, 2014. This is a bit later than most were expecting, as they were originally hoping to take reservations for stays starting mid-June. But I’d rather they be realistic about their opening date than set one that’s unrealistic and have a lot of disappointed guests.


Not surprisingly the Park Hyatt New York belongs to Gold Passport’s new Category 7, meaning a free night here costs 30,000 Gold Passport points per night.


Alternatively, if there’s Points + Cash availability, that would cost 15,000 Gold Passport points plus $300 per night. And that stay would count towards status and be eligible for a suite upgrade.


In terms of revenue rates, they seem to start at $775 for the Hyatt Daily Rate around their opening date.


Looking at rates beyond the opening dates, it seems they range anywhere between ~$600 and ~$1,100 per night depending on the day of the week and season. To be honest I thought they’d price much higher than that (not that I’m in a position to pay $600 or more per night, but just in terms of my general observations).

I can’t wait to check out this property!

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  1. @lucky…as soon as I select 30,000 points as the method of payment, I get the “The award you selected is not valid at this property”….interesting…. I might have to call the Diamond line.

  2. Wow, $755 a night? That’s as much as my mortgage! A lot of the NYC hotels are pretty old world, but I did enjoy a nice stay at the Andaz Wall Street once. 🙂

  3. Left these off the previous post:

    Upgrade on arrival, subject to availability
    Daily full breakfast, for up to two in room guests
    $100 USD Resort or Hotel credit, to be utilized during stay
    Early check-in/late check-out subject to availability

  4. @ David — Thanks for the heads up. Happy to see it’s a general hotel credit, vs. something specific like a spa credit or afternoon tea.

  5. @lucky…I just called Hyatt and they don’t have the Cash & Points option set up on their system yet nor they have the points option 🙁

  6. It might “only’ be pricing out at $755/night but once your finished with NYC taxes you’ll be north of $900.
    Not that it makes much difference….
    Points only here much like PHV.

  7. From what I read, the actual opening date is mid June. As the dates close in, they will open up availability. I wonder if this is to avoid a situation like the Andaz in Hawaii in which the hotel was not ready in time for the opening.

  8. Do you see a Park Hyatt in NYC on the same level as a Four Seasons, Peninsula, Mandarin, Ritz and St Regis? I ask because they are pricing the Park Hyatt at the same level of the ones I listed and a $1000/night in NYC is all about the status and people that pay out of pocket that much money may prefer to stay at the ones I listed rather than at a Park Hyatt. Don’t get me wrong since the quality of a Park Hyatt is amazing but in terms of brand status I don’t think they are at the same level of a Four Seasons, Ritz, St Regis, Peninsula, Mandarin and few others.

  9. @ Santastico — I absolutely do see Park Hyatt as being on par with any of the brands you list above. Really it all depends on the city. All those chains have hotels in cities where they’re the best there is, while in other cities they have lackluster properties.

    Take Sydney for example. The Park Hyatt is hands down the best hotel in the city, while the Four Seasons can often be had for ~$200 per night.

    Then there are cities where Four Seasons has amazing properties, and the Park Hyatts aren’t quite as nice.

    I’m actually surprised the rates aren’t higher. I do think this will probably be *the* best hotel in New York.

    I mean, the Ritz-Carlton Central Park really isn’t anything special, and it starts at $895 per night…

    Just my two cents…

  10. @lucky: Agree with your comments. My only thought was that NYC is really about status. I know many people that work in the financial industry there and if you want to show off and impress friends and clients you have to stay at one of the hotels I mentioned. It is ridiculous but that is the way it works there. It would be great to see celebrities and country presidents staying at the Park Hyatt presidential suite rather than at Four Seasons, Peninsula or St Regis. Just think the brand name is not there yet.

  11. The Park Hyatt New York is possibly the most anticipated hotel opening of 2014.

    Chain hotel, maybe. That is also debatable.

  12. Can’t use the chase award nights yet either – they need to have the “promotional” inventory loaded in to the system.
    Trying to clarify when that will be.


  13. Just tried to use one of my free nights from the Visa card for this hotel in December – no dice. Also tried a random date in September – also no dice.

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