LifeMiles’ Star Alliance Award Sale (Including For First Class)

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LifeMiles is one of the most useful frequent flyer programs out there, in my opinion, given that they frequently sell miles at a discount, and have great award redemption rates. So they’re often my go-to program for booking premium cabin Star Alliance awards.

At the moment LifeMiles is offering a discount on award redemptions in select markets when traveling on Star Alliance partners. It’s rare for a frequent flyer program to offer discounted redemptions on partner airlines, so this is worth being aware of, in my opinion.

LifeMiles award sale

At the moment LifeMiles is running a sale on award redemptions, where they’re offering 10-31% off select redemptions. This promotion is valid for redemptions through August 14, 2019, though it’s fine if you actually travel on subsequent dates (all that matters is that you book by then).

The discount is valid for travel between specific city pairs, and you can find all the eligible markets at this link. In many cases the discounts are valid for travel in business and first class, including for some routes to/from the US.

Just to give some examples, below are some routes from the US that are on sale in first & business class:

  • Chicago to Taipei in business class for 64,000 miles
  • Houston to Taipei in business class for 64,000 miles
  • Los Angeles to Hong Kong in business class for 64,000 miles
  • Los Angeles to Seoul Incheon in business class for 64,000 miles
  • Los Angeles to Shanghai in business class for 64,000 miles
  • Los Angeles to Taipei in business class for 64,000 miles
  • New York to Beijing in first class for 81,000 miles
  • San Francisco to Hong Kong in business class for 64,000 miles
  • San Francisco to Taipei in business class for 64,000 miles
  • Washington to Beijing for 67,500 miles in business class or 81,000 miles in first class

Those are just the business and first class city pairs available from the US, though there are many more available, including from other points in North America, to North America, and in other regions.

LifeMiles offering a 145% bonus on purchased miles

Not only can you get a discount when redeeming LifeMiles, but you can also get a great discount when buying LifeMiles.

As I wrote about earlier, at the moment LifeMiles is offering a special bonus on purchased LifeMiles for readers of OMAAT. You can buy LifeMiles with up to a 145% bonus, which is a cost of just 1.35 cents per mile.

Here’s what the bonus chart looks like for OMAAT readers who register:

LifeMiles processes mileage purchases directly, meaning that buying miles with them qualifies as airfare spend, which I almost view as a further discount on purchased LifeMiles. Therefore you’ll want to consider using one of the following cards for your purchase, since they offer the following bonus miles for airfare spend:

CardPoints earned on airfare spend
The Platinum Card® from American Express5x Membership Rewards points per dollar spent
Citi Prestige Card5x ThankYou points per dollar spent
American Express® Gold Card3x Membership Rewards points per dollar spent
Chase Sapphire Reserve®3x Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent
Citi Premier℠ Card3x ThankYou points per dollar spent
Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card2x Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent

So if you pay with The Platinum Card® from American Express then you earn 5x points. I value those points at 1.7 cents each, so to me that’s the equivalent of a further 8.5% return. That means that the real cost of each mile goes down from 1.35 cents to 1.24 cents, which is an even better value (this isn’t cash in your pocket, but rather points in your “pocket” based on my valuation).

Keep in mind there are numerous ways to earn LifeMiles through credit cards as well, both by transferring points from flexible rewards programs, or via the Avianca LifeMiles credit cards.

Bottom line

Not only is LifeMiles offering up to a 145% bonus on purchased miles, but you can also receive discounts on select redemptions. In some cases business class redemptions between the US and Asia will cost you just 64,000 miles one-way, which is an excellent deal.

Hopefully lots of you can take advantage of both the award sale and the sale on purchased miles, since you can combine the two for some great values!

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  1. @ Myro — I obviously don’t make any money when you redeem your miles, and as I clarified in the previous post, I also don’t earn any sort of commission when you buy miles. So nope, it’s not really big business for me.

  2. @Myro

    Notice he didn’t mention anything about the money he makes upfront for the blog posts about the miles sale and discounted award rates. They pay him upfront to advertise miles that are hard to redeem.

  3. If you choose to believe the hype about Lifemiles, please go ahead and buy as much as you want. Just don’t complain later when you realize there’s little to no availability, have to deal with sub-par customer service, and when/if the airline and loyalty program go bankrupt.
    Aside from the disproportionate number of posts on Lifemiles lately, I am happy to admit I greatly value and depend on the content on this blog for my travel planning.

  4. @ Melb — Nope, still not getting paid anything. The only financial relationship I have is with LifeMiles’ co-branded credit card, just as I do with most major travel credit cards.

  5. hey do your own research on everything on this blog and rest of your life. don’t think Lucky or the rest of your living environment is supposed to feed you anything.

    if you can’t do that I feel sorry for you but I don’t worry about you.

