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Checking this morning I’ve written over 8,000 blog posts in the past seven years.

OMAAT-cake-4That’s an average of three posts per day, and well over 12 million words. We won’t even talk about the comments and emails, but, yeah, my life outside this blog is every bit as exciting as you’d expect based on those numbers. 😉

If I had to pick a favorite post, I’m not sure I could. I have some favorite memories, and some days that were especially fun. but it’s somewhat like picking a favorite child.

So you tell me! I have an unopened EVA Air Rimowa amenity kit (plus some other goodies) to giveaway today.

To enter, just leave a comment below sharing a link to your favorite post on the blog over the years, and telling everyone why you liked it.


You have until 11:59PM Pacific today! The winners of each of the daily contests will be announced on Sunday, February 8th.

  1. The Last Aeroplan Hurrah: Asiana First Class Seoul Incheon to Frankfurt

    Reason: I was googling “Asiana First Class Review” before my Asiana flight and that’s how I discovered your blog.

  2. i’ve really enjoyed your posts about living in hotels. I’ve plenty of EVA amenity kits, but I wouldn’t mind winning some other goodies.

  3. I really liked the post about the loud people going at it (hourly business actually ;)) in the room next to you. The follow up comment was even better!

  4. I loved the videos with your dad and the joy and excitment you both shared during that trip. I hope you are enjoying the trip with your mom.

  5. There’s absolutely no way to pin-point a single favorite post. Not only because there are so many of them, but also because my memory will necessarily fail me and I’ll only think of the recent ones, which isn’t fair since your older posts also include some of your finer posts. So I’ll just leave this comment in order to win the Rimowa thingy. Hehe…

  6. I really enjoy your post about locations I’m going to in the future. Reading about your adventures in various posts about Abu Dhabi and Dubai definitely got me thinking about attractions to see and experience.


    The reason: This quote.

    I again said “napkin,” and made a rubbing motion on my shirt as if I was trying to clean it. She comes back a minute later wearing gloves with a box of Kleenex tissues. Maybe she misunderstood the rubbing motion I was making? I dunno…

    It was tough not to pick the post bubbling with euphoria after you were on the Hello Kitty flight though.

  8. I love your Beginners Guide To Miles and Points. Had to read that when i started staying in hotels and now i am a hilton gold member and a spg platinum. All thanks to you!

  9. I liked best the post from Brussels when you found out about La Compagnie’s actual launch, snagged a dirt-cheap ticket, and sprinted to catch the next train to CDG for the flight. After all that corporate “stalking,” pure excitement & adrenalin!

    The picture of your father behind the first class bar was pretty good, too.

  10. So as a newbie…..I just have to say I enjoy them all …….I have learned so many helpful tips etc I can’t possibly pin point one as I am still learning and everything is new and exciting !!!

  11. “Is Qantas A380 first class award space between the US and Australia a myth?” I have an obsession with all things Australia at the moment. I got a chuckle out of the title of this post.

  12. even though I’ve been a reader of your blog for 2 years now and have pretty much read majority of the posts even from before I started reading the blog, personally I love each and everyone of them that involve your parents. It’s absolutely amazing how your passion can and has helped bring joy and excitement to their travels over time. I can relate to it now because I’ve been trying to do the same for the past 1 year. So yes I love your posts related to your travels with your parents.

  13. My favorite post is:

    😉 Who could ever turn down showing at 38,000ft (except for that one time you slept through)?
    😉 Who could ever turn down unlimited Dom (admittedly Krug would be nicer)?
    😉 Who could ever turn down unlimited Hennesey Paradis?
    😉 Who could ever turn down getting miles on a award ticket?
    😉 Who could ever turn down an Emirates flight?

    I think that was enough said. Last but not least, who wouldn’t want to fly Emirates instead of Brithsh Airways? 😉

  14. I love so many of your posts, but especially the post which airlines have the best Champagne in first class, as well as the rest of your best of posts, like the best uses of Alaska miles and the best business class seats for couples. But the reason why I loved the post on Champagne so much is that my husband & I are in the wine business and absolutely obsessed with great Champagne, so I would completely want to know what Champagne is served in each airlines first and business class before booking an award flight.

  15. The discussion of using Chase Sapphire credit cards three years ago changed my outlook on earning points and overseas transaction fees. It made me really think about the corresponding money value of points. I changed from a US Air MasterCard over to the Chase product and haven’t looked back. I still have that MC but really for the added features of free luggage, 1st class check in and quicker boarding. Thanks for being both entertaining and educational.

