Dubai’s Richest 15 Year Old Reviews Emirates A380 First Class

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People who don’t know me often call me a trust fund kid, which I find amusing and don’t take offense to, because it couldn’t be further from the truth. Well, if you want a trust fund kid, a 15 year old Emirati kid published a video about his flight in Emirates’ A380 first class that’s… sort of fascinating?

The video was posted in March by YouTube user “Money Kicks,” who has over 750,000 subscribers on YouTube. I had never heard of him before, though based on doing some Googling, it looks like his dad is one of the richest people in the UAE.

No, this isn’t the most insightful or well produced video ever, and for that matter it’s not even intended to be a review. However, it sure is fascinating. If you have 10 minutes and want to see how the 0.00000000000001% of 15 year olds live, give it a watch:

Now of course I think a lot of us would be tempted to be mean here, but he’s 15, and you can’t blame him that his dad happens to be a billionaire. He comes across as being nice enough, though the whole dynamic of who he’s traveling with seems weird (the guy is like 40 and he refers to him as “boy,” the other guy is in business while he’s in first, etc.).

But still, oddly I enjoyed the video. Or at least couldn’t stop watching. Then again, I feel similarly about the Jerry Springer Show.

In looking at some of his other videos, this is probably one of the cheaper activities he has engaged in this year. I imagine hanging out with Mariah Carey, DJ Khaled, etc., cost his dad a bit more.

If you want an actually well produced video of Emirates’ A380, it’s tough to beat Casey Neistat’s incredible Emirates business class video:

As this kid would say, “it’s crazy,” eh?

(Tip of the hat to View from the Wing)

  1. Whether you have a trust that someone set up for you or not, it’s not my business. What difference does it make? The trust didn’t cross the globe 100 times and document it all nor did the fund come up with the idea for the site.

  2. Casey’s videos are well made. I can’t document my trips cause I just come off like a dbag, but he does it well.

  3. The ‘boy’ is probably his bodyguard.

    @Arthur H – Lol, tonnes of people do that. Just imagine them tramping through the restrooms barefoot to get you a lot more disturbed!

  4. Not that I ever thought you were a trust fund child, but to say that “couldn’t be further from the truth”? Really? Do regale us with some tales of your impoverished childhood…

  5. @tda, yes.

    Also, tell the story of flying back and forth between the U.S.and Germany when you were 15 again. I personally woke up a 4:30AM that summer to work in the cornfields. But then again, 7 hours in coach is probably worse…

  6. @tda – didn’t your parents teach you to STFU if you couldn’t say anything nice?

    If so; why are you still talking?

  7. I’ve seen a lot of people refer to their friends as boy. It’s like buddy in North America, it’s boy in that region. Rather than say, hey buddy, they say, hey boy,

  8. How sad is the Arab world? There are so many of these billionaires that could solve the suffering of the Palestinian people, and they just hoard billions of dollars on nothing.

  9. @Abe – Yeah and the West could save all the plights they created in Africa with colonialism by the same account… Seriously dude…

  10. The kid’s name is Rashid. He appears in a lot of older Youtubers’ videos and calls them his boys as if they are in some kind of gang or best friends or something. He appears in many of Mo Vlogs’ videos too and has been shown to buy the most expensive kicks he could find (he apparently has $ 1 million worth of kicks) and he shows their house in MTV Cribs style clips for many Youtubers.

    I suppose he needs a companion to travel internationally as he is only 15. Rather pay his assistant or whoever that guy is to just travel with him as his assistant/bodyguard/travel companion/friend.

  11. Lucky, the thing is I am 14 and I have traveled F cabin on Emirates, Etihad, NH, CX(and KA regional F), Jet Airways, Singapore Airlines, CA, KE & OZ using the miles I accumulated(and sometimes my dad’s) over the years. (with all the mileage runs and frequent US-Asia trips hehehe). So this kid, mehhhhhhhh… after all it is not all that impressive to be traveling on EK F??

  12. A dorky rich kid who will probably end up paying for a golden shower from Russian girls in a St Regis.

  13. Based on the thumbnail here and on his Youtube account…he looks like he needs to be punched in the face, repeatedly. Then again, if my dad was as rich as his is and was subsidizing my lifestyle, I’d probably be bragging about my life obnoxiously as well.

