LifeMiles’ Star Alliance Award Sale (Including For First Class)

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LifeMiles is one of the most useful frequent flyer programs out there, in my opinion, given that they frequently sell miles at a discount, and have great award redemption rates. So they’re often my go-to program for booking premium cabin Star Alliance awards.

At the moment LifeMiles is offering a discount on award redemptions in select markets when traveling on Star Alliance partners. It’s rare for a frequent flyer program to offer discounted redemptions on partner airlines, so this is worth being aware of, in my opinion.

LifeMiles Award Sale

At the moment LifeMiles is running a sale on award redemptions, where they’re offering up to 43% off select redemptions. This promotion is valid for redemptions between November 26 and December 9, 2019, though it’s fine if you actually travel on subsequent dates (all that matters is that you book by then).

The discount is valid for travel between specific city pairs, and you can find all the eligible markets at this link. There are all kinds of city pairs, in economy, business class, and first class, and on both domestic US and international flights.

Just to give some examples, below are some routes from the US that are on sale in first & business class:

  • Chicago to Taipei in business class for 64,000 miles
  • Houston to Taipei in business class for 64,000 miles
  • Los Angeles to Hong Kong in business class for 64,000 miles
  • Los Angeles to Seoul Incheon in business class for 60,000 miles
  • Los Angeles to Shanghai in business class for 64,000 miles
  • Los Angeles to Taipei in business class for 67,500 miles
  • New York to Beijing in first class for 81,000 miles
  • Newark to London in business class for 48,000 miles
  • San Francisco to Hong Kong in business class for 64,000 miles
  • San Francisco to Taipei in business class for 64,000 miles
  • Washington to Beijing for 67,500 miles in business class or 81,000 miles in first class

Redeem for Air China first class at a discount

Then there are also some domestic routes that could be a great deal. For example, you can fly from:

  • Chicago to Houston in economy for 9,000 miles
  • Los Angeles to San Francisco in economy for 5,500 miles
  • Newark to Boston in economy for 4,500 miles
  • Newark to Chicago in economy class for 5,000 miles
  • Philadelphia to Chicago in economy for 5,000 miles

Redeem for domestic United flights at a discount

Those are just some of the city pairs that are available, though there are plenty of others.

Buy LifeMiles With 150% Bonus

Not only can you get a discount when redeeming LifeMiles, but you can also get a great discount when buying LifeMiles.

At the moment LifeMiles is offering a 150% bonus on purchased miles, which is their lowest price of the year on purchased miles. You can buy anywhere from 1,000 to 200,000 miles (pre-bonus) with a 150% bonus. You’ll end up paying just 1.32 cents per mile with this promo (and potentially even less, factoring in credit card rewards).

To take advantage of it you need to register for the 150% bonus promotion, and then you should immediately see the increase when you try to buy LifeMiles. Make sure you see the correct bonus when you go to buy miles.

LifeMiles processes mileage purchases directly, meaning that buying miles with them qualifies as airfare spend, which I almost view as a further discount on purchased LifeMiles. Therefore you’ll want to consider using one of the following cards for your purchase, since they offer the following bonus miles for airfare spend:

CardPoints earned on airfare spend
The Platinum Card® from American Express5x Membership Rewards points per dollar spent
Citi Prestige Card5x ThankYou points per dollar spent
American Express® Gold Card3x Membership Rewards points per dollar spent
Chase Sapphire Reserve®3x Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent
Citi Premier℠ Card3x ThankYou points per dollar spent
Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card2x Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent

So if you pay with The Platinum Card® from American Express then you earn 5x points. I value those points at 1.7 cents each, so to me that’s the equivalent of a further 8.5% return. That means that the real cost of each mile goes down from 1.32 cents to 1.21 cents, which is an even better value (this isn’t cash in your pocket, but rather points in your “pocket” based on my valuation).

Keep in mind there are numerous ways to earn LifeMiles through credit cards as well, both by transferring points from flexible rewards programs, or via the Avianca LifeMiles credit cards.

Star Alliance Award Sale Summary

Not only is LifeMiles offering a 150% bonus on purchased miles, but you can also receive discounts on select redemptions. Domestic economy redemptions start at 4,500 miles, business class redemptions between the US and Europe start at 48,000 miles, and business class redemptions between the US and Asia start at 64,000 miles, just to give a few examples.

