One more huge benefit of Aegean Airlines joining the Star Alliance

I posted yesterday about Aegean Airlines joining the Star Alliance and having the lowest qualification tier for Star Alliance Gold status. Something I overlooked as a frequent flyer, however, is their Star Alliance Silver status. It can be earned for only 4,000 status miles per year (and 3,000 the first year, since they offer 1,000 status miles just for signing up). So if you’re not a very frequent flyer or have a friend or family member that does just a roundtrip transcon a year, this might be the program for them. As a Star Alliance Silver member they’ll get free checked bags when flying Continental, United, and US Airways, as well as priority boarding on many airlines.

That’s tough to beat for only 4,000 status miles!

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  1. I wonder if the 4,000 miles that is suggested for StarMegaDo2 will then get you the 4,000 miles on Aegean Airlines, I think the free baggage fees would be worth while, if you did any other flying with UA or US.

  2. @Bundy Bear – I’d be very surprised if SMD2 charter earns miles on all *A FFPs including Aegean. SMD1 charter earnt miles on only a few FFPs and I expect the same again. I’m thankful for any miles, given it is after all a charter and not supposed to earn any mileage.

  3. I really can’t see this situation lasting. My guess is that the low qualification thresholds were to reward frequent travelers on their services to, from and between the greek islands. These services were Aegean’s original focus and you could easily be flying monthly to Athens from some of the islands and not break 4000 miles a year.

    Once they start to notice the boatloads of BMI refugees, they’re bound to start adding restrictions.

  4. I also noticed that their FFP description basically lacks any *A reference, which leads me to believe that everything wirren now is outdated. Who knows, perhaps in the next few days they will be adding more restrictions and/or higher limits.

  5. Does anyone know if their merger with Olympic airlines later this year will have any impact on their frequent flyer program?

  6. I’m kind of new to this. Do I have to fly Aegean to take advantage of this or can I transfer some US Airways miles I have to Aegean to earn silver status?

    This would be great for some domestic flights I have later in the year.

  7. @ matt — You don’t have to fly Aegean, you can just credit other Star Alliance flights. You can’t transfer miles from another program, but if you give Star Alliance airlines your Aegean frequent flyer number when you fly, you can accrue miles for Star Alliance flights.

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