Don’t Panic (Yet) If Your New Iberia Plus Account Is Disabled

Well today is the day many savvy frequent flyers have been looking forward to.

Iberia’s ‘deal of the year’ 90,000 Avios promotion should start paying out today. I eventually dived in myself making 10 cheap domestic Iberia bookings. If I do receive 90,000 Avios for my troubles it will be an extremely good deal and I already have a few uses in mind for the Avios.

Unfortunately no one seems to have received any of their bonus Avios yet — if you have please comment below and I will update the post accordingly.

New accounts

Multiple OMAAT readers, along with some members on FlyerTalk, have reported that if they opened a new account for the promotion last month, they cannot currently access it.

I opened a new Iberia Plus account for this promotion, and added my new number when I made each booking. My number is on each of the 10 confirmation emails, but then fell away from some of the bookings a few days later. I then added it to those bookings where it was missing.

Sure enough, when I went to log into the account today I received an error message.

Accounts that were opened before the promotion started appear to be unaffected, although those passengers have not received their bonus Avios yet.

Don’t panic

I don’t want to spread any fear or speculate needlessly — there has been enough of that already in this promotion!

So I’ll stick to what we know (which isn’t much):

  1. No one has received their bonus Avios yet
  2. Each person I know of who has contacted Iberia (in multiple countries) to ask why their account has been locked has been given a completely different reason, so there is no official statement from Iberia
  3. There are plenty of reasons (good and bad), why the accounts could be blocked/suspended
  4. It’s not unreasonable to expect a delay in the bonus points posting given the interest in the promotion
  5. In many cases, the Iberia Plus number still displays when the reservation itself is pulled up

My advice today is to sit tight and wait. Like with mistake fares, until there is any hard evidence from numerous passengers, or an official word from the airline, there is no point worrying. It could be good news, it could be bad news, we don’t know yet.

I certainly would not recommend contacting Iberia if your account is disabled, as the call centre agents clearly have not been given an official company line so are just making up answers where they don’t actually know.

Bottom line

We are following this just as closely as you are, and will be updating you as soon as there is an official word/data that we are comfortable relying on.

If you participated in this promotion, sit tight, continue to think about how you will use the Avios if and when you receive them, and of course continue to keep checking your Iberia Plus account and OMAAT.

Has anyone received their bonus Avios yet?


  1. You can call Iberia in Spain and they will provide a new password via email, after asking for full name, telephone and email. Just two minutes and the account is unlocked.

  2. Iberia told me on twitter to clear cache and obviously it didn’t work. Called the Brazilian call center and didn’t even need to tell them what happened to be told all new accounts were being audited and those new account holders would be contacted until Thursday. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  3. I froze when I saw that my account had been disabled. The bookings are still there though.

    Oh boy, the tension…. it’s gonna be a few interesting days.

  4. I too was unable to log in but I reset the passcode and new email from Iberia gave me new passcode. My bookings are still there.

  5. Like many FlyerTalk posters with new accounts, I tried to reset my PIN and got the notice that my account was locked and I needed to submit a “rectification” form and copy of my passport to Iberia Plus. I called Iberia and didn’t mention this, but was told they couldn’t let me access my account until this was done. It seems that as part of the audit, Iberia wants to confirm people didn’t set up multiple fake accounts. They told me it would be 72 hours before they will email me a new password.

  6. Access to new accounts is restricted pending ID verification. They are doing this to weed out people who opened multiple accounts using different names, etc..

    Go to login and click on “Forgotten your PIN?”
    Enter your IB account number
    You will be prompted for the answer to your security question and your surname.
    You will then receive the following message:
    “We’re sorry. Restricted access to personal area”
    There are instructions to download a PERSONAL DATA RECTIFICATION REQUEST pdf.
    You can download the file and reply with a scanned copy of your passport or other ID.
    It’s important to put your IB number in the subject line.
    They will then (apparently) unlock your account and allow the Avios to post to your account.

    Another data point: it appears that Iberia will refund tickets if the passenger does not qualify for the promotion. That’s not a horrible result given the tens of thousands of people poised to book award travel.