  16. My favorite post of yours is the one “Should I Call Law Enforcement” that tells us the story on your encounter with Precious. I think that was very interesting experience!

  17. My personal favorite moments:
    – The one where Lucky forgot to put on clothes: One man’s journey through an airport terminal in airplane pajamas. Should be renamed “Is there a draft in here?”
    – The one where Lucky almost wets himself in excitement: Singapore Airlines makes Lucky’s dreams come true. Should be renamed: “Two suites. One full-sized bed.”
    – The one where Lucky gets blinged out: Your first time fully naked miles above the surface of the earth. Spoiler alert: there’s giggling and a shower suite involved…

  18. My favorite post was yours was “Flying in a Gulfstream IV – The Flight of my Life!” From your recounting of your conversation with your mother (hilarious) to the overabundant absolute glee that came through in that post – it was so funny and made me laugh so much that I have read it over several times when I need a smile.

    I especially loved it when the flight attendant asked if you had ever flown private and you recounted your initial thought process:

    •Option 1: *flailing arms and making noises like a seal* “OMG NO BUT THIS IS THE COOLEST THING EVER!”
    •Option 2: *look around as if I’m a private jet regular* “No, I don’t think I’ve been on this particular one before.”

    The pictures were great and the trip to the cockpit was very cool! Just one of my many favorites which keep me reading your blog. Congratulations on 7 great years and here’s to 7 more!

  19. I know it’s recent, but if I had to choose one post if would be the one with your dad’s reactions after your RTW surprise birthday trip. Sure, I like tons of posts you’ve made, but it even makes me feel good seeing you use your extensive knowledge of first class products and award booking to treat your dad to the trip you did. Seeing his responses and reading the whole TR really was amazing!

  20. Gosh, really hard to pick only one as so many are great for so many different reasons. My all time favorite though has to be you taking your dad on his round birthday trip in 2014. Seeing his excitement & surprise really put a smile on my face & has inspired me to want do similar things for my family. Congratulations on your blog anniversary!

  21. This one is my favorite posts of recent memory. I am very partial to US Airways so I enjoyed the positive write up about their 330 and crew. You cannot beat the pretzel rolls! I also enjoyed the censored photo. I have been surprised on what is included in the content of some of their movies. It does make you check to see if anyone else just saw what was on your screen!

  22. For me it’s definately your dad’s first class round the world trip. Once I started reading I couldn’t stop and finished it all in once. 🙂
    My dad passed away when I was twelve, now more then 17 years ago. If he was still here I would have done the same with him some day… However, now I would love to take my mom on a trip with Emirates First or Business, when she reaches 65years of age in the future. Or maybe even earlier, let’s see.

    You made this idea coming up in my mind. Thanks Ben!

  23. “I know it’s the year of the horse but…..”

    Lmao that’s still hilarious!

    That China southern post was just classic. I could not stop laughing.

  24. I have to say I’ve only just recently stumbled upon this site a couple of months ago, but there was a post recently about how to get an empty seat between you and your other passenger. By far, this is my favorite tip and has landed me several great flights since reading –including one last night from LAG-TPA. If only it included how to get the extra seat and all the annoying passengers to sit at the back of the plane. 🙂

    I can’t find the link, but it was fairly recent, within the past month and it was someone’s first post on the blog.

  25. While I love all of your travel posts and have utilized them in booking my own travels, my all time favorite classic Lucky post was the post where the guy insisted on buying your sweater from you in the club lounge at the Hong Kong Intercontinental Hotel. haha. You clearly have a lot of fun traveling but all the fun little quirky things that happen to you in your travels are what make your blog so enjoyable to read. 🙂

  26. Lots of great content on the site, but I loved the review of EVA Air’s Hello Kitty plane! I also loved the note how they have everything secure so you can’t steal any Hello Kitty swag (I would steal the toilet paper).

  27. Of course it was one of your blogs that got me in the game a couple of years ago now! Your South Africa trip report. For a mere 140k miles that got FOUR legs in CX first (2 of them on a 747!) Wish that deal was still around!!! Since that post of yours I am a faithful follower!!! That was the first, first for me on many, many levels. Certifiable now thanks to you!

  28. This one:
    But for selfish reasons. I was reading it and had the exact same reaction as the agent about why the hell you would fly in and directly out of Colombo again. I guessed there must be an alternate reason and that led to a google/flyertalk investigation which helped me discover the cheap F tickets on Emirates & BA back to the States from Sri Lanka. Bought a ticket immediately.
    But for non-selfish reasons, I loved the one where you met Janesis because you sounded truly happy and she sounds lovely.

