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Possibly my all around favorite hotel brand in the world is Park Hyatt. Yes, ultimately there are more “high end” brands than Park Hyatt. For example, Aman Resorts are in a completely different league.

That being said, for me Park Hyatt strikes the perfect balance between luxury, understatement, and my love of points/hotel status. You can’t redeem your hotel points for a stay at Amankila, but you can redeem your Hyatt Gold Passport points for any Park Hyatt in the world.

I’ve just wrapped up a quick stay at the Park Hyatt Seoul, which for me is the ultimate “brand standard” Park Hyatt. What do I mean by that? It’s not the most over-the-top Park Hyatt in the world, but if I were to introduce someone to the Park Hyatt brand I’d bring them to this place. It just exemplifies everything I expect from the Park Hyatt brand, and then some.

You know the best part of the hotel, though? The Park Hyatt Seoul a Category 4 Gold Passport property, meaning you can use your annual free night from the Hyatt Visa here. If redeeming points it’s just 15,000 Gold Passport points per night, or through Points + Cash it costs just $100 plus 7,500 Gold Passport points per night.


That’s a heck of a value, given that paid rates tend to be $400+ per night.


What make this hotel so great?

Park Hyatt Seoul rooms

Simply gorgeous. The rooms at this property are exactly what I expect from Park Hyatt — spacious and minimalist with amazing bathrooms.

Park Hyatt Seoul Deluxe King Room

Park Hyatt Seoul Deluxe King Room

The bathroom has an amazing shower/bathtub combo with Aesop toiletries.

Park Hyatt Seoul Deluxe King Room

Park Hyatt Seoul public areas

I also love the public areas at Park Hyatts, as they’re usually inviting and residential feeling.

The 24th floor lobby at the Park Hyatt Seoul certainly fits the bill.

Park Hyatt Seoul Lobby

Park Hyatt Seoul Lobby Bar

And a hallmark of every Park Hyatt is a great pool, and this hotel is no exception, with their 24th floor infinity pool overlooking Seoul.

Park Hyatt Seoul Pool

Park Hyatt Seoul Cornerstone breakfast

The hotel’s restaurant is gorgeous, and has an amazing food spread. As a Diamond member you receive complimentary breakfast, which includes beverages, the buffet, and items off the menu.

Park Hyatt Seoul Cornerstone Restaurant

Park Hyatt Seoul service

The service at this property is impeccable. At check-in I was greeted with “Mr. Schlappig, since you haven’t stayed with us for four years, let me remind you of some of the features of our hotel.” That’s a heck of a way to be greeted after not staying at the hotel for that long. And to think there are hotels where I’m a regular and get greeted with “have you stayed with us before?” when they could look in their computer and clearly see that I have.

I had a problem with my air conditioning yesterday, so they immediately sent up someone from maintenance to take a look. Not only did they send someone up from maintenance, but the front office manager came up as well to introduce himself, apologize, and act as the translator. Totally over the top, but totally awesome.

Bottom line

I love this hobby. And this is one heck of a hotel — I’d argue one of the best values there is on points. I’ll have a full trip report soon.

Has anyone else stayed at the Park Hyatt Seoul, and if so, what did you think of it?

  1. As soon as I saw your title, that hotel was the first one I thought of. It was pretty great! The fitness center had to have had the best view I have seen at most hotels. Definitely a great place to stay (very near Olympic park as well, which is a great place to visit).

  2. Stayed there for 3 nights last year. I think their breakfast at Cornerstone is one of the best. Just my opinion, but better than even the Park Hyatt Tokyo and Andaz Maui.

  3. It does seem like a great value and property, but boy is it far and expensive to get to for those of us without hefty miles balances or much time off.

  4. Stayed here for two nights last December and loved it. The fact that it’s located right above the metro station was a definite plus – easy commute from/to ICN.

  5. I am staying here next month!

    Note: there is limited inventory for Points + Cash. I couldn’t do a Points + Cash booking for my dates.

