LOT announces 787 schedule and unveils new business class product!

LOT Polish will be taking delivery of their first Boeing 787s shortly, and has announced the launch routes. Per airlineroute.net, they will be as follows:

  • Warsaw to Chicago as of January 16, 2013
  • Warsaw to Toronto as of February 1, 2013
  • Warsaw to New York JFK as of February 3, 2013
  • Warsaw to Beijing as of March 3, 2013

Keep in mind LOT has multiple daily frequencies on some of the above routes, so be sure the flight you’re booking is coded as a 787/788 (and not a 767/763, which is the rest of their longhaul fleet). They’ve already updated their systems to reflect the 787, so this actually looks like an exciting new product. Take a look at their new fully flat business class, courtesy of their 787 website. I’ll take it a step further — this might just be among the best Star Alliance business class products to Europe!

I’ll definitely be giving this a try. Welcome to the 21st century, LOT, we’re glad to have you!

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  1. I do like this over the new LHā€”no playing footsie šŸ˜‰ and I look forward to using this as another option from YYZ next year for my trip to HEL

  2. The bed looks great but the elbow room, cup room, storage room, etc does not look good at all. I would hate to be bumping elbows in long-haul J.

  3. LO service in J is great! So I’m happy the hard product now will be too.
    Keep an eye out for great summer Z fare sales. Especially from YYZ. 2.2K CAD for roundtrip J to Poland or Germany + some other destinations.

  4. LO will also have a Y+ product on board. Also essentially the same hardware as TK.

    Looks like they quickly erased I availability, yesterday it had a couple open seats on the first ORD-WAW flight, now it’s all gone.

  5. Ok, gotta ask… Does UA website display LOT availability? I’ve never seen any LOT options come up for European routings.

    Brussels airlines might be better, but coming from IAD, I pretty much have to do the LGA/JFK shuffle, which doesn’t seem worth it. LOT at least serves ORD, which is a much more seamless transfer.

  6. I did redeem an October Euro trip back in February that includes a WAW-ORD operated by LOT. But UA has been changing their systems lately so I wouldn’t know.

  7. @John

    Ok, got bored and work and did some poking around. I looked at inventory using both the ANA tool and UA’s website. UA does show LOT flights. The downside is that LOT doesn’t release a lot of award inventory. I couldn’t find 2 J seats ORD-WAW from Jan 1 – end of schedule. Ouch. There were a smattering of flights between now and the end of the year where 2 J seats were available.

  8. @ Dan — There’s something weird going on, though, as even the GDS doesn’t show LOT flights for many dates. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re just updating their systems and some routes aren’t temporarily displaying.

  9. Easy there, Sparky…until proven differently, Swiss A333 business is the *best* from the US – Europe. Hard + soft product.

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