My flight tonight


Yeah, that was me tonight. Are you jealous of my seven hour date with Ted? It was painful, especially without Channel 9 and a captain that refused to provide semi-frequent updates.

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  1. I’m confused. Original flight time was scheduled for 2h31. I would expect that any delay would only change dep/arr times. Why does flight time appear to be 5h20? Did you circle for 3 hours?

    Ohh…shit..just realized…you were sitting on the tarmac for 3 hours???? I swear, you have the patience of Job. Your time has very little value at your stage in life (no offense). For us family guys, the opportunity cost of sitting for 3 hours (and getting bumped time and time again) just isn’t tenable.

    I guess now is the time to do it!

  2. @ eric: wow, just because you says “no offense” dosen’t make it so!

    If you value your time so much, why do you go to work, how much do you make an hour, Ben will probably get somthing like a $300 voucher as a comp for the 4 hour delay. $75 an hour seems like a pretty good wage to me.

  3. @Eric – your measure of “value of time” is limited and idiotic. Perhaps you could clarify what your bizarre statement means. “Time isn’t valuable at this point . . . ” A little upset about lost youth, are we?

  4. I was one of THREE ATC coordinators at United last night, and IAD tower was just swamped. They could not move traffic, even once departure fixes were open. The problems with IAD ATC are well-known and it’s very frustrating as a dispatcher to see ATC completely ignore your flights. This is NOT an airline problem. Dulles ATC will basically tell the flight to park and shut down, and they will call the flight to tell them when to start up again. This could take hours. It’s a real problem and is being addressed at the highest levels of the company.

  5. LOL. I was initially shocked at the responses to my comment. I understand why, reading back over it. My phrasing came out as condescending to say the least.

    Rather, I should have said that Lucky clearly values his time differently than most people (a true statement, given that most people would prefer to avoid traveling 50 segments a month), and especially me.

    How Lucky values his time is unique to Lucky, and I enjoy reading of his adventures. That said, his adventures would be a waste of my time at this point in my life.

    @ Gray – a nice defense of Lucky (though the guy doesn’t need it – I admire his thick skin). Way to cover his back. šŸ™‚

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