Hopefully some of you can take advantage of both the award sale and the sale on purchased miles, since you can combine the two for some great values!

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  1. Good value for Business Class, though sadly, First Class awards are practically dead within Star Alliance, since only Air China and All Nippon release space in advance while Lufthansa only does so 14 days before departure.

  2. Subscription Error
    The customer is already subscribed to the promotion

    Showing only 145% discount at Buy Miles Page subsequently, Anyone else facing the issue?

  3. This is incredible. How can I subscribe to LifeMiles? It is only in Spanish. Any English membership sign up page? Thanks.

  4. @Cality-if you know absolutely nothing you would be better served by ThePointsGuy, where they spoonfed you every little tidbit of information

  5. I have a lot of miles but i can’t use them…annoying..

    Don’t buy lifemiles, i know what i am talking about.

  6. Thanks!!! I might be in the minority when it comes to buying Lifemiles but I always buy when they have a deal as I personally find great value in them especially from the DC area to Europe and South America. I booked a couple of business class trips this year from IAD to FRA/MUC/AMS at 60-63K one way on Lufthansa. I’ve also booked a few economy flights on United using Lifemiles as well. When I needed an extremely last-minute ticket to Europe this past 4th of July for 5 people, I turned to Lifemiles. I recently redeemed some Lifemiles for an upcoming European Christmas trip as well as a trip to Galapagos Island (Lifemiles + British Airways Avios) for next Spring Break. And their taxes are always very reasonable. So I honestly find a lot of value in Lifemiles and I think you just have to know how to work with their rules, customer service (which has improved over the years), and be flexible with travel times. But again, that’s just me. I know it doesn’t work for everyone of course. That said, when I registered with the link above, it still said 145% bonus but when I tried to check out, I was bumped up to 150% bonus miles so it worked for me but not until the final checkout page.

  7. Many of the ‘better’ offers are, naturally enough I suppose, on less popular routes, and on less popular airlines such as most Chinese ones who are still very much on their ‘L plates’ as far as customer service and soft product is concerned.
    Also, the rumours about the continued viability of LM persist, and I would not want to be caught with a large stash of miles should things turn nasty.
    Just sayin’……..

  8. Agree with Hugo. I bought lifemiles but can’t use them for flights I’m interested in. I wish I had never purchased them.

  9. Do you need to enter your passport information at time of booking? I don’t have mine with me presently.

  10. Lifemiles are not straight-forward to use, but it’s definitely possible to find the flights. Their IT IS atrocious though, but call centers have improved, so I guess win some, lose some?

  11. Is this only if you fly the particular segment or can you add connections as long as the long haul segment is one of the routes with the discount? For example, I need to get from Bangkok to Dayton next summer, If I did BKK-TPE-ORD/IAH-DAY would I be able to get a discount?. Or maybe if I booked BKK-TPE with cash and then just booked TPE-ORD/IAH-DAY?

  12. Not that anyone noticed – but no discounts to/from Australia / NZ – one of LM’s big markets for selling points. Only the usual surcharge of +10,000 for all routes ex-OZ.

  13. There are a LOT of unpublished redeem sale with various reduced rates. eg. Intra-Asia should be 15000/22500, but I’ve seen 7500/18000, 10000/17500 and so on.
    So it worths going there painful website to see if there’s routes you’re interested in.

  14. @pat and @mh same for me. In fact i bought lifemiles las time… and now i can’t use them. Nothing from australia to south america. Nothing. Before may options were available. Using turkishand southafrican aiwlrways, singapore airlines and turkish, air new zeland. Now nothing available.

  15. @David God bless you, if you think their call center has improved. To everyone else, may I suggest a liberal premedication with Xanax/Valium prior to any call, heck let’s make that ANY LifeMiles (attempted) transaction…..the Air India award chart may provide some much need post call/transaction relaxation!!! I’m out….life is too short!

  16. LM call centers have not improved; they might have for a brief time, but definitely gone backwards. Wrong information and specific reply to email in Spanish, not English, in recent times come to mind. Some staff with misplaced confidence in their English-speaking ability adds to the frustration in dealing with this mob.

  17. I’ve registered using your link.
    It showed me a message that the registration was ok.
    But when I try to buy it just gives me 145% of bonus. Not 150%

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