I Love Air France’s Promotional Videos!

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A few weeks back Air France unveiled their new La Premiere First Class cabin, which they’ll start offering on their 777-300ER aircraft later this year.

I know this is totally random, but am I the only one that loves Air France’s new promotional videos? These are two of my favorites:

The first one is a brilliant “straightforward” video of their product, and the second is spectacularly abstract yet captivating.

I’m not totally on board with the whole “France is in the Air” campaign since that just sounds smelly, but I love their videos. Love, love, love!

Is it just me?

  1. Me too! and, after you confirmed my suspicions of the great CDG lounge I am further interested in the new La Premiere. My issue, is that I’d love fly a route on an A380; and the new suites seem to be limited to mods done on 777s (after September 2014). Sort of a shame they aren’t planning improvements for the A380 hard product. Though, perhaps, I am mistaken.

  2. Will you pay for their first or spend 160000 miles one way???whatever their product they have to stop thinking la premiere is a unique product.

  3. i have to say that i like this new la premiĆØre … the actual one is just a super business in my opinion.

    i had lot, lot of things to complain about Air France (especially their flying blue rubbish miles policy … nothing is possible, you cannot either upgrade your tickets for a business to first from paris to dubai .. why ? no one knows

    i have to say that the crew onboard (most of them) are passionate and love their job, on first they really give you this unique french sophistication … i like that

    this new cabin is a good “reset”

    i could tell more after testing it (if only the allow upgrades .. which is far from being possible)

  4. @ mohamed — I would probably redeem the miles for their new first class product once, just to try it.

  5. I find the first one boring and uncreative, but the second one really is quite good. Notice how they’re trying to “prepare” us for those curtains? šŸ˜‰

  6. I like the curtain idea. It’s something that could be added to nearly any F cabin at seemingly minimal expense and added weight and provides more visual privacy than even 5 foot tall suite doors. Could even divide up seats in different configurations such as 1A solo, 1A/1K couple, etc.

    Anyone else doing this? Any downsides?

  7. @ Vitempest — I have a few friends that are Air France elite members that have offered to let me transfer points to their account.

  8. Given high cost to get AF F, even if you were elite, I’m most excited about their upgrades to J. Not going to be mind blowing but still.

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