  7. I created a new account for the promotion and was locked out earlier today, however I was able to use the Iberia App to reset my PIN and can now login to my account.

  8. I will be sending in documentation to Iberia to unlock my account. Knowing Iberia, I’m afraid they could take their sweet time unlocking my account. This is frustrating because if this is indeed the case, those who have their accounts locked may very well miss out on the best redemptions.

  9. The rep said that new accounts were locked temporarily and asked that i submit a Recertification Form (which contains basic ID info) and a snapshot of passport to validate ID. She said promo will definitely be honored assuming i met all existing terms. Said they just need to confirm that people werent opening fake accounts.

  10. Hate to say it, but this is what you all get. 90k avios for speculative bookings, can’t say I didn’t see this coming.

  11. @Alonzo Adams

    See what coming? No reason to think they are going to deny the bonus Avios to anyone who met the terms. Totally reasonable and understandable for them to first want to weed out the fraudulent accounts as to not hand out Avios to non-existent people (i.e. scammers). Its not like they are coming back saying “all new accounts are banned from getting the Avios”. Rather, they are simply asking for ID verification from those who opened accounts during the promo period. Again, seems totally reasonable to me and certainly nothing to indicate they wont pay out the bonus Avios.

  12. It is interesting how many people have come forth and said they set up accounts for family members but fudged the identity information because they didn’t have it handy.

    Those accounts are probably and justifiably doomed.

    I suspect there are a lot of fake accounts out there. They’re just doing their jobs.

  13. I only wish they asked for the proof of Id earlier. We could have gotten this resolved last week.

  14. @Josh Greenberg

    lol yeah I saw a few people saying that, as if running with that lie on all fronts will help make it any more convincing… Good for Iberia for weeding out the scammers. And shame on those who opened 10 accounts in the names of fake people to take advantage. Its people like that which ruin literally every points and miles opportunity.

  15. The whole premise of this deal was to get essentially “free” points for flights that were going to be no-shows anyway. A logical extension would be to use multiple addresses, IDs, and such to get even more points. Just how much deceit is involved is in the eye of the beholder.

  16. Step 1 is to weed out all the fake accounts. After that they will see how many accounts are eligible. They are probably hoping most accounts are fakes, but I don’t think that’s the case.

  17. What @Leela said. Download the Iberia app and it will let you reset your pin that way. Worked for me even though I got the dreaded lockout note on the website multiple times.

  18. I can also confirm that downloading the app and resetting the password will give you access. This after being locked out form the website. So far so good.

  19. I tried downloading the Iberia app as Leela suggested and logging in but was unable to log in or reset the password.

  20. No chang here. Everything in tact, the site is running smoothly for me, but it still says 0 Avios. However, I do not expect to see them until Wednesday. Doesn’t stop me from checking every day anyway. I think they will deposit the 90,000 Avios in the legitimate accounts with legitimate bookings

  21. Additional data point for everyone, I just got off the phone with Iberia (US line, wait time was nil) and the agent said (roughly) “we are taking some additional time because of the strong response to the promotion, however if you booked with your Iberia Plus number during the promotion you should have your Avios within the week.”

    Second data point…yes the app allows you to reset your pin. Although that did not resolve me locked account issues (hence my calling Iberia) because…

    When I first set up my Plus account I got an error message after I submitted the form that said my information could not be processed. Annoyed, but not thinking much of it, I refreshed the browser and tried again which worked and generated a my new Plus number. I booked my flights and dutifully logged back in to add that number to each ticket. Well…once all that was done I scanned my emails again and, surprise surprise, Iberia had actually issued me a Plus account number after the first attempt (albeit with some errors to my last name) despite my getting an error screen. Well apparently they decided to delete the *second* (correct) account # that I had dutifully added to all my tickets because I cannot have two. (And by the way, IMOP booking additional tickets under a duplicate account is taking this too far and not cool…don’t you have family members who can book tickets??). Anyway, the most annoying part is my reservations were “locked” to changes in the Plus #, so I could not go back and add the original #, also I was worried that could undue my eligibility somehow since that isn’t the # I booked the tickets with…so ultimately this agent assures me that they will indeed reinstate the number I used and then delete the incorrect (initially generated) account # and then (God willing) credit my bonus Avios. I am not holding my breath, but I guess we shall see…what a house of cards this is.

