Great Deal: Park Hyatt Dubai Presidential Suite For Cheap!

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This won’t last. The Park Hyatt Dubai has a sale on suites for early next year, and all suites are pricing the same… including the presidential and royal suites.

View from the Park Hyatt Dubai

The rate is available for stays between January 2 and March 4, 2017. When you search for availability you should see “Suite Stay at the Park Suite” listed, and if you scroll down you’ll see all the options for suites.


Dubai in peak season can be expensive, so rates here aren’t cheap. The suites are pricing out at ~$450 before taxes/service fees, but that’s cheaper than the rate for a standard room. On the plus side, they include breakfast and also consumption from the minibar.

While I haven’t stayed in the presidential suite, I have reviewed a deluxe room and a park suite, if you’re interested in reading those reviews. It seems you can book either the presidential suite or the royal suite for the same price.

The presidential suite is described as follows:

Enjoy dramatic decor in a spectacular top-floor 220-sq.-metre suite that features personalized butler service, spa benefits for selected rate plans and daily fruit and mineral water. Private balcony offers panoramic Dubai Creek and marina views that complement living, dining, and kitchen areas, bath with separate tub and walk-in shower, and bedroom with a plush king bed. Complimentary wireless internet access available.

Park Hyatt Dubai presidential suite

Meanwhile the royal suite is described as follows:

The dramatic decor of a spectacular top-floor 220-sq.-metre suite complements personalized butler service, spa benefits for selected rate plans and daily fruit and mineral water. Includes private balcony offering panoramic Dubai Creek and marina views, separate living, dining and kitchen areas, bath with tub and walk-in shower and bedroom with plush king bed. Complimentary wireless internet access available.

Park Hyatt Dubai royal suite

Bottom line

This deal won’t last, so I’d book as soon as possible if you’re interested. You can cancel these stays up until 24 hours before arrival, so you’ll want to book now and ask questions later.

So, who’s headed to Dubai?

(Tip of the hat to Extreme Hotel Deals via @cphallett)

  1. I think it’s already dead. Trying dates in May June and july and it appears to be pricing correctly at over $3k a night.

  2. @ Jason @ Deepak — It’s still available, but see the date limits. Only valid for next January through March.

  3. Actually popped up about two weeks ago. Took advantage then for rooms in January. Still confirmed two weeks later…so hoping that continues to be the case.

  4. Looks like it won’t work for me since I’ll be there in October. Congrats to those that can get it.

  5. My apologies. You’re correct, it’s still alive. I read it too fast and assumed it had started now. Nonetheless, although deal is still alive, dates are filling fast for the Royal and Presidential which is why they aren’t showing as options. I was booking Feb. 24-26 and I got an inventory sold out upon trying to confirm the reservation. No dates available through March 4th. To find those dates, I was having to search every day in February. Good deal for those that get in!

  6. Can’t believe I’m even asking this question… but which suite is better, the Royal or Presidential?

    Questions the 1% ask…. lol

  7. @ Joey — Hah! No firsthand experience, but based on the region and name, I’d guess royal > presidential. 😉

  8. @lucky. thanks for h/t! also, as we posted this rate includes complimentary minibar and breakfast. you can confirm that by clicking on the “rate details” when booking.

  9. @ Lucky – thanks for the heads up! Managed to get 3 nights in March 2017 at an Executive Suite before they fixed the pricing.

  10. Nope, they just showed Park, Park Terrace and Park Exec on all dates in Jan, Feb and March (until thr 4th) 2017. Did anyone get Royal or Pres suite?

  11. Oh man. I’m there now and only got a really nice room for free with hyatt Cc two free night certificates.

  12. So you take a really first-rate, top-dollar, luxury flight to Dubai and stay in really first-rate, top-dollar, luxury accommodations. Then what? I mean, I’ve yet to read a trip report about Dubai that mentioned whatever it is there is to do in Dubai. Good to know there’s a peak season, though, to do whatever it is one does, but what is it? And what makes the off-peak season fall short?

  13. Seems to me like this was a paid publicity for the hotel – there were NO Royal Suite or Presidential Suites available. The hotel was trying to slough off the Terrace and Exec suite inventory, ones that they usually give away for upgrades anyway (same is true for many of the Grand Hyatt Suites). The Hyatt suite upgrades program appears to have “upgrade inventory suites” that are not all that spectacular and this is one such example.

  14. @deepak. Not true. I’m not proud to say that I booked 2 nights in a Royal Suite that I will probably never have a chance to use and will cancel later, but I was able to get consecutive nights booked and confirmed.

  15. @deepak as I confirmed above, I was able to see presidential availability for two days but someone beat me to booking it.

  16. You cant even book a Presidential and Royal suite online at ANY time, on Try it for ANY dates at ANY price. But look, its all good. all this (fake) OMG sales news – got hits for the blog and the Hyatt got its publicity. All good, I suppose!!

  17. @deepak I’m sorry that you’re suffering from ignorance and sour grapes. Not to worry, I doubt you could have afforded even the special rates, so you didn’t miss out on anything.

  18. I have been in the presidential suite its nothing special tbh. I booked a suite and it was a hot summer day I asked the FD what would it take to be upgrded to the prez suite for 1 night. They just took a cert out of my account and upgraded me for free. After all I was in it for less than 10 hours so no stress. I have been in other PS in other hotels that are way better…

  19. I just cancelled Presidential Suite Jan 31-Feb 1 and Royal Suite Jan 31 – Feb 2 if anyone wants to try to get them. Couldn’t make it work.

  20. Heading there first week of Jan and have the royal suite booked from this. Will let you all know if any issue having it honored, etc.

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