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I’ve been blogging for over a decade now, and for the most part I’ve been doing exactly the same thing. I’m usually someone who takes the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach, which is why for better or worse, not all that much has changed with the blog in the past decade.

However, sometimes it’s fun to try something new, which brings me to something that I’m excited to announce.

We’re (not) pivoting to video

Previously I’ve used YouTube as a place to embed random videos in order to share here, but as of today we’re launching an honest-to-goodness actual YouTube channel.

This won’t in any way replace the blog, and you’ll get just as much content here as before (for better or worse).

However, I appreciate that everyone learns differently. Some people prefer reading, while others prefer watching, while others may like both equally. So I figured launching a YouTube channel with tips for maximizing miles could be a fun thing to try.

Here’s a quick teaser of the channel, if you’d like to get a taste of what it’s about:

And if you haven’t heard the stories of flying in the smoking section with my parents, or why I started mileage running as a teenager, we put together a bit of an introduction to me, One Mile at a Time, and the YouTube channel in general:

What will OMAAT be like on YouTube?

Obviously future videos won’t be as “me” focused — at least I’m assuming that one biographical video is roughly six minutes longer than anyone wants to hear me talk about myself and what I do as it is. 😉

Going forward, I’m hoping to do more videos that focus on the fundamentals of miles and points, tutorials about redeeming miles, and other practical aspects of loyalty programs. I can also envision situations where it’s easier to explain something technical using a video where I can show you guys my screen rather than taking a hundred screenshots, so there will eventually be some of that too.

Just to manage expectations, though, the primary intent of the channel will be to talk about miles & points, and not to do trip report vlogs. There are plenty of great trip report vloggers out there (including Nonstop Dan), and I have a lot of respect for what they do.

I pride myself in my written guerilla-style trip reports, and I just don’t think it’s realistic to do both pictures and videos for reviews. We may feature some content from my travels as things go along, but it will be more of a “hey, here’s this trip I took, and how you can use miles and points to book something similar” approach than a video review.

The general plan is to start with more beginner/entry-level content, and build over time. I recognize that other than the Beginner’s Guide OMAAT doesn’t really have much “introductory” stuff, and we get a lot of questions from people who have gotten their feet wet with miles and points, but aren’t sure where to go next or how to get started in practice.

I don’t want to change the tone or expertise level of the blog, so putting some of that foundational content on YouTube seems like a good solution. I’m new to doing videos, so please bear with me, and hopefully they’ll get better over time.

Anyway, here’s the first “real” video of the channel, which should give you an idea as to the type of content I’ll have in the coming weeks:

We have a few things filmed, and my plan is to initially post one video every Tuesday, though eventually I’d like to do more.

In the meantime, if you guys have any (constructive) feedback or questions you’d like answered in future videos, please let me know.

Thanks for the support, and hopefully you guys enjoy the videos (and if you don’t that’s fine too — nothing is changing here).

You can check out the full channel (and maybe subscribe) here!

  1. “I’m usually someone who takes the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach, which is why for better or worse, not all that much has changed with the blog in the past decade.”

    Sounds exactly like Lufthansa First Class to me 😉 – just kidding. Looking forward to seeing you on YouTube more often.

  2. great to see youre expanding to youtube. did you know you can change the graphic that people see before they play your video?

  3. Watching a video requires much more effort than reading an article and limits the setting in which you can do it. With that in mind, I do hope this youtube effort will not take anything away from the traditional OMAAT. I do not think I will be watching many of your videos. The only exception to this prediction would be destination focused stories, where video can be useful.

  4. Congrats Ben! Looking forward to checking out the content. Like others above have said, would hate to see the content here suffer as a result

  5. @VitaliU- my thoughts exactly. Nothing against Ben, but the number of videos I can handle of just a person talking to the camera is rapidly approaching zero.

  6. I love the idea of watching your Youtube channel. But I find the background music a little annoying. Tune it down, please. Greetings from Germany!

  7. @Lucky. Congrats, and good luck with the new initiative. I am glad that you will NOT downsize the blog, because that is what I intend to continue to read every day.

  8. Lucky! It’s about time you get on YouTube ….. congrats and good luck. You will hit 1M subscribers in no time!

  9. Yep. All good. Approved to proceed. Stamped and signed. I give you my blessing.
    I’m looking forward to more.

  10. Is it you Ben?

    Now we have three different photos of you on the blog! 🙂

    Excellent videos already.
    Thanks for making them.

  11. Ben,

    I’ve been reading your blog for 5(?) years now and recently finished the second first-class trip I previously never would have thought imaginable without using your tips and tricks. I just wanted to express my gratitude for your fantastic, independent content that is now expanding to YouTube. This blog is one of the first websites I refresh when bored, and I always look forward to your insight when we hear about new transfer partners, airline news, or a treasured trip report.

