Video: Flight To Newfoundland Gets Delayed By 30 Minutes, Passengers Break Out In Song

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This is one of the busiest travel weeks of the year in the US, and as a result airports are about as stressful as they get. There are long lines, flights are full, and people have places they need to go. So this is about as good of a time as any to share a story like this, of passengers making the best of a situation in a way that’s bound to make you smile.

CBC has the story of Monday night’s WestJet flight 328 from Toronto to St. John’s, which was delayed by just under 30 minutes. Typically when flights are delayed passengers get irritated, but that’s not what these passengers did. Instead two passengers got out their instruments (an accordion and a guitar), and the rest of the gate area joined them in song. Per CBC:

Newfoundlanders and Labradorians kept up their reputation for making the best of a bad situation Monday night, when a group of them turned a delayed flight into an impromptu singalong.

Passengers had just found out their WestJet flight from Toronto to St. John’s was going to be delayed for just over 30 minutes.

So, Sheldon Thornhill thought it would be a good time to break out his accordion, and fellow musician Sean Sullivan opened his guitar case to ramp up the fun.

Add a group of enthusiastic singers who knew the words to some classic songs, and all the ingredients for a Newfoundland kitchen party were there.

Of course there are videos of all of this:

I had the chance to visit Newfoundland in the spring. While my ultimate destination was the incredible Fogo Island Inn, I also had the chance to visit Gander and St. John’s. While the landscape was incredible, it was the people that stood out to me the most. I encountered some of the friendliest people I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with here. Clearly I’m not alone in feeling this way, as “Come From Away” is a popular musical about the hospitality of people from Newfoundland following 9/11 (given the number of planes that diverted there).

St. John’s, Newfoundland

So if something like this was going to happen, I’m not surprised it was on a flight to Newfoundland.

  1. Wow this just made my day! What a way to turn lemon into lemonade. Perfect video to watch this weekend while waiting at the airport. Thanks Ben!

  2. “This is one of the busiest travel weeks of the year in the US, and as a result airports are about as stressful as they get.”

    This airport isn’t in the US and it’s a domestic flight in Canada…

    cute video though

  3. I’m in my annual holiday curmudgeon mood, so I’m going to take the contrary position that I find it very irritating when someone randomly decides to entertain people without their consent. This happened to me once at AMS in an interminably long security lineup when a very cheerful Dutch man started singing 60s pop tunes and wanted everyone to join in. I just wanted to peacefully and quietly wait my turn to go through security which was rendered impossible (as was reading, making a phone call, etc.) by all the unsolicited merriment. At least in this Westjet scenario a killjoy like me could have wandered off somewhere else until boarding was called; at AMS I was stuck in the line. It’s obviously impossible in situations like this to do or say anything without looking like everyone’s least favorite neighbor or relative, but for the record not everyone shares the same idea that an impromptu singalong is the best way to pass the time when delayed in an airport. Flame away at me…

  4. @Drew, yes, curmudgeonly, but it is the holidays, so I wish you the best and enjoy your holidays (or don’t, whichever you prefer).
    As for us Canadians, we will keep enjoying ourselves. When we were at the 19-21 hour mark of a 24 hour delay/cancellation/rebook in Beijing, our four children (10, 12, 13 and 16) were still happy and kept themselves busy leading a sing along of the Shrek soundtrack while I was at the desk for 2 hours rebooking us (6 people in business class from Beijing to the US same day is not an easy get)

  5. Ok. I an truly going to puke.

    Im not on a high school field trip. Im not breaking out in song at an airport.

    Stupid people.

  6. @dan Allen you don’t have to, however they are not all miserable old bobolynes and cullions
    Rather than procrastinating they enjoyed themselves
    I had the pleasure of listening to an impromptu concert by a famous choir

  7. @Drew. I concur. I can barely handle the SW flight attends and their “audition tape” performances.

  8. You folks are ragging on people for having a good time and making the best of things? Good heavens how sad this is your view. Most of these folks were Newfies going home, so I’m sure 95% of them enjoyed it. Btw, I saw an interview with the accordian player, the man in the red shirt, and his Newfie accent was so thick he sounded like he he had never left Ireland.

  9. Those of you who had a problem with this… walk away! Perhaps rent a car and drive to your destination so that you can spend time by yourselves. Oh, wait! You’d rather us listen to how YOU have been SO inconvenienced because your life matters above all else.

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