New American Express Centurion Lounge opens at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport on October 15, 2013

While having an American Express Centurion or Platinum Card gets you lounge access with several airlines (and even Priority Pass), American Express also has a few of their own lounges around the world, including in Buenos Aires, Delhi, Las Vegas, Mexico City, and Sao Paulo. I’ve only ever been to the one in Buenos Aires, and wasn’t impressed, as it was more crowded than the gate area and the wifi was unusable – but based on what I’ve heard other lounges are nicer.

It seems American Express is opening a new 9,000 square foot Centurion Lounge at DFW Airport on Tuesday, October 15, 2013, and it looks really nice. Access will be complimentary for American Express Platinum and Centurion cardmembers (along with a spouse and children or two guests), and $50 for other American Express cardmembers. It will be open daily from 5:30AM till 10PM.

The lounge will even have a spa with complimentary 15-minute treatments (managed by “exhale”), as well as complimentary “real” food, inspired by local chef Dean Fearing.

It will be located in the “D” concourse, which is where many international flights depart from (though all terminals are connected airside).

This sounds about as nice as the top lounges in the US — on par with the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse in New York — so here’s to hoping it’s well executed.

The economics of a lounge like this are interesting. Obviously Centurion and Platinum members already get access to the Admirals Club, so my guess is that they’re opening the lounge at DFW since it’s probably one of the airports where American Express is paying most for lounge access. So rather than paying American it probably just makes sense for them to open their own lounge.

Regardless, this is very exciting, especially as an American flyer that frequently transits DFW!

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  1. While they may be spending a lot in DFW, it does lead to some pretty redundant benefits. They’re putting a lounge in an airport in which I already have at least 5 (4 ACs + PP lounge) options that I know of.

    How bout some IAD love? Other than the few hours/day the BA lounge is open to PP customers, we get nothing and this is a major international hub.

  2. The LAS lounge, which is also now free to Platinum cardholders, is also really nice, with food and drink I’d happily have paid $50 or more for at a restaurant. If they keep up the food standards even now that they’ve dropped the $50 fee for Plats, this will be a great offering.

  3. LAS is open to Plat holders? Dang. I Was there last week, didn’t know that. Would be nice if they would let cardholders know these things proactively, instead of through travel bloggers. Next time – luckily I live in Dallas!

  4. Will this really be free to platinum members? Per the website it, appears that
    is not the case.

    Will I need to pay for admission to The Centurion Lounge?

    Any eligible American Express Cardmember may purchase a one-day Access Key at the Lounge for $50. If you hold a Centurion Card from American Express, or if you received a promotional mailing with an Access Key, access to The Centurion Lounge is complimentary. Purchase of one-day Access Keys is subject to Lounge capacity.

  5. amex has a lounge at yyz. showed my platinum card and access was complimentary. small, new, lots of outlets & seating, clean, hot & cold food, drinks. very nice compared to the air canada lounge.

  6. @ Caligal — Hmmm, are you sure it was an actual American Express lounge and not a Plaza Premium/Priority Pass lounge, which Platinum cardmembers have access to?

  7. maybe you’re right, yyz is a priority pass lounge. i dont have a PP card but showed the platinum card and they let me in.

  8. Just curious, if you get the free 15 min spa treatment, is it recommended to tip? What would be the correct amount,$10?

  9. The Club is really nice. It’s upstairs by Gate D14, view over the terminal not the Tarmac. Food is amazing and Dean Fearing is here, along with all the AMEX bigwigs. The bar is a fun place to spend time with great cocktails, wine and Sparkling. The spa is small but very nice. We will definitely hang here.

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