Oman Air Is Cutting Chauffeur Service For First & Business Class Passengers

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While Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar are the “big three” Gulf carriers that most people are probably familiar with, I’m also a huge fan of Oman Air. Not only is Oman an incredible country, but Oman Air has a phenomenal business class product (with Apex Suites, which is my favorite business class seat) and they do a great job of integrating their culture into the airline.

They’re a pleasure to fly, and have consistently excellent business class fares. I just wish they had a larger route network, as they don’t fly beyond Europe or Asia (for a while there were rumors that they’d fly to New York, though that’s not happening).

In addition to their great onboard product and nice lounge with a spa in Muscat, the airline has also offered a complimentary chauffeur service for first & business class passengers traveling on select routes in many fare classes. I took advantage of this when I flew with them from Muscat to Bangkok.

Oman Air is known for being a lot more conservative than their Gulf counterparts when it comes to running their business, so I guess this shouldn’t come as a surprise, but they’ll be discontinuing this. As of October 18, 2017, Oman Air will no longer offer a chauffeur service to their first & business class passengers. Per Oman Air’s website:

Effective 18th October 2017 Oman Air will no longer offer free chauffeur drive service to First and Business Class Guests. The services will continue to be offered for all bookings made prior to 18th October 2017. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

As of July Etihad cut chauffeur service for all destinations outside of the UAE, so I guess Oman Air is following in their footsteps, though taking it all the way. Since Qatar Airways never offered a chauffeur service, that means the only Gulf carrier to still offer chauffeur service on arrival and departure is Emirates.

So while I’m sad about this change, I’d still gladly fly Oman Air, given their exceptional business class fares.

(Thanks to View from the Wing for a heads up on this)

  1. I wonder how many people actually care about Oman Air in general and this feature in particular…

  2. They do have a great connection between Munich and Bangalore.
    Always used their chauffeur service on both ends with good drivers and cars.

  3. Airways and Travels, that was an incredibly tacky comment to make about a fellow blogger’s post, ON his website.

  4. No, it’s not an affiliate of Saudi Arabia. It is a magnificent and friendly country which has grown wealthy (though not at the level of its Emirati neighbours) without foresaking its culture. I wouldn’t be proud of not knowing where a country is, to be honest.

  5. Mainly because of OMAAT, I look forward to the opportunity to fly WY one day. Chauffeur service or not.

  6. Connie Bidetra,

    I don’t really care. I don’t think my life would be any worse or any better if Oman didn’t exist. I see it’s another country where women get stoned and gays are thrown off roofs, so I guess now I kinda think everyone would be better off if it didn’t exist.

    Then again, I don’t really care.

  7. Wow it is amazing to read some of the comments, how many bitter people read this blog?! Have you been to Muscat?! Oman is an incredible country. Yes, there are different customs but blown out of portion for some of the posters comments, and certainly less extreme. I’m just amazed by the credulous posts that people posts, on clearly shady information. If you don’t care than why take the time to post?

    Visit Oman, the people are wonderful and the country is beautiful

  8. I’d like to inform the author of the incredibly ignorant comment above that the last execution in Oman has taken place in 2001. Stoning is not part of the Omani code, death penalty (which is generally commuted) is applied for murder, terrorism and such similar cases, just like in other countries. I suggest you just stop, you are making a joke of yourself. If you like living in your bubble, I don’t think you have much to do in a travel-focused blog.

  9. My wife and I got caught up in the loss of the chauffeur service on Oman Air last year but, as we had booked our flights before the chop off date, we still had the service even though the chauffeur service in Frankfurt was early this year. I would imagine that this was a very expensive service as we were met at Frankfurt in a huge Mercedes AMG V8 4WD and taken back to the airport in a Mercedes AMG S63 car – both extremely expensive cars provided by Sixth. Now we will have to make some other arrangements. C’est la vie!

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