  22. @ Josh Greenberg – Thanks! Just followed the process you listed and sent the details over. VEry helpful post.

  23. I had a similar situation to Bossman: my first attempt to open an account added my last name a second time as the “second surname”. When it issued me a number with the two last names, I ignored that one and did a new account with only one surname. There may be many others who have this issue due to the poor web design and is not a scam on Iberia with fake identities.

  24. For those who created a new PIN via the Iberia app: do you have any reason to believe your account won’t be re-locked and that your points will post without you ultimately having to complete the personal data rectification request?

  25. You can reset your pin through the APP without having to contact them or provide passports/IDs.

  26. You’re welcome, Deepak.

    Leela et al – Re finding workarounds to access accounts, i’m not sure that solves the problem. It might but I suspect that the verification process requires more than a PIN reset.

    You may have just found a way to access a locked account without actually unlocking it.

    I guess we’ll see.

  27. This seems like the most worthless promo. Bloggers are morons for putting it out there, but thats how they make their money. I get it!

    Im so glad I didn’t give a dime to Iberia. This is terrible Who would want to spend any amount of money on flights they aren’t going to take for points they aren’t guaranteed to get and expire in a few months. Even if you get the points, the stress involved isn’t worth $1000 let alone 90,000 points (which you paid money for and might not get and expire soon)

  28. The whining about this is only to continue. If/when all of you get these points, I suspect the redemption will be futile.

  29. Ryan:

    1. I would (though I actually am planning on taking most/all the flights).

    2. The points are pretty much guaranteed if you followed the rules – perhaps you’re not from Europe and are unfamiliar with our strong consumer protection laws? You certainly will, worst case scenario, get a refund if the points don’t show.

    3. They expire in about 5 months and can be used for flights for a year beyond that – if you couldn’t possibly make use of them in that time, why are you on a frequent flyer blog?

    4. I’m not experiencing any stress, why are you?

  30. Iberia cancelled all 10 of my bookings a week after booking despite taking payment and issuing etickets.

  31. I’m just wondering what will happen if these miles cease to be credited to genuine IB accounts too. I can easily see that happening although not sure if Iberia will at least offer a full refund for not being able to fulfil on that avios promotion?

  32. I thought you said you wouldn’t take part in this offer James because you thought Iberia wouldn’t honor it?

    Also, are you a natural blond or do you dye your hair? And when will we hear about your partner because Lucky gives Ford a lot of exposure here.

  33. @Josh Greenberg

    Great information! I just emailed them the ID document and passport copy.

    We will see what happens 🙂

  34. Does Iberia list the tickets associated with your IB plus number the way SW does? Or do you need to go to “manage my booking” to look up any of your tickets?

  35. Uh oh… I logged in the german IB site and it says that all IB Plus services are deactivated until 15:00 CET (40 more minutes). I just hope that they don’t implement a massive devaluation or even worse, find a loophole to cancel the promotion

  36. -Wholesale deletion of new accounts created by people non-dom in the country on whose Iberia website they registered on.
    -Multiple applications to identical addresses will receive the similar fate.
    From what I am advised, any hint of “deal abuse” will be receiving additional scrutiny.
    And of course, by the time that is all sorted, there will be less time to redeem those Avios on an even reduced amount of availability.

  37. LOL @Jonny may be trolling. It was pretty clear that transferring THESE particular Avios to BA would result in a NEGATIVE balance. Go back and read previous posts/discussions.

  38. I took the shortcut via the app. On their website, it kept sending me to the spanish page and i don’t speak spanish. So irritated i just tried the app again and reset the password.

  39. LOL pretty sure @Jonny is trolling. It was clear from the start that transferring these particular Avios to BA would result in a NEGATIVE BALANCE. Go back and ready previous posts/discussion.

