Marriott Extends Free Nights & Points Validity

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Back in April Marriott Bonvoy announced that it was extending status, points validity, free night awards, and more. Well, we’re now seeing free night awards and points validity being extended once again.

Marriott free night awards valid through August 2021

Eligible Marriott Bonvoy free night awards (FNAs) are being extended through August 1, 2021:

  • Effective December 11, 2020, free night awards with an original expiration date before July 31, 2021, will be automatically extended
  • This applies to free night awards received as a co-brand credit card benefit, annual choice benefit, promotion, or travel package
  • Free night awards with an original expiration date prior to 2020 will not be eligible for the additional extension

Free night awards are valid through August 2021

Marriott Bonvoy points validity extended

Previously the expiration of Marriott Bonvoy points was paused through February 1, 2021. That’s now being extended by a further six months, through August 1, 2021. As a reminder, Bonvoy points ordinarily expire after 24 months of inactivity.

Bonvoy points won’t expire for an additional six months

Bottom line

Marriott is extending the validity of free night awards and points through August 2021, which is a great development for members. I suspect we’ll continue to see loyalty programs give members more time to redeem their rewards, given the circumstances.

Will you benefit from this Marriott Bonvoy extension?

  1. Happy to hear this, but I was hoping to use my 2 certificates for room nights in Bangkok in August (and even that may be too soon, as there is no telling when Thailand will open to Americans)

  2. How do you tell which free night awards had an original expiry date prior to 2020 (and are getting extended)? With having a few of them, all with differing original expiry dates, I’d like to know before Dec 11 whether I need to use them up by January…

  3. This is great. I almost bought 2,000 points during that 50% bonus last week to keep my points active for another 2 years. Hopefully, I’ll use or earn a point before August and won’t have to buy points.

  4. Still waiting on them to deposit the 50k Brilliant cert more than a month after I paid the renewal fee… wankers

  5. I had awards expiring in 2020 which I could not use because I stopped traveling due to Covid. Marriott should extend all these awards and not just those prospectively. Marriott has expired some of my awards and I am not happy about that, nor about the lack of care from their customer service. I’m a lifetime Platinum so I have spent 600 nights in Marriott/SPG hotels.

  6. So Marriott says this will happen extension will happen automatically on Dec 11th.

    If anyone has success calling Marriott and getting them to manually book dates after their current expiration date please post it.

    I called today and agents were clueless that the extension has even been granted.

    WARNING: When your certificate posts call Marriott and get the number.
    Keep records of their use including confirmation and cancelation numbers.
    When you cancel a free night reservation the certificate is is supposed to automatically go back into your account so you can see it online. I have had several cancelations where I needed to call in to get certificate manually restored. This is MUCH harder without the certificate number which they do not show you online. I have a repeating appointment in my calendar for each hotel card for a few days after statement date that includes annual fee to call Marriott and get the certificate number. Chase says it may take much longer to post – but that is not my experience.

  7. I have been Bonvoyed several times by being awarded a free night then having it taken away within a month even though not used. Doesn’t really matter as I never stay at a Marriott property if I can stay at my favourite Hilton – not having a free breakfast is a deal breaker as far as I am concerned.

  8. So if a 7-night travel package had an ORIGINAL expiration date prior to 2020, then it won’t be extended?

  9. @Carberrie Correct. In a comparison between Cain and Abel, Marriott always plays Cain. Everytime they appear to give something nice to their most loyal customers, Marriott always includes some details to burn the guests.

    So now we have to read the fine print and figure out which of our free nights are extended and which are not. I am sure some members are going to get this wrong and be Bonvoyed when their free nights do not get extended and expire unused. What a joke.

  10. How can we tell when these items were originally expiring?

    I have two certificates that are listed to expire 01/02/2021. Does that mean that if I don’t redeem them prior to Jan 02, 2021 – approximately 2 months from now that I’ll lose those?

    I don’t want to NOT use them, but I also don’t want to wait until Dec 11 to find out if they are going to be extended?

  11. I called Marriott twice this week to check if they were indeed going to extend my free night award again. My awards were set to originally expire this year in Nov but Marriott, a few months back, extended it out to Jan 31, 2021. Now with this new extension till August 2021, the two reps I spoke with said that the Aug extension will not apply since I already got an extension for Jan 31, 2021. The website says differently, so there’s some miscommunication I feel like that’s going on.

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