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Marriott and Uber have just launched an exciting new partnership, giving Bonvoy members the ability to earn points for purchases with Uber.

How the Marriott & Uber partnership works

Starting today, members of Marriott Bonvoy can earn points when ordering food delivery with Uber Eats and requesting select Uber rides.

This partnership is only available in the United States, and you must link your Marriott Bonvoy and Uber accounts in the Uber app to start automatically earning points on all eligible transactions.

Funny enough, Marriott Bonvoy is calling this a “first of its kind collaboration,” though really Starwood Preferred Guest was the pioneer here, which was truly innovative at the time. However, that partnership ended years ago.

How many Marriott Bonvoy points can you earn with Uber?

With this partnership, you can earn 2-6x Bonvoy points per dollar spent with Uber, depending on the type of transaction (for context, I value Bonvoy points at 0.7 cents each):

  • Earn 6x Bonvoy points per dollar spent on Uber Eats deliveries to hotels operating under the Marriott brand with a minimum $25 basket; I value that at an incremental 4.2% return
  • Earn 2x Bonvoy points per dollar spent on non-hotel deliveries and food pick-ups with a minimum $25 basket; I value that at an incremental 1.4% return
  • Earn 3x Bonvoy points on Uber XL, Comfort, and Black rides; I value that at an incremental 2.1% return

There’s no limit on how many points you can earn through this partnership, and the eligible spending amount will be calculated after any promotions and discounts are applied, and won’t include taxes, fees, and tips.

Earn 2,000 Marriott Bonvoy points for linking your accounts

Marriott Bonvoy members who link their accounts and have at least one qualifying transaction by May 31, 2021, will receive 2,000 Marriott Bonvoy bonus points. I value those points at ~$14, so that’s a very nice return for a single transaction.

To link your Marriott Bonvoy and Uber accounts, log into the Uber app:

  • Tap the menu on the top left corner
  • Then click “Settings”
  • Scroll down to tap “Marriott Bonvoy” under the rewards section
  • Tap “Link Account”
  • Then log into your Marriott Bonvoy account

My take on the Marriott & Uber partnership

Personally my approach to both ridesharing and food delivery has changed significantly in the past couple of years. Back in the day I’d use Uber for ridesharing and Postmates for food delivery, while nowadays:

  • I use Lyft for ridesharing thanks to the Chase Sapphire Reserve Lyft Pink partnership — not only do I get a 15% discount thanks to Lyft Pink, but I also earn 10x Ultimate Rewards points on this spending, which I value at a further 17% return; on top of that I earn Hilton Honors points for my Lyft spending, which is awesome
  • I use Uber Eats for food delivery, since I’ve found service to be better than through Postmates, and I can use my Amex Platinum credits

This new partnership won’t actually change my behavior, since Lyft’s pricing and points earning opportunities are so much better than Uber’s for ridesharing. However, I’ll absolutely take bonus Marriott Bonvoy points for my food delivery spending.

By the way, I also find it pretty telling the extent to which Marriott is rewarding Uber Eats deliveries to Marriott hotels, rather than rewarding ridesharing to Marriott hotels. In the past this would have been considered competition to room service, but with many hotels clearly not planning on resuming full service even post-pandemic, I guess Marriott thinks this is a good way to condition people to start ordering food from outside hotels.

Bottom line

Marriott and Uber have launched a cool new partnership, giving Bonvoy members the ability to earn points for both rideshare and food delivery spending with Uber. You can earn 2-6x Bonvoy points, which I value at a ~1.4-4.2% return.

It’s great to see collaborations like this, as this will earn many Bonvoy members a lot of points.

What do you make of the new Marriott & Uber partnership?

  1. It looks like the entire Uber Rewards system has changed today as well, back to the old system with 500 point rewards.

  2. So zero points earned on UberX? Sometimes you just need a cheap, quick ride to the airport.

  3. @ Justin — There aren’t any restrictions beyond what’s in the post. “Qualifying” for Uber Eats means it has to be $25 before fees, tips, taxes, etc.

  4. Sounds good except for the UberX exclusion. 90% of my Uber rides are UberX. Won’t influence my behavior at all, but I will earn extra Marriott points from this…

  5. Wonder why Marriott would want to encourage Uber Eats deliveries to their hotels that can cannibalize their own hotel restaurants to sell food in many cases!

  6. Do you receive Bonvoy points in addition to the Uber points? Or can you only receive points for one program?

  7. @ Luke: Because people are already ordering in via Uber Eats vs. dealing with overpriced reheated Sysco food products so might as well earn some money by selling points?

  8. @ Luke — My theory is that this is ultimately part of a move away from hotel F&B outlets. We know hotels plan to be less full service post-pandemic, so this seems like a way to encourage people to find other ways to eat when staying at hotels.

  9. @Luke yea i believe what @P says is right. plus, Marriott has already made their intentions to cut back on hotel services with their recent messaging. it’ll be gradual and strategic, but i imagine that unless you’re staying at certain brands that fall within either a certain category level, brand or are resort style, they’ll scale back their kitchen or outright cut kitchen services altogether, and opt for the automated kiosks / vending machines they seem so excited about.