  29. I always remember the post where you officially came out. You were candid yet matter of fact. And those “Hello Kitty” blogs where you unofficially came out. 😉

    Here’s to another 7 years (and more!)

  30. In general I am more interested in your hotel reviews than airline ones, and I particularly liked those which made you “WOW”. 😉 I have frequented several Cairo airport hotels (e.g. Fairmont Towers, JW Marriott, renaissance mirage) so after the below review it urged me to give it a try too as SPG Plat (also wondering if I get the same gigantic suite as a solo traveller … hehe). So I stayed there and ended up being there for a dozen of nights (due to work, lol..) Soon I am going to try your another WOW hotel – W Doha. 🙂 And look forward to seeing more “WOW” hotels in your hotel reviews !

  31. So hard to pick just one Ben especially when there’s been a lot of great postings, either very informative or very entertaining and both!

    So, the one about your dad’s perspective on the EK around the world trip last year comes to mind as a my favorite. Where he’s stating: ““Benny, I feel on top ov zha vhorld.” Little did he know, he actually was.” and you showing the air show map where you’re actually flying over Greenland, just awesome. Plus of course, him ending at the bar as an honorary EK barmaid, is simply priceless!

  32. If I define favourite as the one I find most useful and keep going back to, it’s the one on the UK APD. Whenever I’m booking a ticket to or through LHR, I search for that post to refresh my memory.

  33. There are lots of reviews that I really liked, but it´s tough to choose one. A classic Lucky airline review to me are and (where is Janesis?)
    Of course, a classic Lucky lounge review is
    And a classic Lucky hotel review is Of course this was a romantic getaway, as no one would ever share a dessert with a “friend”.
    My favorite posts, that came to my mind, are,,, and
    As there are 9 links, I need to make it 10, but this last one, although entertaining, didn´t come from your blog:
    Am I a huge fan of yours or am not? 🙂

  34. Generally, onemileatatime is what got me into the whole frequent flyer/travel bug – so kudos on that.

    My fav however was this – Which had nothing to do with being on a plane OR physically travelling, it was just observing the interactions between 6 pilots, and making sense of it. Quite funny, especially everyone’s reaction to the A350 pilot – who was quite clearly the rockstar of the day.

    I hope to see more casual observation articles like these in the future 🙂

  35. I think that even though the first post I ever read here where I saw your photos from first class (it’s been so long I don’t remember the specific airline) and it really spiked my interest in this hobby would be a top contender, kicking off your round the world trip with your dad was really special:

    Everything leading up to it and the entire trip report was just awesome.

    Thanks for everything you do Ben. Your blog is fantastic.

  36. My favorite post(s) are these from your trip with your parents! It’s priceless to read how your dad or mom’s react when you took them to these wonderful trips!

  37. So like everyone else has said… I do love virtually every post.

    In your tips section, the “Difficult Destinations” posts are especially valuable and interesting.

    Too many funny, interesting, entertaining trip reports to pick just one.

    So I’m going with the “Best first/business class redemptions” :

    This posted soon after I became a regular reader and really gave me aspirational ideas for my personal travel. Seeing all of the amazing redemptions out there from so many different airlines totally kicked my hobby into a new gear. This post more than any other really started motivating me in the travel rewards/points game.

    Thanks Lucky!

  38. Hi Lucky,
    this post: about canceling your best award ticket is my favorite post.
    The reason is not, that you cancelled this award ticket, even though I admire you for making this difficult decision. The reason is what you did and doing at the moment instead: you spend time with your mom and travel around with her. Your decision moved me, because I live abroad by myself since 2009. Due to the long distance I can’t see my mom as often as I want. As probably every child I love my mom. I am graduating next month, so after reading that post from you, I started planning a trip for me and my mom. Since she is still working, it won´t be as long as your trip, but it will be a good one week trip to places she ever wanted to see, but would never go by herself. As a funny coincidence she just had her 60th birthday.

    As probably most of your readers I am an aviation geek. So I really like to read all your flight reviews etc. But the post of canceling your best award ticket and making a trip with your mom made me really think about how I can spend my money (since I don´t have that many miles) or my time better. Thank you Lucky.

    Please keep on writing.

    Greetings from Austria.

  39. I guess that off all the posts, I enjoy reading about the ones you wrote about you and your dad’s trip. I can imagine being with my parents and see their surprised faces. It would be invaluable to see it happen. You are really “Lucky” to have the trip with your dad and now with your mom!!!

