Lufthansa Introduces New Business Class Bedding & Sleep Shirts

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Last November Lufthansa revealed their new business class, which will debut on their new 777X aircraft in a couple of years.

Lufthansa’s future business class seats

Not only will it be a couple of years before we see these new seats at all, but you can expect it will then be an additional several years before a majority of the longhaul fleet features the new product. For now we’re stuck with Lufthansa’s subpar business class.

Lufthansa’s current business class seats

The good news is that even ahead of the introduction of Lufthansa’s new business class seats, they’re already making some improvements to the soft product. Last November we also learned that Lufthansa would be introducing improved bedding and pajamas in business class. Lufthansa has now announced the full details of that.

Over the coming months, Lufthansa will be introducing better amenities in business class on longhaul flights. Lufthansa is referring to the new bedding as “The Dream Collection,” and the rollout schedule is as follows:

  • It should now be available on flights to and from South Africa, Latin and South America, and the US West Coast
  • Starting in June, it will be available on select flights to and from Asia
  • Starting in the fall, all other longhaul flights will feature the new amenities

These new amenities include a new pillowcase, a large blanket, and a mattress topper. Furthermore, passengers can also get a new sleep shirt from Van Laack.

Here’s how Lufthansa describes these new amenities:

The padded mattress topper was developed specifically for Lufthansa in cooperation with the renowned German bed manufacturer “Paradies”. While the upper side is made of 100 percent cotton, the underside is made of non-slip terry cloth. This combination enables an ideal air exchange, which prevents strong heat accumulation. A similarly soft filling is found with the blanket and pillow, which are designed in Lufthansa’s new brand design. Furthermore, since Lufthansa is also setting standards in terms of environmental friendliness, the plastic packaging for the products were replaced with paper wrapping.

Here are pictures of Lufthansa’s new bedding:

I commend Lufthansa for making an improvement to their business class soft product ahead of them introducing their new seats. While the new bedding doesn’t look industry leading, it does look like a significant improvement over what they offer now, so that’s nice.

Lufthansa’s current business class bedding

What do you make of Lufthansa’s new business class bedding and sleep shirt?

  1. Can you take another picture of one of the sleep shirts opened up? I have a feeling Gary is going to just love these…

  2. @Sam: What is there to improve on the “scrub pants they give in First”? They are my favourite, I wear them on every overnight flight.

  3. Well, I hope they will lower the tempature in the cabin , so this becomes useful. No need for pillows, and blankets when Cabin is so warm it’s torture to use .

  4. So as someone flying from the East Coast to Europe regularly it’s the crappy product without a new pillow or blanket for another couple of years!

  5. looks like LH is following UA misery: start with a new biz class seats years ahead (UA had big promos, LH had a 5* qualification) and started doing the current subpar product with some amenities and eventually will cut 🙂

  6. 1. It’s a fair /poor product. 2. These are indeed dutch hoodies not Germanic, 3. Please lower the cabin temp—perhaps, Lufthansa is related to the asiatic/oriental carriers as the heat is unbearable in the cabins–sweat/stink pit. Thank you

  7. Why in the world would take it so long to roll the pad out? I fly CLT-MUN quite a bit and it seems this will only show up late fall…..

  8. When Heinrich van Laack founded his company in 1881 in Berlin, he had a specific goal in mind: he wanted to manufacture the best shirt in the world. His vision still stands today, as van Laack sets high-quality standards based on many years of experience in the manufacturing of high- quality shirts and blouses, a method which has made the company become known as a synonym for craftsmanship, precision work, and love for detail.

  9. Why cant people just use Google for god’s sake? It’s a 5sec search and you will see that van Laack is a German brand.

  10. Interesting comment in the introduction. Flights to “Latin and South America”. Last time I looked South America is part of what is generally called Latin America. Slip of geographical of the geographical tongue!!!! LOL

  11. I’m italian but i have a french surname: that doesn’t mean i’m french. so there is nothing strange that van Laack is a German company. Nordstrom is an american company even if nordstrom is a Swedish surname…

  12. Thank you very much to all of you that see the need to discuss a fact (!) – that van Laack is indeed a German company. These sort of “controversial” discussions always make me smile.

    Keep on wasting your time!

  13. We went to school with a Van Laack and they were Dutch–who cares–travel in biz and/or first classe and enjoy the ride. Thanks!

  14. Only chiming in because this van Laack discussion is so ridiculous especially due to the fact that people don’t understand how a German company can have a Dutch name.

    Elon Musk is South African – he owns Tesla, an American company. Musk’s South African nationality has no correlation w/ the fact that Tesla is an American company. Hilarious that people don’t comprehend this…

  15. It looks like Heinrich van Laack was indeed German, and he did start his business in Germany in 1881. However his parents were in fact Dutch and immigrated to Germany (near Duesseldorf) after the Belgian Revolution in 1831. So everybody is right on this one.

  16. Good Lord! Every time I read the comments section, I realise how dense some people are. “Van Laack sounds Dutch so it must be Dutch”. Well most of you sound stupid saying that, guess I should call you American, then?

  17. Follow up on the previous post: irony lies in the fact that the Americans are actually countering the bullshit logic. My bad,

  18. @ Peter

    “Flights to “Latin and South America”. Last time I looked South America is part of what is generally called Latin America.”

    An argument can be made that “Latin America” applies only to the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking parts of South America. For example, Guyana is English-speaking, so not technically “Latin”, and Suriname is Dutch-speaking.

    Of course, most English-speakers would use the terms interchangeably. And I’m anyway not sure the sentence you quoted makes sense (it’s a bit like saying “most sheep and mammals”), nor would I agree with your proposed remedy. But terms and concepts differ: to most Northern Europeans the Americas are two continents; to most Spanish speakers they are a single continent.

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