  40. I already had an account with 150k in Iberia as i use them when they have their sales.

    Took the 90k out so still in +ve balance for me

    I booked mine on the Sunday of the promotion

  41. My IB Plus account was blocked also. I spoke with several agents (in English; not sure where they were actually located) and sent them two emails with the data page of my passport. Called them back today and said that both emails had been received, but that it would take 7-15 days for my account to be unblocked. That’s how far behind they are running. The gentleman I spoke also assured me that the bonus Avios for this promotion (all 90K for which I am eligible) would be posted thereafter. Bottom line: I doubt those of us with new accounts will see any deposits of bonus Avios for another several weeks, at the earliest.

  42. My IB Plus account was blocked also. I spoke with several agents (in English; not sure where they were actually located) and sent them two emails with the data page of my passport. Called them back today and said that both emails had been received, but that it would take 7-15 days for my account to be unblocked. That’s how far behind they are running. The gentleman I spoke also assured me that the bonus Avios for this promotion (all 90K for which I am eligible) would be posted thereafter. Bottom line: I doubt those of us with new accounts will see any deposits of bonus Avios for another several weeks, at the earliest.

  43. A reader on a german frequent flyer forum says that his tickets were cancelled because he’s registered in Germany and the booking was made in Spain. Apparently the IB german website redirectered him to the spanish website when booking. That somehow made his bookings for this offer invalid.

    So they’re obviously coming up with ways not to honor the tickets/Avios.

  44. @ Bobo “There may be many others who have this issue due to the poor web design and is not a scam on Iberia with fake identities”, I definitely agree, you and I can’t be the only ones.

    I had the same issue with 2 surnames (i.e. last name repeating twice) on the initial account that they created but showed an error message causing me to try again. Also, to your second post I would expect we may still need to validate our identities once the accounts are unlocked/sorted. I used the app to reset my pin but I was only able to do so for the initial account created in error which got me exactly nowhere…so I am waiting for for them to reinstate the correct account that I actually used when booking and delete the account the duplicate account their system created. They said this should take 72 hours from last night.

    Also, to all the trolls/haters, obviously everyone doing this made a risk/reward calculation (or should have), we’re not idiots who are oblivious to the risks and issues, we just thought it would be worthwhile and fun to try…

  45. Multiple people are getting their 90,000 Avios posted (and put up screenshots to confirm). Those of us who are blocked still need to wait until they can validate the info. but at least we know they will absolutely honor it (and have begun doing so)

  46. Received the 90.000 Avios as well! Already have an existing IB Plus account though. Will try to transfer them to my BA EC account as that’s my leading OW account anyway, negative balance or not.

  47. Hope everyone who gets the Avios and doesn’t take the flights booked to get them is perma-banned from Iberia. Gonna suck if you book a flight with Iberia using the Avios and then can’t take the flight because you are banned!

  48. @Mr G I would sympathize with your point of view if people were gaming the system, however that is simply not the case. Iberia has had every chance to amend and/or clarify this promotion and they have not. In fact they have done the opposite, they have clarified multiple times that it is okay if you miss your flight. So you are either in denial of reality, or you are jealous you didn’t take advantage of the promotion.

  49. I live in London, did the IB promotion on the 1st day it came out and just got my 90000 avios over night. I had an IB account for a couple of years. All happened very smoothly and as the said in the promotion.

  50. -booked at the last day of the promotion
    -account created in 2016
    -i am not from any of targeted website regions however i booked at english version of spansih website
    -booked 10 trips for next year and fortgot to enter my IB plus number at one reservation and added it later at manage my booking
    -received 81.000 miles today(that one i forgot to put my IB plus number upon making reservation is missing)

  51. Can someone send me email address and instructions to verify my account? I reset my pw via app and have no idea if I need to send in passport data. Thanks! Happy 4th!

  52. Hey James do you dye your hair or are you a natural blond? Or is it a wig?

  53. Wow! Received my 90k points….just booked RT business class ORD-MAD for April/May 68K + $233 tax/fee…great deal! Thanks for the promo alert on this one!

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