Movie Already Being Made About MH370

In terms of things to file under “you’ve gotta be #*&$^%* kidding me, you insensitive jerk…”

An Indian director is already pitching a film idea revolving around MH370 at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, entitled “The Vanishing Act.” Here’s the trailer:

Not only does it show the wrong aircraft, but it doesn’t even consistently show one aircraft. Oy.

Variety has more about the movie:

On Saturday afternoon, Paul presented his film idea to financiers with a 90-second teaser trailer, which features a cast of terrified passengers aboard a turbulent jetliner. He also had a poster with the tag line, “The untold story of the vanished Malaysian flight.”

He also said he doesn’t think the families of the missing plane would find his film insensitive. “I will make sure no passengers will be hurt because of this,” Paul said.

“Untold story,” really?! And you really don’t think the families will find this insensitive? Well of course no passengers will be hurt by this, but I can’t imagine the same is true for their families.

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  1. What a money grabbing opportunitist !! Someone should strap him to the bluefin21 with no oxygen tank so he can do some “research” for his film

  2. Fiction. The only way the statement ‘the untold story’ would render true is if Paul was on the plane himself. It’s still untold to this day, how could he possibly produce a believable film?! At least give it a different title and unrelate it to the MH370 completely.

  3. Horrible. No relation at all to the sadness along with what happened and even shows a 747 (instead of a 777-200) most of the time. What the f$&@?

    Very insensitive.

  4. If you listen carefully, about 56 seconds into the video, they have the Flight Simulator X ATC voice going “traffic is maul … on final”. These people can’t even be bothered to put some proper ATC into it. The standard of this is absolutely disgusting.

  5. I would not be as hard on them for accuracy in this specific clip. This is designed to generate interest, not convey the actual story. But if they get to producing the actual story. about all we know can fit into a 90 second clip. The rest will be all made up, which will be very painful for the families, whether the movie depicts the plan landing somewhere or crashing.

  6. I guess I am the only who isn’t offended. The only tragedy here is that you will get a cheap bollywood production instead of a first class (no pun intended) Hollywood film like United 93

  7. Definitely insensitive. At least wait 50 years. This is similar to having a moving about the Titanic a few months after the sinking back in 1912.

  8. Can’t work up to caring about this – far less outrage than I felt during the 24/7 coverage on media (including social) outlets making money from hype, speculation and insensitivity toward families. Most movie makers want to tell a story that people will pay to watch – don’t see this as any different. Can’t imagine it will make anyone who lost someone on the plane actually feel worse (though it may provide someone to vent anger and grief against). Certainly won’t make any money from me, though.

  9. Seems to be making a usual Bollywood masala movie … for all those who find this disgusting – this is kinda okay in India… not long after the Mumbai blasts – there was a commercial movie released on that incident… things like this are encashed upon however insensitive we may feel about it.

  10. I guess the main problem with a movie about this flight is we have no idea what happened…

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