    Though, EK F does seem a step down, like, daddy won’t pay to charter a private jet for him? Not even an EK private jet?


    Ending the Israeli occupation would probably solve the suffering of the Palestinian people far, far more.

  14. It’s hard for the 15 year old to beat Casey since he has been making videos for a long time and knows how they go.

    I also want to make reviews on airlines though I’m 13 and live in a family of 4 where paying for a premium cabin for all is expensive. I mainly fly Southwest where you can’t really review anything.

  15. the whole dynamic of who he’s traveling with seems weird (the guy is like 40 and he refers to him as “boy,” the other guy is in business while he’s in first, etc.).

    I had the “boy” job when I was in college. In my case I was the nanny/tutor/personal assistant/friend. In this case the “boy” may be nanny/personal assistant/friend and security. It was great, I got to go to a lot of amazing places, received lavish gifts, paid very well, etc. Nice work if you can get it.

  16. He’s calling him “the boy” because it’s slang that “sneakerheads” use… Like an offshoot of Drake using the term “the kid.” One of the many trends/fads that make it increasingly more difficult to admit I’m a sneaker head. :-\

  17. I venture to guess the travel companion addressed as boy tolerates it because he watched the episode where Teresa Giudice was asked not to use a call name and she replied:”It’s bitch better? Bitch.”

  18. @Julia what occupation? Israel is not in the West Bank, and totally disengaged the Gaza Strip in 2005. Hamas in turn made Gaza into a terrorist hotspot, and launched rockets at Israel instead of creating a successful state. So what occupation are you talking about? Learn history.

    Someone else above said colonialists could help Africa with the mess they made with the money they have. I couldn’t agree more with you. By the same token, to see a 15 year old kid indulge in luxuries like that, whose father is a multi-billionaire who could actually help people who have no food, makes me sick. And it’s not like he’s the only one. There’s are so many billionaires from all the oil in the Arab world who literally squander their money on yachts and ferraris. They have no incentive to help their Arab brothers and sisters who have been refugees for over 50 years?

  19. @”Ibrahim”

    They control the land, air, and (and in the case of Gaza) sea borders. They decide which products go in and out. Different form of occupation. Why do you think groups like Hamas exist? In reaction to Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territory. Fact, Hamas didn’t exist until 1987, long after the 1948 war. Also, Israel is not in the West Bank? They have carved up the area like a piece of swiss cheese with all of the (illegal) settlements and security checkpoints, which if that isn’t a form of occupation, I don’t know what is. Sounds like you need to learn your history and current facts.

    Who says these billionaires aren’t donating to charities? Just because they aren’t posting about it publicly all the time, that doesn’t mean they aren’t donating. And even when they do donate, Israel controlling the borders of the WB, Gaza, and East Jerusalem means not everything gets through.

    The way to end the suffering for their Arab brothers and sisters who have been refugees for 50 years is to end the occupation.

  20. Gee I wonder why on earth Israel would want to ensure no more rockets and weapons are shipped into Gaza and West Bank after countless suicide bombings and rocket launches.

    The Palestinians PAY “martyrs” who go out and kill Israelis.

    The Palestinian refugees are used as pawns by the Arab nations, and the reason we know they don’t help behind the scenes as you claim is because the there would be enough food. Then they would have clean drinking water. All of which they don’t. The head of Hamas, Khalid Mashal, is worth billions of dollars and doesn’t even live in Gaza, he lives in Qatar! What does that say about the Palestinian “leadership?” If the problem got solved tomorrow there would be no more money pouring in to embezzle by the PA, and the internationally labeled terrorist organization Hamas.

    Do you even know why there are Palestinian refugees? Do you even know why Palestinians have to suffer? Why is Khalid Mashal a billionaire? Why is Mahmoud Abbas worth Hundreds of millions? Please educate yourself:

  21. Maybe if there was no occupation, there wouldn’t be rockets and weapons? The state of Israel preceded the creation of Hamas.

    I never said they don’t help behind the scenes, I just said they don’t publicize it.

    They don’t have water and food because Israel controls the taxes, the borders, and the economies of the West Bank and Gaza.

