New OMAAT Video: How To Actually Get Started With Miles & Points

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A few weeks ago we officially launched the OMAAT YouTube channel, and for the time being we’re uploading one video per week (on Tuesdays), though we’re soon hoping to increase that to two videos per week.

For those of you who are interested and haven’t seen it/aren’t subscribed, this week’s video is about how to actually get started with miles and points. Obviously longtime readers already know that. Like I said, for the time being these videos are largely geared at beginners, though my goal is to do some more advanced stuff soon.

As you’ll see in the video, my five tips for getting started are as follows:

1. Decide on your travel goals and what kind of miles you should earn.
2. Sign up for frequent flyer account and hotel programs.
3. Use airline & hotel program shopping portals and dining portals.
4. If you really want to supercharge the points you’re earning pick a credit card that works for you.
5. Don’t over-diversify your points.

The video the week before was about what I consider to be the best starter travel rewards credit card, which is the Chase Sapphire Preferred.

Thanks for watching, and if you have any miles & points related questions you’d like addressed in a video, let me know in the comments section!

  1. @lucky great videos! FYI though, you keep saying that links to articles will be posted and point to the corner in the videos but there are no links.

  2. Lucky your social sharing button is populating tweets with your Twitter handle with two ampersands in front (@@), rather than just one. Can you please check so I can easily share your content? 🙂

  3. Could I make a suggestion for future topic you might want to tackle?

    Best redeem value/easiest to attain elite status Frequent Flyer Program from each of the big 3 alliances.

    I’ve been trying to find info about this, but not really that much info so far. Or maybe anyone here knows?

  4. Lucky, great videos. These introductory topics are very useful.

    Please can you make it clearer on which countries/regions (clearly don’t list 100+ countries etc.) certain aspects, such as large CC sign up bonuses, can be had? Are high CC sign up bonuses only on US CCs for US residents? Are airline dining portals only with AA/DL/UA, I’ve not seen that for AF/KL Flying Blue, which I am with?

    Can you do a video on using ITA Matrix/Google Flights to make routes (international) that are profitable on the amount of Miles and XP (Flying Blue terminology for redeemable and status Miles)? Because I see at FlyerTalk threads on finding routes/tickets but I can never get anything that’s affordable when I search based on region I’m in.

  5. Can we stop telling people how to collect points? Award seats are limited enough as it is without any additional competition.

  6. Don’t overlook actually buying (with ~gasp~ real cash) miles and points. Also never to do that unless on sale at a price that makes sense.
    This option applies particularly to non-US readers in countries where you cannot sign up to 1,526 credit cards without consequences! Life is not one big free ride, as Wall St reminds us every decade or so.

  7. I’d love a video on how bloggers like you ruined the mileage game. Mistake fares – largely gone. Award availability – mostly non-existent across alliances. Numerous other loopholes that people enjoyed for years before they were published – gone.
    Tragedy of the commons indeed.

  8. @Charles
    I saw a survey regarding Americans miles redemption habits, and it was said that 96% of miles were redeemed on domestic travel, for 2 or more pax, frequently during school and other holidays. So, many of the readers here not doing the above are very much in a minority.
    Not really sure of Lucky’s motivation in publicizing this thing, but suspect it has something to do with rake-off from credit cards. Airlines DO pay attention and soon adjust their behaviour accordingly, in a negative way from our viewpoint.

  9. Charles
    Another self centred selfish person us newbies deserve a chance after all that’s what you were once or were you born knowing!!

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