Oneworld & Qantas First Class Lounge LAX Opens December 18, 2014

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The new Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX is gorgeous. In my opinion it’s one of the few terminals in the US that’s not an embarrassment.


Along with the new terminal, they’ve also added several new lounges. While there are some other lounges still under construction, the major lounges are the ones operated in conjunction with the alliances — the Star Alliance Lounge, SkyTeam Lounge, and oneworld Lounge. They’re a huge improvement over the old offerings.

I’d say the Star Alliance Lounge is the nicest, as it features an outdoor terrace and indoor balcony, both of which are pretty awesome.

Star Alliance Lounge LAX

The SkyTeam Lounge is an improvement over the old one, but still not amazing. Most notably, the first class section is small, has a lackluster food selection, and doesn’t have any champagne on offer.

SkyTeam Lounge LAX

I used the new oneworld Lounge for the first time a couple of weeks ago before flying from Los Angeles to New York on Qantas. While I had visited the previous oneworld facilities late last year, this was my first time in the new lounge, which opened in June of this year.

oneworld Lounge LAX

The catch is that they only opened part of the lounge. They hadn’t yet opened the entire lounge, including the first class section. The plan all along has been for the rest of the lounge to open by late this year, though up until now we haven’t received an exact date.

oneworld Lounge LAX

Well, per Australian Business Traveller, the rest of the Qantas/oneworld lounge, including the first class section, will open on December 18, 2014.

What do we have to look forward to?

The Qantas Los Angeles First lounge will boast an a la carte dining room with seasonal menus from Neil Perry’s Rockpool Group, along the same lines as the airline’s first class lounges in Sydney and Melbourne, although as earlier confirmed by Australian Business Traveller there won’t be a spa.

The decor takes its cues from the Sydney and Melbourne lounges but strikes an updated, more contemporary note.

The Qantas Los Angeles Business Lounge will also gain room for another 200 travellers with the opening of its own dining room featuring a substantially wider range of meals – including a ‘plate of the day’, similar to what’s already seen in the Singapore and Hong Kong lounges.

Also on the cards: seven more shower suites (bringing the total to 16), a family zone and a business zone with six desktop computers.

This is certainly an exciting development for oneworld first class passengers as well as oneworld Emerald members.

oneworld Lounge LAX

oneworld Lounge LAX

In terms of other LAX lounges, I believe the Emirates Lounge is slated to open in January of next year as well, though I doubt it will outdo the oneworld or Star Alliance offerings (though it will likely be better than the SkyTeam Lounge, which Emirates presently uses for their passengers).

Bottom line

I can’t wait to check out the new lounge. Tom Bradley International Terminal is really shaping up to be a world class facility.

So, who’s going to be the first to check out these new oneworld offerings? 🙂

  1. I’ve been to the EK lounges in JFK, DXB, BKK, JNB, SYD, MEL,SIN and HKG and I’ve found all of them to be quite consistent in their offerings. With the exception of its hub in Dubai, pretty much all EK lounges look the same and tend to offer the same types of food (all halal, of course!)

  2. We’ve got a 9 hour layover in LAX before our First Class Cathay Pacific flight to HKG in a couple weeks. We were thinking about exploring LA a little but now I think we’ll just explore the new lounge.

  3. Is the Star Alliance lounge our lounge of choice flying SQ Suites LAX-NRT?
    What about when waiting to connect NRT to SIN, also in SQ SC?

  4. @ Robert Hanson — Yes, this is your only choice, and it’s a good one. At Narita you can use the ANA first class lounge, which is also quite nice.

  5. No matter how great the lounge or terminal are (and they are very nice), I wouldn’t spend 9 hours there when there are so many things to do in Los Angeles.

  6. Ugh. Flying out in oneworld first from Lax/TB on Dec 17th, late at night. Let’s hope for an early soft opening?

  7. @Ben Does the Citi Executive (w/ Admiral’s Club access) give you access to the Oneworld Lounge if we are flying on an economy Qantas flight?

  8. @ No Name — Yep, those are just the airlines that “run” the lounge — passengers on several other carriers also get access to the lounge.

  9. Is there a difference between the Admirals Club lounge in the International Terminal and the Oneworld Qantas First Class Lounge?

    On this website: you can choose Citi Executive AAdvantage cardmember and you’ll see the locations of Admirals Club’s that you have access too. One of these is in the Tom Bradley International Terminal in LAX. The description states “Admirals Club member and one guest. Must present your Admirals Club membership card (or 30 Day Membership receipt) and boarding pass at check-in counter for same day travel on Qantas-operated flight.”

    I have an Exec card and I’m flying an AA award into LAX on AA then LAX to SYD on Qantas economy at the end of Dec. With a 10+ hr layover in LAX I hoping to check out the lounge there.

  10. @ Ben — There is no Admirals Club at Tom Bradley International Terminal. Instead it’s in the American terminal. This is the only oneworld lounge at TBIT.

  11. Note that while the Business Lounge is operationally a shared QF/BA/CX facility (in terms of the build and cost), the First Lounge is all Qantas – although of course any eligible Oneworld member can use it.

  12. @ Lucky – Flying next month Qantas MEL-LAX-JFK… MEL-LAX in F class… LAX-JFK in J Class. Excited to try the Qantas F lounge in Melbourne and curious about Qantas F Class LAX lounge eligibility. Seeing as I am coming off an F class qantas flight, can I assume they will permit me into the LAX F lounge (as there is no F class on LAX to JFK sector)? Or will they only go by the J Class boarding pass and not take the F sector into consideration? I know most airlines take that into consideration (especially if there isn’t a F cabin on onward flight), but wanted to confirm how Qantas does it in LAX.

  13. The OneWorld business lounge at LAX is possibly the best Business lounge I have experienced. Until now that distinction would have gone to BA’s business lounge at LHR T5.
    If you qualify, do not be tempted to walk the extra fifty or so metres to the new Qantas (One World) First Class lounge. My wife and I just did, and regretted it.
    The atmosphere in the formal eating area is akin to a 1960’s English coffee bar. Privacy is non existent, service is questionable (you can’t tip it there’s no bill) and the designers probably couldn’t tell the difference between a Didgeridoo and an Oboe.
    We’re now back In the business lounge and more comfortable and relaxed as a result.

  14. I’m guessing that this thread is no longer being monitored, but just in case: I started this hobby (and your blog) about a year ago and my first ever aspirational trip (designed by Alex at PP) is this Sept. I’ve got all the flights and hotels figured out, and am now focusing on lounges. ; )
    So, the only questionable part is on the way home, which is a very long layover, so very important from a lounge perspective (sorry folks, I will not have the energy to go explore L.A.–I’ll wait until Lucky settles in and go visit him ; ). I fly in from SIN to LAX on Singapore suites arriving at 1:30 p.m. I don’t fly out to ATL until 11:25 p.m., and that’s on AA, in F (it was a reasonably timed flight in the back or the red-eye in front–I’ll hate myself in the morning, but at least I won’t hate myself for 4+ hours in the air!). What are my lounge options? I see that returning to TBIT will be possible, but if I did that, who will let me in their lounge? Any feedback would be very appreciated.

  15. @ mbh — Your Singapore ticket doesn’t get you arrivals lounge access, and the American domestic first class ticket in and of itself doesn’t get you lounge access. So if you have an Admirals Club membership you could access that, but it’s about your only “real” option. In your shoes I would consider getting a day room at an airport hotel so you can nap. Enjoy the trip! 🙂

  16. I’m flying first class on AA from lax to lhr from tbit. Can I use this qantas first lounge in tbit?

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