Travel Channel’s Hotel Impossible

Travel Channel’s Hotel Impossible


I’ve been doing what I can to go to the gym lately, and I think I’ve finally “cracked the code,” at least on the cardio front.

While I don’t have cable or Apple TV or anything else given how much I travel, I do download some shows through iTunes and then watch them on my computer or iPad. What I started doing a few months ago was forcing myself to only watch TV on the treadmill.

I’m not big into TV by any stretch of the imagination, because there’s not much good television out there. There are only a few worthwhile TV shows remaining, like Real Housewives of Atlanta (Team Phaedra but not Team Apollo all the way!), Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (not Team Lisa after this week’s season finale… I think?), Millionaire Matchmaker (because of course in order for Patti to find you “true love” she has to verify your finances first), Million Dollar Listing (I wish I owned real estate in New York just so Fredrik could sell it), etc.

The problem is that sometimes I’m between seasons or there just aren’t enough good shows in a week for me to watch on the treadmill. So I’m always on the lookout for the latest travel show. For example, I was absolutely addicted to Scam City and Air Crash Investigation, though neither are in production right now (and the latter isn’t exactly enjoyable to watch, just fascinating).

One new Travel Channel show I recently came across is Hotel Impossible, starring Anthony Melchiorri, who actually has experience in the hotel industry. It’s in its fourth season right now, so I’m up to date on the current season and going back to watch the last three now. Here’s a quick 30 second preview of the show:

The premise is that Anthony goes to struggling hotels (well, more accurately they’re usually motels or bed & breakfasts) and tries to help them get back on track.

It’s TV, so admittedly it’s as theatrical, dramatic, and sassy as a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills dinner party, but it’s still interesting and has some useful facts and tips about the hotel industry.

So if you’re looking for a new show to watch and are interested in the hospitality industry, it’s not a half bad option…

Anyone else watch Hotel Impossible and enjoy it?

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  1. u600213 Guest

    Since you are watching TV, check out last night's episode of American Dad:

  2. Jack Member

    Team Fredrik all the way. Or is it Team Tag Eriksson.

  3. Julianne Guest

    But what about the Big Bang Theory?

  4. Robert Duncan Member

    Lucky, you and I have very similar TV habits; I watch all the Bravo shows. You didn't mention Flilpping Out or Shahs of Sunset, which are probably my favorites. I've also been watching Hotel Impossible since it started and I love it. Anthony don't take no crap, that's for sure. :)

  5. Anita Guest


    I can't quite tell if you're joking about no good tv, but in case you're serious, here is some good tv for you. Some are series that have ended but you can stream them:

    - House of Cards
    - VEEP
    - The Wire
    - Breaking Bad
    - Mad Men
    - Game of Thrones

    Or for heaven's sake, rewatch every episode of Seinfeld. It holds up surprisingly well!

  6. elsie Guest

    Have you seen the National Geographic series on Dubai airport?
    I loved it. It's on You tube so you don't even have t pay for it. Can't wait for Season 2.

    1. lucky OMAAT

      @ elsie -- I hadn't till last night. Wow, addicting.

  7. Airgypsy New Member

    Lucky, try House of Cards- highly addicting, so be forewarned!! Vikings on History Channel is good as well. For lighter content, Weeds (Showtime) will surely put you in zany mood!

  8. Andy Guest

    Yup. Totally hooked on Hotel Impossible, more addictive than crack. Not as keen on the British show but can also be fun. Try Bar Rescue too. For 'serious' entertainment, True Detective, House of Cards and Sherlock are hard to beat and Modern Family and Arrested Development are great comedy shows

  9. eightblack Guest

    Lucky you need to get out more. Watch House of Cards on Netflix. Cult following. I've gotten into Chicago PD lately. I even love Justified, Criminal Minds and yes, Person of Interest isnt bad either.

  10. Alex Guest

    I go to the gym in Bellevue but haven't seen you.

  11. Imperator Diamond

    My traveling companions are Battlestar Galactica (the recent one), Babylon 5 and Downton Abbey. RHOBH is a minor guilty pleasure...I am stunned at Lucky's lack of support for Lisa! Use to love Yolanda but no more. I'd LOVE to have Carlton as a seatmate on a transcon. is definitely time for bed when I start writing about trash like RHOBH. I think I'll read a bit of Anna Karenina first.

  12. Ardbeg Arthurgator Guest

    You can also watch some episodes online. I put up 3 eps every few weeks.

  13. kris Guest

    ironically, I discovered it on a hotel treadmill!

  14. Erik Guest

    Did you ever watch the reality shows "Airline"', "Fly Girls", or " On The Fly"?

  15. Airjus New Member

    If you're looking for new shows to watch, you should definitely check out Orphan Black. It's one of the best on tv now.

  16. ShyGuy Guest

    I sat next to Tabitha on a United Transcon PS recently, and that bitch is scary even in person. Well that and she had no makeup on, but she still seemed kinda sweet.

    @Lucky, you should write about the people you sit next to on planes. I always get stuck next to celebs. Any good stories?


    1. lucky OMAAT

      @ ShyGuy -- Plenty of good stores, though not sure how many of them are appropriate to share here. :D

      Jealous you sat next to Tabatha!

  17. badger Guest

    You should try to dig up some episodes of the British show "The Hotel Inspector" which has been doing the same thing for longer.

  18. Nick OMAAT

    @Lucky, no Real Housewives of New York City love? Last season was spectacular and this season promises to be even better. This show gave us the single "Money Can't Buy You Class," which is amazing.

    Also, if you ever come out with a novelty single, please let it be about using miles to fly Emirates First Class and PLEASE title it "Money Can't Buy You (First) Class."

    1. lucky OMAAT

      @ Nick -- I love me some Countess Luann, but other than that find the series more or less intolerable. Will give it another shot next season!

  19. Mark (@palmerlaw) Guest

    I have enjoyed the show and Anthony. I tried "Restaurant Impossible" too, but didn't like it.

    My fav has to be Jon Taffer and Bar Rescue! Get Taffered!

  20. Tracy T. Guest

    I can't believe you hadn't seen Hotel Impossible earlier! I love it! I've watched all 4 seasons and am completely shocked at the number of people who buy and/or run hotels when they have no prior experience.
    I work in a similar industry and would love to have Anthony come and help us do things better. He's harsh, but really does seem to mean well.

  21. RakSiam Diamond

    I think you are really risking your credibility by calling "Real Housewives" good.

    I have seen Hotel Impossible. It's inspiration I guess was Restaurant Impossible. You might also like Bar Rescue and Tabitha Takes Over which are similar.

    There are some good dramas out there, I recently got hooked on Person of Interest.

    1. lucky OMAAT

      @ RakSiam -- Love Tabatha. She's even harsher than Anthony.

  22. Oscar New Member

    You are not Team Lisa?!?! Hahaha

    Hotel Impossible is good but not that good.

    1. lucky OMAAT

      @ Oscar -- I totally was on Team Lisa till the past couple of episodes. Not a Brandi fan, but to bring Scheana to events that Brandi is at and being so unapologetic about it makes me question her motives.

  23. Nancy Guest

    LOL....I can't believe that you aren't watching the antics of Jeff Lewis on "Flipping Out".

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u600213 Guest

Since you are watching TV, check out last night's episode of American Dad:

Jack Member

Team Fredrik all the way. Or is it Team Tag Eriksson.

Julianne Guest

But what about the Big Bang Theory?

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