Lufthansa to begin 747-8 service to Los Angeles as of December 10, 2012!

It looks like Lufthansa has just updated the GDS to reflect their next 747-8 destination, which will be Los Angeles. As of December 10, 2012, they’ll offer daily 747-8 service between Frankfurt and Los Angeles. This is significant for a few reasons:

  • There are a dozen more business class seats on the 747-8 than on the 747-400, so in theory more capacity means more award seats.
  • The 747-8 features Lufthansa’s brand new fully flat business class product, which is far superior to their old product.
  • Flying a new airplane is awesome. The 747 is still the most beautiful plane in the sky, in my opinion, and the next “generation” is even more beautiful.
  • It’s guaranteed to feature Lufthansa’s brand new first class, which I flew from Frankfurt to Washington Dulles on the 747-8.

(Tip of the hat to LufthansaFlyer)

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  1. It wasn’t five minutes ago I was wondering when they would launch this, now I I have my answer. Hopefully I can snag a seat in F on my RTW trip in May.

  2. flew 747-8 last month in F and was a bit disappointed. Don’t get me wrong it is cool to fly a new plane and fly in F but the seat was really hard and the lighting in the F cabin is really bad and made up of really bright and highly focused LED that shine in your face or just behind your head making it useless. I am really sensitive to lighting.

  3. I’m booked on the LAX-FRA flight on July 9, but when logging in on the LH website it shows the old 747-4 seat map. When does LH update their website to reflect the new plane?

  4. Lucky, are you going to write about the United hotel transfer bonus promotion? I’d like to know if you think it’s a good use of Wyndham points we bought in April.
    Thank you.

  5. I saw a piece about the new Lufthansa seats and its looks really good. Glad to see their roll out is going quickly.

  6. @ Julian — I suspect they just haven’t updated the schedule that far yet.

    @ Lantean — I will, just running a bit behind at the moment.

  7. I don’t see any direct FRA-LAX flights on for award availability starting Dec 10, 2012 yet. Are they probably just lagging behind? The only direct flight they show is LH 456, which is on a 747-400.

    Will be flying FRA-IAD in business class around then, and it is a 747-8, so definitely looking forward to it, but FRA-LAX would work better (trying to get back to SFO).

  8. @ Nash D — That’s probably just because they’ve released very little award space, so that’s why it’s not showing up (the award calendar only shows flights if there’s space). As they release more space it should show up.

  9. @ Kai — Lufthansa is very inconsistent in the amount of award space they release, so it’s tough to peg a number. That being said, we’ve seen more award space on Lufthansa’s IAD to FRA route since they switched from a 747-400 to 747-8.

  10. @ M — It looks like LH456/457 will be the 747-8. The other frequency is scheduled to be a 747-400 as of now, though that could always change.

  11. @lucky looks like I’m booked on 451, which is why it still shows the 747-4 for me. Lame… I got all excited!

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