Man Hands Out $100 Bills On Flight (As One Does)

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Well this is… bizarre.

There’s not much context here, but a 13-second video is circulating of a man handing out $100 bills to fellow passengers on a flight. In the video, the man is seen with quite a stack of $100 bills in a “fan.” There must be at least a few dozen.

He says “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” as he starts to hand out money. It seems like he intends to give money to each passenger. As he hands out the first $100 bill, he says “I don’t care if you want to take it or not, you can throw it out.” So he seems pretty stubborn about wanting to give everyone money.

You can see the video here:

What you see in the video is all we know (as of now), so a few observations:

  • My gosh, this guy is awful at wearing his mask, so him hovering over people and talking to them while not wearing his mask correctly is… not ideal
  • This looks to me like an Embraer 175(ish) regional jet, but I can’t figure out which airline it belongs to; the cabin finishes don’t at all match regional subsidiaries of Alaska, Delta, or United, and they somewhat look like American, but not quite (anyone know which airline this is?)
  • I would assume this video was taken recently based on the holiday reference and mask usage
  • What was this guy’s motive for handing out money to everyone? It doesn’t seem like this was some sort of a YouTuber publicity stunt, or anything (though over the years we’ve seen plenty of those as well)

So yeah, I’m not sure what to say here. Kudos to this guy for giving complete strangers money, seemingly with no strings attached, but please learn to wear a mask correctly?

Anyone have more context for why this guy was handing out money?

  1. Obese man on airplane wearing chin diaper getting in peoples faces and making contact with them. What could go wrong?

    Hope he’s banned for life from whatever airline that is

  2. Instead of commending a guy for doing a random act of kindness, we’re talking about proper mask wearing. Wow lol.

  3. Sorry but he’s not wearing a mask and handing out what could be infected notes. Many Americans aren’t aware that most retailers in Europe refuse to accept cash and live in an almost cashless society. Not the case in the US.

  4. This guy needs to be banned from flying. He is not following mask policies and should not be allowed to fly throughout the duration of the pandemic.

  5. Recklessly endangering public health while trying to hand out cash, which may well be somebody else’s.

    Donald Trump, is that you?

  6. “Many Americans aren’t aware that most retailers in Europe refuse to accept cash and live in an almost cashless society.”
    Icarus, that considerably overstates things. It is closer to accurate in referring to Scandinavia than the rest of Europe.

  7. That was very generous. A lot of Americans are hurting out there . I reckon it’s one of those regional AA flights between Dfw and a place like Amarillo, Lubbock , or College Station.
    I have to fly first on those little flights. Those people don’t wear masks. Only when the FA walks by. I hate it. My recent flight to Boston the FAs were constantly mask policing and I would commend them.

  8. Yea I’d rather he just wear the mask correctly instead of walking around exposing people unnecessarily. This feels like it was more about him than about the people he was giving money to, especially when he tells the person he doesn’t care if they want the money or not.

  9. I haven’t touched a single cash note since the pandemic and I’m not going to change that just because it’s free money.

  10. There may be some overlap between “people who are traveling by plane” and “people who are hurting and need free money”, but I bet it’s a very small one.

    Yes, I wouldn’t touch this covid denier’s infected money either.

  11. @Icarus Just don’t touch your face after touching money before sanitizing or washing your hands

    Should be the case with no COVID either

  12. Ahh…COVID…99.x% survival rate for all under 70.

    If you don’t live in a nursing home, you have 97%+ survival rate if you are over 70. Even more if you are not obese, as 65% of those over 70 are not.

  13. @Icarus: in the surrounding retailers I have visited here in Barcelona (I can’t speak about the rest of Spain but my guess it is similar) they have signs at the registers requesting card use. They will take cash but I haven’t seen many still use it. Cards have been the norm prior to Covid anyway so I don’t see a big change but to your point, retailers here are trying to reduce the use of cash transactions.

  14. You rather die of your American obesity than of Corona. You wear a mask, but can’t manage your eating habits and exercise routine?

  15. “No good deed goes unpunished.”

    That expression has been attributed to several luminaries, including Billy Wilder, writer Clare Booth Luce, American financier John P. Grier, banker Andrew W. Mellon, and Oscar Wilde, although its actual origin has never been established.

  16. One time on a flight from IST – JFK on Turkish a few years back, a drunk Italian man came up to my 2 year old daughter and put 250 euros into her hand and went back to his seat.