  6. I for one very much appreciate the posts about LifeMiles sales and these discounted star alliance redemptions. Being based in Latin America and Miami (which is basically Latin America) i get tremendous value out of LifeMiles. I also recently redeemed LifeMiles for ANA J, Thai/Air China J, numerous avianca metal J redemptions, Aeromexico J, and just yesterday Austrian J. All with NO fuel surcharges. All FF miles these days take some searching and patience/flexibility to get maximum value, but LifeMiles undoubtedly are a killer deal.

  7. @ Ben — I think that LifeMiles is a house of cards on the verge of collapse. The combination of deals smacks of desperation…I’ll happily redeem my LifeMiles if I can actually find anything worth booking, but no way would I buy any more of their miles speculatively.

  8. The website revamp at LifeMiles made it much more cumbersome to use and availability seems to have shrunk dramatically. Very rare to see LH first class from US gateways anymore. Occasional seats in J on LX and LH but those aren’t exactly aspirational redemptions.

    I can see these promos as a marketing ploy to suck people into Lifemiles and Avianca credit cards as a byproduct, and then hit them with a huge devaluation. That’s of course assuming the airline doesn’t go under before then.

  9. When Lifemiles had a sale last year, along with with OMAAT’s code taking it to 140% at the same time offering discounts on redemptions, I bought two first class seats from LAX to Beijing, Singapore and Seoul on Air China (to Asia) and Asiana (home) for under $5k. While that sounds like a lot, it was a pretty good deal to me – got to see three cities, and first class long hauls. The transaction and booking was simple – all online. We had to call their help desk because of a missing middle name which sucked but once i moved those questions over to email as suggested, it wasn’t a horrible experience at all.

    The deals are out there… and apparently, their call centers have improved as well.

    I’d do it again

  10. I agree with above comments: AV has gone dramatically worse since the launch of the “enhanced” website… It’s pretty much impossible to find LH F these days. A lot of routes that was previously possible are long gone now. I am not asking for “tricky routes”, just normal routing that’s available everywhere on AC/UA. A normal route between say YUL to SEA via YVR are regularly “Not Available” now even if AC/UA has multiple options/seats wide open. On the other hand, it is not exactly useless. I just redeemed for a business class flight from Beijing – Tokyo, 17.5K miles + 38 USD. In the post BA devaluation age, it is rather good deal consider how much a revenue flight would cost. All in all, AV is still good if you can find space but it is getting to a point where I seriously question its reliability now.

  11. Been buying and using LM for premium awards longer than I can remember and will happily continue unless there’s a significant turn for the worse. Do your research, if the program doesn’t work for you don’t buy and move on. Easy.

  12. I’m about to take the award flight that I booked last year, when LifeMiles had a similar sale. LAX-ICN in Asiana F. 72k LM each way, excellent deal, easy booking. I wish they would have more sales for other regions besides Asia, though.

  13. Pfff same as everyone here. Lifemiles is too bad now. Not for me. Not again!

    I am an old lifemiles user…distancia was called before…what a good times!! Hahaa now makes me cry!

  14. Lifemiles only makes me get angry!
    I hope you don’t have to call for any small problem…because it is IMPOSSIBLE TO FIXXXXX!!!

  15. I love lifemiles but finding using it tougher and tougher. Just redeemed for short domestic ua flight to avoid close in united fee. But trying to use points for auckland tonchicago. Lifemiles not showing any of the available air nz or Ana space that united sees 🙁

  16. I also love Lucky’s posts about Lifemiles. They are among the most useful of any points and miles blogger. Thank you and keep up the great work Lucky!

  17. Lifemiles really spoilt the prog when they increased the cancellation fees by 300% and changed the booking-page to hide almost all routes with a connection.

    And no not interested in a cheap fare to China thanks

  18. Not many gems amongst the dross in those discounted flights regrettably. The few Chinese airlines involved struggle year-round to fill their premium cabins largely due to their reliably sub-standard soft product, amongst other things. It’s basic business practice to discount any product which is a slow seller. Something is better than nothing is a concept many airlines fail to get their collective heads around, as their planes fly the sky with empty seats day after day (lookin’ at you CX et al).

  19. He gets money for posting this… but everyone knows this is not useful anymore. You can find some tickets sometimes…but onle a few…and buying those tickets most of the time is almost the same price.

    Of course sometimes it is not…but only a fee times.

    Lifemiles web site is made by people who don’t use frecuent flyer programs… no way to desging it so so so bad.

  20. Lucky I have to concur with everything said above, you really need to stop promoting this.

    I have 90k miles from a previous promotion and have had a complete nightmare booking anything. I found availability, but it’s taken over an hour on the phone with frankly extremely curt agents, only to be told just to email [email protected].

    It’s completely shambolic and shouldn’t be supported any more. I won’t buy any more miles there. It was always too good to be true; I’m just glad I was on it years ago and got good ANA F value out of it.

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