  40. The Last Aeroplan Hurrah: Asiana First Class Seoul Incheon to Frankfurt

    that’s how I discovered your blog.

  41. I love Air France – their service is excellent and the product is polished. Granted I haven’t flown many of the Pacific brands, but Air France is still my favorite for trans-Atlantic. So my favorite post is your review of the Air France lounge in Paris. So over the top! Amazing food, a spa, and even a gift from the lounge! I also love that they guilted you into having some wine!

    Happy anniversary and thank you for all the amazing reviews and trip reports!

  42. I am new here. Just been flowing your posts for a couple of months.
    However, it was very special to read about your round the world with your father. That was very thoughtful and sweet. I lost my father when I was 23. I had been attending college in the USA and he was in Brazil. He never had a chance to travel abroad and now that I have seen a lot of the world, I think of how fun it would have been to take him around, had I had the chance. He loved the Blue Danube waltz. So, when I went to Vienna for the first time, I jumped a fence and raced down to the river to place a photo of his with some flowers on the river.
    Good for you for traveling with you dad and sharing about it.
    I did however, take my 91 year old mother to Portugal, Spain and Madeira island when she was 80. Her grandparents immigrated from Madeira to Brazil back when. We even got their married certificates. So, yes, taking your father around the world was sweet. So, it will be taking your mom ( if you have not yet) to Asia.
    Safe travels…

  43. I enjoyed when you took the private jet down to SAN from SEA. ( I think those were the city pairs). It was funny how it seemed so nonchalant, like getting a cup of coffee. “you wanna ride in my private jet tomorrow?” “sure, why not?”


    this round-the-world trip using aeroplan miles was what inspired me to get into the miles game in the first place. if i remember correctly, there happened to be an AMEX platinum 100k sign-up bonus some time that year, which i took advantage of. this netted me enough AMEX MR points, which i transferred to aeroplan, and enabled me to do my own first RTW miles trip. all thanks to you, lucky!

  45. Recently definitely the videos highlighting yor dad’s excitement. The first ones documenting the previous trips with your mom and dad were also good reads. While I enjoy reading your reports for products I aspire to fly, my favorites have been the more personal ones detailing your excitement and impressions as well as that of those close to you.

  46. my fave post(s) was how u got, bought, used, & burned the pts, miles, etc. Very enlightening. I have been a good student of yours.

  47. Love all your posts. You are so much fun to read. Would like to meet you in person. If you ever need a break from flights and hotels, you can always put your feet up in Palm Springs.

  48. I think the best posts have been the ones when you’ve traveled with your mom or dad. They’ve made me want to do something similar….on a slightly smaller scale.

  49. Although a recent post, I really liked:

    While it isn’t necessarily my favorite post, It’s the post I’ve shared the most.

    Often times when I’m catching up with friends that have gone off to college, I’ll get asked about my current job. I usually give them positive insight on the industry (unless I’ve had a bad week at work), but regardless of the week, I always seem to find myself telling them about the cool and interesting people I’ve met, and for most of my friends, there isn’t anything cooler than traveling the world for a living (I know there’s more to it, but I don’t get too technical with them in these conversations lol).

    So whenever they seem intrigued about, I’ll usually send them over to the blog or to the above post so that they can gain a little bit more insight :).

  50. Enjoy all of your posts Ben, but the one that stands out to me is your New Years trip to Europe. You visited Edinburgh and Prague which are two cities I really loved when I was there.

    Happy 7th! Thanks for all the good reads! 🙂

  51. I’ll have to say my favorite post was the LHR-DXB flight where you were reaccommodated on Emirates unexpectedly. A strange, unexpected, and very awarding twist which turned into an amazing experience. Also provided for a lot of gossip at the dinner table with my friends months later.

  52. Honestly, ben, my favorite post was your reflections on flying after your HK Royal Jordanian flight. I loved your transparency and realness. Even though I lived in a China for most of my 20s, I’m still afraid of flying. I know the aftermath was really tough, yet you opened yourself and your pain to your readers, and I know it impacted many of us. PS I’ve never flown international first class (yet), but you can bet I’ll know the difference between Dom and Krug when I do, thanks to you!

  53. I missed the cutoff but I’ll share anyhow. Love them all but especially enjoyed the recent father/son bonding trip. Tugged at the heartstrings and was a joy to read along!

  54. Definitely the story where a stranger wanted to buy your sweater! Also, when you wore pajamas in the terminal.

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