    What problem gets solved? Fixing the leadership? The occupation would still exist. The occupation is the main cause of the suffering of the Palestinians, not whatever some Arab billionaires decide to do with their money. But it seems like it is a good way for you to divert the issue from the occupation by Israel, which is the main issue.

    Of course there are Palestinian refugees…who exist because of the Israeli occupation.

    If anyone needs to educate themselves, it is you. And stop using the Ibrahim to try and throw people off of your real identity.

  22. Ibrahim is talking out of his ass. I think the Mohel took part of his brain too. This is a blog about flight reviews. You want to discuss politics and push your Zio-fascist narrative go somewhere else

  23. I’m not pro-Zionist, I’m pro-people. I think showing this off, wearing thousand dollar sneakers, when they could be feeding refugees in Palestine and Syria instead makes me feel sick.

    I’m sorry you don’t feel the same way.

  24. @moses Nothing I said above is false. Are you going to say the testimony of the Palestinian refugee’s child is also false?

    I believe in helping people before spending your money obscenely on superficial things. I’m not sure how that’s not something everyone cannot get behind unless their parents are also some rich Emir’s or Sheiks.

  25. “wearing thousand dollar sneakers, when they could be feeding refugees in Palestine and Syria”

    Who says they can’t (and aren’t doing both), “Ibrahim”?

    I’m sure if you as the Palestinian refugee’s child what their wish would be, at the very top would be ending the occupation and/or giving Palestinian refugees the right of return.

  26. If you watched the video above I posted of a Palestinian refugee, maybe you would understand what I am saying.

    I’m not saying anything that’s conflicting here, or about politics. Again, my main point is that there are so many billionaires in the Muslim world who could put an end to the Syrian crisis, and who could put an end to the Palestinian refugee crisis and who could help their Arab brothers and sisters, and do not do that.

    Julia, if you could show me some billionaire Arab businessmen who are donating towards this goal, I will stand corrected. Until then, I think it’s safe to assume that they’re not doing that since 96% of Palestinian drinking water is not safe, and Syrian refugees do not have food to eat. If these billionaires, (which end up adding to trillionaires) did help, this wouldn’t be the case. There wouldn’t be these crises.

    It’s sad that these ultra-rich Arabs/Muslims are not giving, or helping problems that are happening to their brothers and sisters in the area. All I am saying is that I think it’s important when Allah gives you billions of dollars, its important to put helping people before flying Emirates first class. That’s it.

    I don’t understand why that’s a message we can’t all get behind?

  27. I understand what you are saying, you are trying to shift the problems of the Palestinians from the Israeli occupation to rich Arabs. Its the rich Arabs who are responsible for the Palestinians having unsafe water, it is not due to the Israeli occupation! What bullsh*t.

    How would the billionaires put an end to Syrian crisis? They will go fight for either side? They will pay both sides to stop fighting? What a ridiculous thing for you to say. If they had that much magical power, don’t you think they would also end the Israeli occupation if they could too?

    “All I am saying is that I think it’s important when Allah gives you billions of dollars, its important to put helping people before flying Emirates first class”

    Why can’t someone enjoy both? Plus, with Israel controlling the borders of the West Bank and Gaza, a good chunk of that help doesn’t always make it through.

    Also, stop moving the goal posts. You began discussing Palestinian suffering, now you are making it seem like Arab/Muslim billionaires (which is it?) are responsible for ending all the suffering in the world. What a crock of an argument you are making.

    Going back to your original post, the main reason for the suffering of the Palestinian people is due to Israeli occupation.

  28. I don’t think you’re understanding my point. We’re not talking about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We’re talking about Arabs who are Muslim, with lots and lots of billions of dollars in oil money, who don’t do anything to help Syrian refugees and don’t do anything to help Palastine refugees and instead spend their money on obscenely rich adventures which I find abhorrent.

    You keep saying they do both. Ok show me. Put up or shut up.

  29. All it takes is a simple Google search to find out what is being done. Billions and billions of dollars have gone from the Gulf states and Gulf citizens towards helping Palestinian and Syrian refugees. You’d know that if you took the time out to search for it online.

    But I guess it’s easier to post under a fake name and use your thinly veiled dislike of Arabs and Muslims to turn this into an Arab and Muslim bashing discussion instead.

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