Lufthansa’s New “Delights To Go” Lounge Concept

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Lufthansa has just announced an interesting new lounge concept for premium passengers. I’m not quite sure what to make of this, though if nothing else I appreciate the creativity.

On September 5, 2018, Lufthansa will launch a new “Delights to Go” concept at Munich Airport. With this, those passengers who are eligible for lounge access will have the opportunity to visit the “Delights to Go” area, where they can pick up free snacks and drinks to go.

This is intended for those who may just want to grab a quick snack on the way to boarding their flight, and don’t have time to visit the lounge. Lufthansa will apparently offer to-go snackboxes, which will include things like apples, cake, granola bars, and bottled water. On top of that, hot drinks will be available to go.

This process will apparently mostly be automated, in the sense that you’ll scan your boarding pass to get in, and then the snackboxes will be dispensed from a machine.

While this is meant for passengers on short connections or those who don’t have much time, I doubt they’ll be putting any restrictions in place regarding that, so I imagine you’ll be able to use this even if you have a long connection, or if you choose to use the lounge as well.

I can’t fully decide whether Lufthansa is doing this purely to improve the passenger experience and give premium passengers an alternative to visiting a lounge, or if this might be part of some bigger changes. Swiss has been testing eliminating free drinks and snacks in short-haul economy out of Geneva, so it makes me wonder if maybe Lufthansa is planning on copying them, and this is their way of throwing elite members a bone.

Bottom line

This is a creative concept from Lufthansa, and I look forward to seeing this firsthand. There are lots of premium passengers with short connections who don’t really have the time to eat in a lounge, so offering an alternative for those passengers is great.

Call me skeptical, but I do wonder if there’s more to this development, like the elimination of free snacks and drinks in economy, so they’re getting out ahead of that by offering this to elite passengers.

What do you make of Lufthansa’s “Delights to Go” concept?

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  1. Love the idea for late night flights where I usually skip the meal service during the flight and go straight to sleep. Grabbing a decent snack that I can eat inside the plane before take off or right after would help a lot.

  2. It would be nice if BA had something similar. Their inter Europe flying experience in Y is already what you think LH might be moving toward.

  3. I’m always open to experimenting new ideas, so am pleased that a major airline is still willing to think outside the box a bit. We’ve all had plenty of experiences of having a really short layover and not being able to spend time in a lounge but still craving a quick snack or drink, so this sounds like a solution to provide something for those moments.

  4. Lufthansa have had free hot drinks at the gates at MUC for all passegers for a long time now. Nice treat!

  5. I’m with you @ Lucky…. I wonder if there’s part 2 to this announcement. Although I have seen people stock up on food at FRA lounges so maybe Lufthansa is trying to give them a more appropriate alternative?

  6. Fully agree that this smells like part of a larger cost saving plan. They prepare for reducing/eliminating catering on board, or restricting access to the real lounges.

  7. I love this idea. Often when flying through MUC or FRA, I have a short connection and being able to grab something for free is awesome. Hopefully they put these all throughout the airport as sometimes it can be a challenge to get to a Senator lounge in spread out MUC/FRA.

  8. I understand that this is meant to keep people out of the lounges, because as you often state, many lounges are just terribly overcrowded, and the business lounges in FRA are often unpleasant. Even the senator lounges have, during the long peak hours, not a touch of premium, nor does the food. So that way, I can see quite a lot of business class passengers or those with some priority will just get some free food there (because people are cheap and prices in FRA are of course atrocious) and then proceed to the depatture area or some other, nicer area. I don’t think catering in economy is involved at all.

  9. I think it’s a brilliant idea! I sometimes go to the lounge only to get a coffee and a quick snack, and drink my coffee way too fast since I only have 5 minutes to stay there before I need to get to the gate, so this idea would be something I would use!

  10. While not intentional on their part, AA has had the lounge that serviced the shuttle gates at BOS closed for about 6 months because it’s being replaced by a new lounge currently be constructed, and has provided a similar experience (though obviously the design lacks).

    In lue of a full club, they have a “Admirals Club service center” near the low B gates that allows eligible passengers to grab bottles of water, soda, coffee/tea, packaged snacks, and has a few high-top tables as well as agents to help with issues. It is partitioned off and probably measures 20×30 feet.

    Admittedly, most people flying the shuttle cut their arrival to the airport pretty close and certainly don’t have time to make the long trek to the other AC, so this has been a welcome addition to the removal of a larger experience in BOS.

    Though to be honest, I just use the United Club which is closer to the shuttle gates anyways.

  11. Sad and pathetic. And much more sad than the DB Lounge of Munich’s Hauptbahnhof I visited two weeks ago. Seldom have I ever found a lounge so … sad. But this concept is over the top, underscoring the transformation of the human being into a mere scan-your-document grab-and-go robot

  12. @icarus I didn’t say anywhere I didn’t like the idea (either LH or AA). Are you able to comprehend complete thoughts?

  13. Hmmmm, reminds me a bit of those „exclusive waiting areas“ that AB had. Could be a trial that they will find out there FTL customers „loved“ so they. an „enhance“ their services and offer this instead of LH Business Lounge access for FTL passengers later on. LH has a great track record for these kinds of enhancements…

  14. As we saw from James’ article the other day, LH seems to have considerably higher costs and lower profitability than BA so I wouldn’t be surprised if they feel the desire to follow BA in eliminating free refreshments in economy and if they did I think it would be fair enough given what their competitors are doing (and fwiw I personally prefer having a choice of pretty decent M&S paid options on BA to the old tiny bag of crisps or shortbread they used to offer).

    As noted in the article, this seems like a great way to avoid shafting elites too much and furthermore it may actually allow more choice of snacks and drinks for those with access than would have been available onboard.