  10. Anyone else having issues getting the linking to work? When I try to log into Bonvoy on my Uber app nothing happens.

  11. @Chris, I wasn’t aware the rewards program was ever anything different from the 500 point thing?

    It’s too bad UberX is not valid for earning. Makes this significantly weaker than Lyft/Hilton. Though recently Lyft rides have stopped posting to my Hilton account…

  12. Given UberX is the majority of their business and the min spend on eats I think it’s more like earn 0-6x Bonvoy points.

  13. Strange. Neither the QR code in the email uber sent me nor the link accounts page is working for me. When I go to link accounts it asks me for u/n and pword. when I enter the screen just reloads.

  14. Boy do I wish that we still had SPG IT.
    The Marriott IT experience is so horrible. It’s so much harder and slower to find hotels and compare prices. And everything is just slow.

    Anyhow, when trying to link, and logging in with correct credentials, the Marriott login screen just seems to freeze. Do they even test before they launch? Please let us know when Marriott bothers to fix it.

  15. Can’t seem to register, I type in my Marriott login information in the Uber app as described and the webpage just refreshes and blanks out my information. No confirmation of linkage or anything. Anyone else have this issue?

  16. @Chris, others same here. Logging in to Marriott via the Uber account does nothing.

    @Sel, D. “Given UberX is the majority of their business and the min spend on eats I think it’s more like earn 0-6x Bonvoy points.”

    I haven’t looked at their financials recently, but Eats is a significant part of their business now, given pandemic crushing of their rides business.

  17. I am also having the linking issue. It will probably take a bit for them to fix it. Hilton/Lyft also had challenges for me initially.

  18. Is this for US accounts only? I’m looking at the UK app and dont see a Bonvoy connection as an option.

  19. For those not able to link accounts, I’d recommend just holding off a few hours. I’m sure they’re currently experiencing overwhelming demand right now, and that this will resolve itself soon.

  20. Doesn’t work for me either. I put in my Bonvoy details, the screen blinks and the input gets erased. Not even an error message.

  21. Understanding that it’s about different lifestyle and personal choices, IMO, Uber and Uber eats is one of the “weakest” American Express benefits. Other alternatives, as others have posted exist.
    Never used them on Amex Platinum & Amex Gold nor will use on Amex Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant & Amex Marriott. Bonvoy Business.

  22. I’m having the same problem registering that others have reported. When I log on using a computer, I can see that my Uber account is still linked to Starwood – perhaps that is causing the problem. Unfortunately my Marriott account number is different than my Starwood one, so until they get this bug fixed I won’t be earning any extra Marriott hotel points.

  23. I received the email from Bonvoy, followed the instructions, and was able to link with the first try. Not sure if they’re rolling out in waves or if it went live to everyone at once.

    I’m still likely to use Lyft to earn DL/Hilton points when the pricing makes sense. But, like Lucky, I’m now using Ubereats at least 1x/month to use an AmEx credit so I’ll earn a little something extra with this joint program.

  24. Love this Marriott & Uber rekindle their old flame before they ended this partnership. Hopefully this is only just the beginning and will expand for years to come! These are two fantastic amazing companies!

  25. Was able to link mine a few minutes ago after not having success earlier this morning. Looks like the gremlins have been worked out.

  26. I am in Canada but luckily I have an uber account using US phone#, so i was able to connect after few attempts!

  27. Sounded great and was glad to see Uber following Lyft w bonus promotions (I have my DL and Hilton accounts both linked to Lyft). Of course I linked my Uber and Marriott accounts but when I saw that earnings were on delivery to Marriotts (have done pickup when on the road but won’t do food delivery), $25 minimum on pickup (I mainly do pickup for Uber/DoorDash/Grubhub since like to ensure it is hot and avoids extra fees) when many times it is just me picking up something quick likely below this level and no Uber X points the value IMHO dropped to near zero!

    Sure I will PROBABLY get some points on this but not nearly as big a deal as Uber is making it or the many blogs that are shilling it!

  28. Took a short Uber Black ride tonight, notification indicated I had earned Bonvoy points and to expect the points within a few days. Points showed up immediately in my Bonvoy account. Good deal. Haven’t seen the 2,000 point bonus for linking the accounts yet.

  29. As many others have commented, I also can’t link after repeated attempts trying using both account number and email address. If they can find a way to make it work, would be a nice way to earn some extra points, but under the current circumstances, I don’t think they can really tout it as a promotion/benefit since it is clearly not accessible to many users due to linking fail.

  30. When I changed my password in my online Marriott Bonvoy account and then tried to link from the Uber app using my new password, it worked. I don’t know if it was a fluke, but others having trouble might want to try it (if you don’t mind changing your password, that is.)

  31. I reached out to Uber via Messenger. They promptly replied and asked me to delete the app and reload it from the Play store. I did this and it worked for me. All good now…

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