    I was very happy to see that your YouTube channel will remain independent. I think it is one of the things that separates you from your competitors (who I won’t name). Their content often feels overly click-baity and promotional to where I am forced to question their independence.

    Keep up the good work and know that there are thousands more like me, who are big fans of your content but just don’t take the time to always comment (as hard as it may be when a spewing of negative comments appear).

  12. I am surprised you didn’t do this earlier. Lots of revenue for you as you already have a large built in user base from the blog.

    Good luck

  13. was going to say subscribed but turns out I already am looking forward to more videos in the future. But I agree the music drowns out some of your speech.

  14. Thoroughly enjoyed watching and listening to your YouTube on redeeming miles. I am primarily an audio learner so everything you said will stay in my mind much longer than if I simply read it. You are a good clear speaker so please — keep it up!
    Looking forward to more of your Youtube presentations!

  15. Ben:

    I consider video making to be a double-edged sword, you can get more hits both on Youtube and on the blog and eventually become a celebrity like your competitors. But being famous there is the possibility that the airlines will start to track you (especially if you show your face in your videos) and as soon as they see that your name appears in their booking systems, they will purposely arrange your flight so that everything will be perfect and you won’t see the faults you would find if you stayed incognito. I wish you the best of luck in this new project.

  16. Great addition, which should introduce you to a broader audience (though I second, or should that be tenth, the hope that it won’t compromise the blog itself). Production values are slick, and you’re articulate and photogenic. This fanboy considers Andrew the “Lucky” one

  17. I think this’ll be cool Ben. I watch a few guys who do points and miles channels on YouTube and enjoy the content. Good luck!

  18. I don’t know what I was expecting, but you don’t sound anything like I imagined after years of reading this blog!

  19. Please don’t say Daniel, please don’t say Daniel.
    Yay it’s not Daniel!
    You may actually build an audience with your youtube channel now.
    Good luck Ben.

  20. Huge fan of the video blog. I will subscribe. I enjoyed HEARING your remarks in this video channel. Great idea. All the BEST to you. Your blog has been a huge help to me and to our company.

  21. As long as the videos have you, Ford, Tiffany, Travis, Andrew, James, and Daniel (am I forgetting anyone else?), that’d be great! 😀

  22. @Lucky Looks great and I can’t wait! Though this channel is to cover points and miles would you also maybe make videos on tips on how you travel light, or usual practice on how to recover from jet lag? I know there are plenty of videos that covers that but I like to know from OMAAT perspective of how they tackle jet lag , packing, essentials to pack e.t.c

  23. Ben
    Great videos! But the T-shirt looks sloppy. I recommend you switch to a something more tailored like an Armani T-shirt or a more form fitting polo. You’re young and fit: show it off and look more professional in the process. You have a public image you need to build and protect.

  24. Good idea but the execution of this one is spoiled by the music. At most you should have a vague hint of a tinkling piano but instead you’ve gone for big band swing/Jazz. Unfortunately it’s REALLY distracting on headphones.

  25. about time!! sad u wont be doing trip reports in video format, at least post on Instagram stories more often please?

  26. I’m a regular reader but have never commented before. I enjoy reading your blog for the interesting content and the travel and points tips, but I will not be watching you on YouTube. I may be part of a dying breed, but I like to read my news, not watch it.

  27. awesome and very informative as I just watched some videos. Best of luck and looking forward to your new content.

  28. I’m almost as far along the blogging road as you are (in terms of years, not notoriety unfortunately), and often wonder if it’s too late to start vlogging. I’m similarly set in my words-and-picture ways. I’ll be interested to see how your videos do!

  29. Good stuff, Lucky.

    If you can give some info on what people outside the US can do in terms of Miles and Points (and credit cards), that would be useful to me – I live in the Middle East.

  30. Most impressive. You have a face, voice, and confidence well suited to broadcasting. I have a feeling you will soon be very well known!

  31. Congratulations!!! This is exciting! I’ll admit though that I read your blog during my commute to work on the subway and during breaks at work. They don’t allow youtube at work so can only watch your videos in the weekends or so. Either way, I think editing videos is a lot of work! Good luck and I do hope you still continue to write articles on your blog as I’ve found them very helpful.

  32. Was expecting a Nerd looking guy… 😛

    great to see you on youtube. i hope you will post video reviews of your stays! I would def watch thoses!

  33. Congrats Ben!

    Just hope you won’t become as some of the no named annoying vloggers/reviewers who get all the preferential treatment. Yes, they try to say it’s not preferential/no ads etc., but wherever they travel pretty much all the cabin, or ground crew etc. knows them and treat them like a king. Especially in Asia and Middle East. It’s so fake! Stopped watching (especially one not named vlogger) few years ago, recently had a sneak peak & have to say, it’s worse!

    So again, congrats & hope for simple you; normal no clickbait videos (if they are possible pls) 😉 )!

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