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Yesterday I posted about Travel Channel’s Hotel Impossible, a show I recently came across that I’ve become a bit addicted to. In the comments section reader elsie asked if I’ve seen the National Geographic show about Dubai Airport.

I hadn’t, though quickly found it on YouTube. The show was filmed in 2012, and there are 10 episodes so far. It’s absolutely fascinating, and covers every aspect of airport operations from the passenger experience, to cargo, to the new A380 terminal, to what it’s like to be an employee there.

So if you didn’t have plans for this weekend, you do now. šŸ˜‰

Here are the full episodes:

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Episode 4:

Episode 5:

Episode 6:

Episode 7:

Episode 8:

Episode 9:

Episode 10:

Anyone else see this show? I’m only through the first two episodes and I have a hard time pacing myself!

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  1. Watched every episode earlier this year. Fascinating. Particularly the testing of the new terminal signage and traffic flow.

  2. Lucky, please do a post on all the travel shows you’ve watched with a few brief comments and star rating of each.

  3. How about Around the World in 80 trades by Conor Woodman, the same guy who does Scam City.

  4. Been watching it regularly on emirates flights. The first 3 episodes have been loaded in the EK ICE and I ended up watching twice over. In fact the second episode was playing out on NGC this afternoon on TV and I watched a bit again. I did not know there were 10 episodes filmed. My weekend is set. DankĆØ!

  5. Thank you for the suggestion – just watched one this evening. I was looking for a good new show!

  6. I enjoyed the series and the behind-the-scenes look at DXB, but got tired of the repetitive formula that so many shows use nowadays of building up some huge drama, then coming back from the “commercial” and it gets resolved within 30 seconds.

  7. I just watched 2 in a row. Everyone knows how big the expansion and operations are at DXB but seeing it from the inside makes that seem incredibly small.

  8. After watching the first episode, it becomes clear that Jet Airways or Air India aren’t the largest Indian carrier: Emirates is.

  9. My son (7) and I watched this together when it was first shown in the UK recently. We loved it and he could hardly wait for the next episode. Like father, like son.

  10. Great show! Watched all the episodes one after the other one Saturday. In the same vein, although not as diverse, check out Flight attendant school on youtube which follows the training program of new Frontier flight attendants. They are strict!

  11. I’m hooked! Thanks! Sitting in the AA Club watching before my flight to NRT. For your gym time and a good laugh – watch the UK series Come fly with Me. I think you will enjoy!

  12. Ben~

    How common is an airport curfew, such as the 11 PM curfew in Sydney referenced in Episode 1?


  13. @ Bryce — Tons of airports have them — Heathrow, Frankfurt, etc. Especially common in Europe and Australia.

  14. Somehow this show made me even happier flying Emirates. Especially as I fly between SYD-DXB and onwards and am often met at the gate to be rushed off to the next flight. I can imagine the silly grin on my face if it was someone from the show. Perhaps you need an Emirates flight so you can binge watch all the episodes, currently on ICE.

    And if you like Ultimate Airports, checkout the Emirates podcast–I always listen to it on the plane, not sure it’s available anywhere else.

  15. Damn, I was making my way through the series but looks like they’re not available anymore. Gotta hunt em down

  16. Hi Lucky, the show is back with season 2, and I believe that at least 2 first episodes were already aired. I’ve been trying to watch it online/download it, but didn’t manage (the ones on youtube are actually season 1 and not 2). Do you have any idea where I can find it?

    Thanks for help.

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