Lufthansa’s Munich “Delights To Go” Lounge Is Now Open

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Last week I wrote about Lufthansa’s new “Delights To Go” concept at Munich Airport, which I find to be innovative. Many times premium passengers don’t arrive at the airport early enough to use the lounge, or their connection may be short, but they may still want to grab a snack or drink. This concept is supposed to fulfill that need.

With Lufthansa’s new offering, premium cabin and elite passengers will be able to grab a snack and drink to-go, in lieu of visiting a traditional lounge (or in addition to, though that defeats the purpose).

Lufthansa has opened the new “Delights To Go” space at Munich Airport as of today, and it’s a six month trial. It’s located in Terminal 2 at Gate G19, and it’s open to all passengers who have access to Lufthansa lounges.

Here’s how Lufthansa describes the concept for this in their press release:

Most frequent flyers are quite familiar with this situation: you are on your way to the airport and simply looking forward to having a cup of coffee and a small snack in the Lufthansa Lounge. Nevertheless, by the time you actually arrive at the airport, you take a look at the clock and realize that time is running out. In order to make travel easier for these customers in a hurry, Lufthansa has now developed a smart solution called “Delights to Go”.

“Delights To Go” will have an interface where guests can select one of three boxes from the categories listed on the screen:

The categories include Classic (main component, for example, a tuna wrap or Greek salad), Balance (for example a sprout sandwich with pear and fig mustard or a quinoa ginger salad) or Local (for example Munich sausage salad). These components are complemented by a sweet or savoury snack, a piece of fresh fruit and a small bottle of water.

Once you select an option, the box will be available in a compartment immediately beneath the monitor.  They’ll adjust the selection every two weeks.

You’ll also have the choice of selecting a coffee specialty, tea, water, or juice.

Bottom line

I appreciate Lufthansa’s creativity here, and think this could be a great alternative to visiting a lounge.

I’d love to see more airlines adopt this, and in a dream world perhaps there would be even more choices. How about a little to-go cafe where there’s a barista who can make an actually good coffee beverage, as well as the option to choose from more soft drinks (like soda, iced tea, etc.), plus maybe the ability to choose from several food items, rather than just a few snackboxes?

Perhaps the issue there is that people can’t be trusted to be reasonable, so I could see people trying to take just about everything to go without controls in place.

Do you plan on visiting Lufthansa’s “Delights To Go” feature at Munich Airport?

  1. I love this idea and see it as a move towards a more ‘restaurant’ focused lounge experience. Often times, I would far prefer a $10 gift card to the coffee shop at the next gate than I would the chance to sit in the lounge with bad snacks and mediocre coffee. If more airlines operated these ‘mini-restaurants’ or even boutique coffee shops (as you mentioned), I think it could be a huge win for the passenger experience–as well as cost savings for the airline (less real estate required).

    They could even institute a one-order policy to avoid abuse. I would love that!

  2. You should visit the SAS Domestic lounge at Oslo Gardermoen. The new lounge which opened last year actually has a coffee bar with an actual barista making coffee to order. Nice to grab a flat white or double espresso after a workout in the lounge gym followed by a shower and massage.

  3. Haha what’s the timeframe on LH following BA and eliminating on-board free food for coach passengers within Europe? This is clearly a precursor.

  4. This makes a lot of sense. I never understood the obsession with lounges because I like to arrive right before boarding time (thanks pre-check). Its a waste to check into a lounge to grab a banana, coffee, and then head out.

    Additionally, in many airports, seating in the common areas has become better than the lounges. The renovated sections of Bostons airport, for example, offer a wide range of seating choices (including rocking chairs), outlets at every seat, tables, etc.

  5. I like the idea for the convenience and efficiency of it. Some of the US domestic clubs should take note. I would much rather have a choice of substantive boxed snack than sad looking carrots, hummus, and cheese cubes at a United Club or Admirals Club.

  6. @ debit is a bobolyne. He never contributes anything constructive or useful to this blog or possibly others , since he appears to know absolutely nothing about the travel industry Debit , if you do pray tell us. As for comments about partners. Totally inappropriate and I guess only from someone who isn’t lucky to have one. Be it a gf bf or four legged friend or 2 legged fowl. If you do, congratulations
    @ debit , please provide some useful travel related information and share your wisdom with us. Assuming you be ever been to an airport that is or permitted to leave your country.

  7. Not related, but wasn’t sure where to post. Was in a Delta forum and saw this from somebody who seemed to be answering questions. “the question of what our Pacific goal has already been answered. We plan to expand Pacific flying with Delta metal once we get the new A339 and the Seattle and SLC new facilities are open in a few years. We also plan to make ICN our new Amsterdam of the east if you will.” Thought that was interesting!

  8. Last year when I visited DL LAX T3 SkyClub (the smaller lounge), the lounge had a refrigerated food showcase with packaged veggies, fruit, salads, etc. I am sure the intent is for the food to be eaten in the lounge. However, the food could easily be taken and eaten on your next flight. DL could also market this as Delights to Go!

  9. You should visit the SAS Domestic lounge at Oslo Gardermoen. The new lounge which opened last year actually has a coffee bar with an actual barista making coffee to order. Nice to grab a flat white or double espresso after a workout in the lounge gym followed by a shower and massage.

  10. Reminds me of the 90s, when Lufthansa phased out food in short-haul economy. For a while, they had snack bars and coffee makers at the gates to soften the blow.

  11. Pretty sure that there are coffee machines available to all passengers in MUCs T2… Regardless it’s nice if you just want to grab something quick to go

  12. Hi Ben, you should try the new senator cafe in munich as well. Café, fruit juice, wine, hot fresh made Sandwichs and snacks like good quality ham and cheese plates. Really liked it there (and very close to your Barrista Cafe idea)

  13. So, I am a bit confused. I have lifetime Gold status on American. Mosaic status on JetBlue, and Frequent Traveller Status on Lufthansa, so why do I hear about new product innovations and launches from OMAAT first and why doesn’t either of these airlines write to their best customers to let them know what they have done/are doing?

  14. Just grabed a snackbox from the „delights to go“. Was really easy to use and a fast way to enjoy your status Privilegs when you don’t have the time to visit the lounge

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