  17. 1. Yes, the man should have been wearing the mask over his nose and mouth.
    2. No, him not wearing the mask does not take away from the fact that this was a nice deed regardless of whether it was accepted.
    3. He was likely not the only one not following mask policies. So people here are more than welcome to fly in their private jets if the feel scared of non-compilers. Especially, since many of the commenters make it seem like they use $100 as toilet paper anyway.

  18. @Icarus . Your comment that most retailers in Europe do not accept cash is incorrect . Lots of cash transactions everywhere , where did you read that ? I live in the EU.

  19. He’s giving people Christmas gifts during the worst economic times in decades and you whiners are going on about how he wears his mask. Get a life people!

  20. The guys behavior is bizarre. But he could be doing worse things. And for all of you complaining about his mask, go to he…. People slip their masks down all the time. Please stay home, off of planes, locked in your houses so the rest of us can go on with life. We can cope even if you can’t.

  21. I won’t even try to guess at his motives – whether altruistic, self-aggrandizing, or what we used to call a ‘bi-polar manic episode’. (Yes, I know that’s not PC anymore.)

    Since I can’t make a call based upon motive, that only leaves his disregard for health protocol as how I would make my decision.

    My wife and I are split on this one. I would not be too worried about the cash being contaminated, but wouldn’t take it from him while his mask was down. She, on the other hand, would take it gladly reasoning that since she always takes the window seat, their combined arm length would be pretty close to 6 ft anyway. ‘Course that puts him bending over very close to me on the aisle, so I’d be the one he was breathing on. Not sure what that tells me about her concerns for me! lol. We both had COVID back in April anyway, so may have some resistance based upon the low number of confirmed reinfected persons.

  22. Yeah, my first thought was the “Dollar Flu” from “The Division” games. Or counterfeits he’s trying to get rid of.

    Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes…

  23. @chuck

    who cares…overflowing hospitals…maybe some at some times…but this was true a few years ago, nobody cared much. Few even know.


    Jerusalema Challenge nurses

    you’ll see how busy hospitals around the world were in summer/fall. (Granted South Hemisphere may have been busier)

    besides masks don’t work..research going back decades…

    USA CDC – 322,000 HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS “tested positive”…and they use surgical (Not cloth?) and N95….


    remove dashes and add https://

    calc the death rate too…99.65% survival rate….yet media sensationalized a few nurses dying…

  24. @quasimodo

    Who cares? It’s evident that you and your ilk don’t.

    You’re right — masks don’t work. That’s why doctors don’t wear them during surgery.

  25. Some of the comments such as from Vishy and Flyer are hard to fathom! The guy is handing out $100 bills and you want him banned from the airline! The stupidity and callousness stated by some of your comments makes me want to throw up!

    PS: I am a 54 yo male with pre- existing conditions who had COVID so I don’t need your damm preaching!

  26. This is a 13 second video. Maybe he pulled his mask down for the video so we could see his face! I don’t think he meant any harm by it. He was handing out $100 bills to everyone and wishing them a marry Christmas. I would have taken the $100 and anyone who didn’t want their $100 bill could give it to me!

  27. God, The mask! 1st thing I saw too.

    It’s nice for some to hand out $$ to peeps. I heard many say that many Americans are hurting. I want to and hope to point out. The world is affected as well. So it took me a moment of reflection. We and many are still doing better than others somewhere.
    Anyhow he sure beat my thought to not the most honorable gesture, but
    kill 2 birds … I thought hmm 10MR per $1 on grocery…I sure can hoard a few more to points and get me closer to that biz RTW ticket. (Fingers cross)

    I was trying to figure out the logistic of purchasing groceries, pack into individual meals and etc and handling it to homeless individuals or do it with a soup kitchen?
    Is it true if with an org. It could be tax deductible? If so any org?

  28. @chuck

    Plenty of studies showing masks don’t prevent infection in surgery…again going back many years…that IS the science.

    Here’s one of too many to count…


    remove front dashes and add https://

  29. @chuck

    Surgeons at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, recognizing the lack of evidence supporting the use of masks, ceased requiring them in 2010 for anesthesiologists and other non-scrubbed personnel in the operating room. “Our decision to no longer require routine surgical masks for personnel not scrubbed for surgery is a departure from common practice. But the evidence to support this practice does not exist,” wrote Dr. Eva Sellden.

  30. Following the work of Pasteur and Lister, there are hundreds of studies showing clearly the mechanisms of germ transmission, and now you’ve found two examples of people who want to doubt. Oh, what to believe as most likely true???

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