    So overall, if they are going to copy BA and go buy on board I think this is a great way of mitigating the downside from elites and I wish BA would copy this idea in return.

  15. @matt when you say stupidest gimmick you’ve seen in a while, this implies antipathy to the concept

    I’m sure Lufthansa will carry out a survey and what does it matter since it’s gratis

    You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t

  16. This concept was already tested in mid 2017 in the Sentaor lounge in Frankfurt (Schengen). It was directly at the entrance and I used due to an overcrowded lounge. Gave also a positive feedback.

    Yes, it might be a change to either lounge access policy or available snacks in Y. These snacks are anyway not worth it. The delight snack will be a lot better.

    Hopefully it will be better than the „Eurowings Smart Ticket Meal“.

    Will definitely try it when being in Munich next time.

  17. @ Matt number 2. I was clearly referring to the first one and yet you immediately assumed I was responding to your message, when clearly I wasn’t.

    Readers would be more aware more if you used a different name to avoid confusion Move on

  18. It depends on what is in the box. All boxed food isn’t bad. I once had a boxed calzone on Alitalia that was great.

  19. @Icarus “Trial” isn’t a verb.

    And this basically sounds like “Bistro Bags” for the elite flyers, so they can go to a BOB model for the unwashed.

  20. I think it’s a fabulous idea!

    Frankly on a sub 8 hour red eye there just isn’t a need for two meal services. Instead if they would simply offer a dinner service and have a grab and go facility such as this at the arrival gates (for passengers that do not have access to arrival lounges), it would be so much more effective not to mention cheaper (not only catering costs and weight but they could potentially staff one lesser crew). For passengers it would mean an hour of extra sleep which is pretty huge!

    On short haul flights grab and go makes way more sense then crews running around trying to serve or sell food to inpatient passengers.

  21. @Dan, I think LH is in a much better position than BA (despite the article which says otherwise) because domestic flights in Germany are incredibly expensive and only more so since the collapse of Air Berlin. The German government has been very protective of LH by shielding it from domestic competition from Easyjet and Ryanair, especially on the lucrative corporate travel market. Plus Germany has more domestic business travel than other countries with Corporate Germany being spread out among many different cities (Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne and Dusseldorf, plus government in Berlin)

    I know firsthand because I am living in Germany and would routinely pay $1000 for the round-trip from Muc-Fra (fortunately I could expense it), and many times flew economy for that price because the business cabin was sold out.

    All this being said, LH’s lounges in MUC and FRA are can be incredibly crowded, so hopefully this is a way of spreading people out. I’ll give a review when I’m in MUC next week.

  22. Priority Pass should do these in Airports/Terminals without lounges. A bottle of water and a snack without getting price gouged would be awesome! Maybe a 3rd party could do these and contract with PP/Airlines/Amex…… Lucky’s Quiosks?

  23. I actually really like this concept. Especially on European flights, many business travelers who travel extensively prefer to arrive at the airport late rather than using a lounge. Specifically for day trips departing at 7 a.m. or earlier.

    This concept would allow to just grab a quick free coffee on the go or maybe a small breakfast before boarding but without paying the usual airport prices of about 10$ for the same, including the hassle of waiting in line.

  24. Reminds me of the „Gate Buffet“ which LH had in the early to mid-90s in lieu of onboard catering for shorthaul flights, where all passengers could stuff a little plastic bag with sandwiches, sweets, yoghurt, fruits etc. Guess what? People would regularly ransack the buffet, boarding the plane with 2-3 bags packed to the brim per person …
    Great concept, but no wonder it didn‘t last too long …

  25. Lounge devaluation of 2020.

    Lounge will now be grab and GO get lost kiosk. Imagine the rent and employee cost savings.

    I just hope Doug Parker doesn’t read this. I shouldn’t have given ideas for the new Flagship Kiosk.

  26. It sounds better than Aerimexico’s lounges in Mexico City Airport. They are overcrowded, terrible service and you only get industrial cereal bars, nuts and drinks. It would be the same without fighting for a table after a long queue to get in.

  27. Qantas have been doing this at their Melbourne Domestic Lounges whilst they have been renovating them. They offered snack bags, fruit and barista made coffee in the lobby area before using the escalators up to the lounges.

    Of course, QF still offers a drink and snack/meal on their flights, so this was purely for people to grab something before the flight rather than filling up the lounge.

  28. To understand the concept it helps to be familiar with MUC and FRA.
    The transfer distances in MUC can be extreme and if unlucky, FRA can also be extreme. I imagine at MUC they can place a grab stuff station at the center or, ideally, one at each end of both terminals. That can leave the real lounges for the super, Uber, DYKWIA types that congregate at their lounges.

  29. In NZ, there is a similar concept with the Koru lounges in the prop area which are more basic, rather than having to go through security to get to the main one.

  30. This is so sad a reflection of Germany/Lufthansa in the 2010s. Automated all human interaction away. No check-in personal, no gate personal, no lounge person. Drop off your luggage at some machine, step through automated passport gates, step to an automated lounge crap-food dispenser machine, step through automated gates. Can’t wait for them to have FA/Pilot-less planes and eventually no more customers/humans to fly around.

  31. Sounds to me like it’ll help overcrowding in the lounges and help particularly business travelers who are either in a hurry, or want to take a seat and work at the gate rather than fight for a spot in rush hour in a busy lounge.
    Even if this is a two-part story, it means status pax still get free food and drink..

  32. Keeps Pax away from overcrowded Business Class Lounges, what makes sense. In the 80s, Lufthansa had those Snack-Bags, handed out at the Gate to everybody. It contained a Sandwich, fruit, pralnés and orange juice. That was a smooth solution for shorthaul.

  33. Thye should place a warning for US passengers if there will be Apples. Those little beagles will find it immediately.

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