  6. @joey @charlie

    Although not the first destination to come to your mind when thinking about Korea, but PH Busan is Cat. 4 and is just as good as PH Seoul. The fitness center/infinity pool has a great view of the marina/harbor view of Busan, and the hotel is literally within a minute of Haeundae Beach (think Waikiki beach).

  7. Ben – how do you commute to Gangnam or the downtown area from the ICN airport? Do you take that 30$ bus ride? Just checking if there is any better way…

  8. Maybe it’s just me, but it looks more like a glorified Hyatt Place though the pool and restaurant look gorgeous.

  9. I just returned from a 3-night stay at the Grand Hyatt – Seoul. Ben – after reading your review, I think I made the wrong decision! I was torn between the Park Hyatt and the Grand Hyatt but chose the Grand Hyatt based on location and things I was wanting to do and see while in Seoul. The Grand Hyatt is a cat. 4 also and I used my free Hyatt Visa credit for 1 night and used points for the additional 2 nights. While the Grand Hyatt is located in a beautiful area with beautiful grounds, pool area, and a gorgeous lobby area – the rooms are a joke!! The rooms are nothing close to Grand Hyatt standards. The rooms are shot-gun style and you seriously feel like you’re staying in a cheap Carnival cruiseship dungeon room. You actually step up into the tiny bathroom and literally, there is no place to even hang a towel. I found myself hanging wet towels in the closet for them to dry!

    Avoid the Grand Hyatt Seoul and opt for the Park Hyatt instead – even if the location of the Grand Hyatt is better! Don’t let the beautiful on-line pictures fool you, it’s a very dated hotel.

  10. I loved when I first stayed there back in 2010, but pretty disappointed last year – basic house keeping issue, rude bell boys, and etc. I thought service at D Cube was much better than Park. Due to its convenient location for me, I have another stay coming up in December. I will see how they do with the new GM.

  11. @Rick A – I found that the closer to the stay, the more availability exists for Points + Cash reservations there.

  12. Have stayed at the Park Hyatt several times and I agree, it’s probably the best Cat 4 out there, and just a fantastic value for using the annual free night from the Chase Hyatt card. I’m Korean American and visit Korea quite a lot and this is my favorite hotel in the Hermit Kingdom by far.

  13. This hotel also pays for your cab ride to the bus terminal where you catch the airport bus. You can also walk bc it’s not that far but that’s a nice touch.

  14. I was less than impressed with Park Hyatt Canberra. Great location, but felt more like a regular Hyatt.

  15. Have you thought about staying at the Grand Hyatt Seoul instead? The Park Hyatt is located in what is an oversized office park. The Grand Hyatt Seoul is located in a very picturesque and hilly part of Seoul, and the surroundings feel much more cosmopolitan.

    Anyways, it’s too bad that Seoul isn’t on the list of your favorite cities. I find that for short-term visitors, the likability of the city depends on which parts of the city you spend most of your time in. If I centered my activities around the Gangnam/Coex area, I wouldn’t have a positive idea of the city either. Kind of like staying at La Defense in Paris or London Docklands.

  16. I am not sure of even limited availability of cash and points. Last time i spoke with hyatt agents, they said that points and cash is not available in general for the ph seoul…

    Instead, used points and one night in cash here as my points were running low.

  17. @ Lucky : what was your favorite hotel in Hong Kong? If I’m not mistaken, I remember I ever read your post about your most favorite hotel in Hong Kong, that allows you to see the view of Hong Kong city and skyline from your room when you woke up……I cannot remember the hotel’s name and unable to locate your post on that…..please kindly point me to the link to the post and the hotel’s name.

  18. @Lucky: how about intercontinental and Hyatt?? Can see the hongjong skyline view from the room when wake up?

  19. @ Megan — Yes, the InterContinental Hong Kong and both Hyatts do have great views of the harbour/skyline from some rooms.

  20. How about a Park Hyatt closer to the US?
    The two free nights are burning a hole in my pocket and about to expire in June.
    We are just ordinary travelers looking to enjoy the nights possibly some where tropical.
    What about something in the Caribbean .

    Was looking at the new property on St. Kitts but am afraid of going that far.

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