Oasis Is Leaving Hyatt’s Unbound Collection

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Well that didn’t last very long. Last October World of Hyatt and Oasis announced a limited partnership. For those of you not familiar with Oasis, it’s a home sharing service that’s a fraction of the size of Airbnb, but focused on higher end accommodations.

It may seem odd for a hotel group to partner with a home sharing service, given that they’re direct competitors. However, Hyatt actually owned a stake in Oasis, which is probably why they partnered.

This year they even extended their relationship further. As of earlier this year, Oasis fully joined World of Hyatt, as Oasis became part of the Unbound Collection. This meant that World of Hyatt members could earn points and elite nights, receive select elite benefits, and even redeem points, for stays at Oasis properties.

Well, unfortunately it looks like Hyatt and Oasis are cutting ties, effective immediately. This follows Vacasa, the largest vacation rental management company in North America, purchasing Oasis.

The good news is that Vacasa will honor World of Hyatt member redemptions confirmed before October 2, and World of Hyatt will award points and elite nights for those reservations.

Hyatt had the following to say about this partnership ending:

We recognize that customer demand for the alternative accommodations offering remains strong for occasions when travelers seek more space or a longer stay, and we will continue to evolve our approach as to how we might best serve that need, which may include discussions with Vacasa.

This is of course disappointing, though what I’m most excited about with World of Hyatt at the moment is that they will soon launch a partnership with Small Luxury Hotels of the World. This has the potential to be hugely awesome, and I can’t wait to see the full details of it.

Did you ever use take advantage of the Hyatt & Oasis partnership?

  1. As I posted over on Gary’s coverage of this, Hyatt, particularly the Pritzker family, should have just sucked it up and done whatever it took to buy SPG. Simple as that. The Pritzker ego centric greed and lust for power via a special class of stock is now hurting the business as a whole. Even with the Small Luxury Hotels development Hyatt is still floundering at best.

  2. Bummer. I stayed at an Oasis property in Barcelona a while back and had a perfect experience and very generous Globalist perks. I was looking foreward to many more Oasis stays, but now that the Hyatt incentive is gone it would only be as more of a last-resort thing.

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