Naomi Campbell’s Intense Pre-Flight Routine

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British supermodel Naomi Campbell has a YouTube channel called “Being Naomi,” where she covers various aspects of her life. In the most recent “episode,” uploaded yesterday, she shares her airport and airplane routing. She seems to love flying about as much as many of us, so that’s pretty cool.

In the roughly five minute video she’s flying from Nice to Doha on Qatar Airways in their A350 business class. Suffice to say that her pre-flight routine looks a bit different than mine.

For one, she seems to spend a lot of time in duty free buying magazines, candy, etc. As far as I’m concerned, duty free is simply an obstacle course you have to get around to get to the lounge or gate, and there are rarely circumstances where I’ll buy anything there.

She’s driven to the plane in a private car, which isn’t a standard Qatar Airways business class perk, but rather is a Naomi Campbell perk.

Most interesting is Naomi’s routine once she boards a plane, which can only be described as intense. She puts on gloves, wipes down every part of the seat, then puts a separate seat cover on the seat, and then wears a mask.

She says she buys a new seat cover every week, and has hotels launder them between flights (given how much hotels charge for laundry I feel like it might almost be cheaper/easier just to buy a new one for every flight? I’m guessing price isn’t the object here, though…).

While there are people with varying levels of airplane hygiene concerns, Naomi takes one of the more extreme strategies I’ve seen. It seems to work for her, and she attributes that strategy to her rarely getting sick while traveling.

She also takes out a hydration pack for the flight, which seems fair enough.

Here’s the video, should you have a few spare minutes:

(Tip of the hat to Brad)

  1. I always bring those wipes with me when travelling and also clean up my seat (though seeing her cleaning the window and air nozzles on the ceiling is something I should start doing too!)
    I wouldn’t consider myself a germaphobe but cleaning the seat does make me feel better especially on ultra longhaul flights.

  2. Maybe the reason she spends so much time with duty free is that if you are rich/busy/famous, this would be a rare opportunity to buy a bunch of crap all in one place? Maybe not, but I can picture marketers for duty free thinking that way.

  3. Qatar huh? She was banned from British Airways for life in 2008 after she ordered the Captain to find her missing checked bag, then assaulted two police officers that removed her from the plane. Google … naomi-campbell-avoids-jail-for-air-rage

  4. She puts on the tester lipstick from duty free without worrying about the germs, but then spends ages disinfecting the seat?! Makes sense…

  5. Am I strange? I feel MUCH more comfortable touching things around my seat on long haul flights. Once you factor in the logistics, it’s likely there was only ~1 other person in that seat in the last 24 hours. Whereas a short flight is akin to a public bus, and there have been at least 3-5 people in that seat in the last 8 hours. Plus the business and first seats aren’t nearly as isolated so you get a lot much exposure to neighboring seats. Given what we know about pathology and statistics, that’s my logic.

  6. My routine of NOT doing all those things seems to work for me too, as I rarely get sick from flying.

  7. Could not agree more that duty free is an obstacle course to get thru to the lounge. Little more frustrating in airports than being forced to walk thru the duty free’s on a deliberately convoluted walkway to the exit and on to the lounge. If you know the airport, you fortunately know the short cut. Everyone else has to get thru without tripping over the multitude of folks who are casually walking thru stopping every few seconds to look at the next product. Plus, other than limited instances, the duty frees nowadays are usually the same or more expensive than the same product you can find elsewhere in the same country. It’s rare you can find something that is the regular retail price without the tax and get a real saving.

  8. Agree on the the duty free. Why people would suddenly start buying things in an airport is beyond me.

  9. Flew in F with her from Munich To JFK and she actually does all of this! She also wears a mask. Was pretty fascinating. She was not happy with the service either! Felt bad for the flight attendants.

    I must confess I give my seat and surrounding arear wipe down with disinfectant wipes something we should all be doing. I find BA and the three us legacy carriers normally have filthiest planes but a lot of airlines are guilty of shabby cleaning service. Planes are not often clean!!

  10. I see plenty of things she touches all throughout the video without bothering to wipe them down first.

  11. She’s a convicted criminal and appears from her strange behaviours to have some… — shall we say *issues*.

    Why would you give her the oxygen of publicity?

  12. @adrian. She doesn’t use the tester lipstick… she uses her own and says she’s very sad they stopped making it.

    I don’t think anyone in their right mind would grab a used tester and slab it across their lips.

  13. Germophobic nonsense. Nobody has a shred of evidence that when one group of people does all this stuff and another doesn’t, the first group has fewer illnesses. It’s just manufactured fear, to sell chemicals.

  14. I hear she’s a nightmare to work with. She clearly has OCD .. back in 2008 she was offloaded from a BA flight

  15. Am surprised she doesn’t bring a vacuum cleaner and help the cleaning crew.
    Drama queen /DYKWIA. You can take the girl out of Streatham, but ..

  16. @Mike – BA apologized and she is no longer banned.

    I have a similar routine to Naomi so I get it. I do not go as far as the seat cover and wiping around the window, but hmmm.

    Naomi has calmed down a lot from her past. Great video!

  17. I love it all – adding disposable gloves to by cleaning routine and I’m seriously thinking about the mask too. Given that my friend caught something nasty that turned into pneumonia a couple of weeks ago from flying (very healthy otherwise), the mask is seriously under consideration. Can’t immune yourself entirely but rather put up barriers than none at all.

  18. @Jordan …

    “@Mike – BA apologized and she is no longer banned.”..

    another reason not to fly BA …

  19. What happened to her face? She was far better looking 3 faces ago! (All this glorification of people, whose only talent is to walk down a catwalk, looking vacant.) She also major anger issues! Urghh!

  20. The real problems are:
    1. Airlines are cutting cleaning budgets
    2. Airlines are cutting available time for cleaning between flights
    3. Airlines are increasing the time between 2 cleanings
    4. New fancy premium seats have a lot of corners that are difficult to clean and therefore accumulate dirt easily
    5. People who are seriously sick still fly instead of staying home, thereby spreading diseases
    6. High density economy seating leads to faster infections
    7. People bring more food on the plane nowadays and don’t care about their own trash
    8. Germaphobes use too much cleaning chemicals which lead to stronger, more resistant bacteria longterm

  21. Naomi is an awful passenger. I have witnessed one of her meltdowns in person (after she arrived on Concorde).

    However…she’s still not as bad as Diana Ross.

  22. I came here to say what @A said.

    And anyone who says differently will have a phone thrown at them. Viciously.

  23. Ironic she’s so concerned about a few germs on a plane considering all the things that have probably been in her mouth.

  24. Have to give her credit for attempting to clean. Absolute fail in terms of cross contamination & lack of bacterial/ viral reduction.

  25. i absolutely LOVE Duty Free, always fun to see what’s new, buy a new fragrance, some chocolate, last minute souvenirs, a magazine, a charger to replace your lost one…..

    Ben I’d love if you made a post about all the famous people you’ve travelled with, how it was, and have the comment section go off on their own experiences, must be interesting read!

  26. The more I fly the more I am disgusted by human behavior and the more I want to disinfect the whole plane myself. I might add the gloves to my routine. I currently disinfect anything I can touch with Clorox wipes and no matter business class or economy the wipes I use always are dirty in the end.

  27. I’m surprised she does the cleaning herself and doesn’t ask the FA to do it. Surprised she even knows how.

  28. I agree with Max’s comment above:

    “8. Germaphobes use too much cleaning chemicals which lead to stronger, more resistant bacteria longterm”

    Unless you are immunocompromised, have an open wound, or are licking dirty surfaces;
    you don’t need to obsessively clean your travel space. But if it makes you feel better, have at it.
    Science doesn’t validate your insecurity.

  29. As a physician, I can tell you that a lot of this is egregious overkill.
    As an FF, I can tell you that this woman has more germ hang-ups than Howard Hughes.

  30. the words South London Skank come to mind.

    Or for the Americans = trash

    She is not a nice person and ofcourse she’s going to be nice as pie when she’s doing her own video!

  31. OMG, I just waited 5+ mins of my life just because curiousity took the best over my common sense to watch some craziness.
    If she is so high demanding, why don’t she just have her own private jet to fly her to places after she has cleaned up the whole interior of the plane by herself or better yet, just fill a bottle of disinfectant and spray herself in it rather than using perfume.

  32. I used to work for BA/LAX, and she was a total clam / nasty bitch on the ground and in the air. One of the worst self-entitled celebs I’ve ever had to deal with. They’re not all nasty, in fact some are genuine and nice. Pierce Brosnan was a total douchebag, demanding someone carry his carry-on from the counter thru security to the lounge.

  33. She’s a cretinous twat and I couldn’t give a flying f**k less what her idiosyncrasies are… she needs to get over herself and disappear from social media.

  34. I had to sit across from her on a trip from LHR – JFK a few years ago (she was 1A and I was in 1K) and I wish I could say it was an enjoyable experience.

  35. Jesus Christ, some of these comments are pathetic.

    Replace black female celeb with white male celeb and half these insipid comments would go away.

    And of course done mostly by anonymous cowards.

  36. @Sol: you apparently didn’t read my comment above, where I explained that while flying BA LAX-LHR (white male celeb) Pierce Brosnan was as much a petulant drama queen as Naomi Campbell …. Why throw the race / sex card?

  37. I really know nothing about her, but I found her delightful in the video. But did she actually use the tester lipstick!!!!!

  38. I could care less about her skin colour , as one person above brings race into discussion.
    No one cares if she is yellow, black, brown, purple, orange, green, white; doesn’t change the fact that Naomi is not a nice, tolerant, empathic, positive person.

    In fact, she is entitled, arrogant, obnoxious, rude, amongst many other traits I’ll leave off.

    Stop with the race card, it’s over played and uncalled for.

    Now if you have Naomie Harris doing her in flight routine, I’ll happily kick back and watch.

    It was certainly entertaining, thanks for the incredible website, LOVEI T!

  39. My takeaway from the video is that she’s not very well organized.
    Her bag is a mess and all her stuff supporting that flying routing is thrown all around the place.
    Room for improvement definatey.


  40. What a mess. Furthermore, I can’t recall the last time I was sick given that my work requires daily flights. I guess some of us just have a stronger immunity.

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