LAN’s 787s are in service!

LAN recently took delivery of their first 787 Dreamliner aircraft, and it seems like they have quite a nice configuration. LAN already had an excellent business class product on the 767 with fully flat beds, though apparently the 787 seats are even more comfortable. Here’s a video of their new 787, and starting about 50 seconds in you can see cabin footage:

As of now the 787 seems to consistently operate the following flights:

LAN 455, Santiago to Buenos Aires, 10:40AM-12:45PM
LAN 456, Buenos Aires to Santiago, 2:30PM-4:50PM

Also, as of December 1, the 787 is scheduled to operate the following flight:

LAN 632, Santiago to Lima, 1:25PM-3:10PM
LAN 633, Lima to Santiago, 6:00PM-11:35PM

LAN’s first longhaul 787 destination will be Los Angeles, and by February 1, 2013, all of LAN’s service there (both the nonstop out of Santiago and the flight through Lima) will be operated by the 787, as follows:

LAN 600, Santiago to Lima to Los Angeles, 9:55PM-07:15AM (+1 day)
LAN 601, Los Angeles to Lima to Santiago, 12:30PM-07:00AM (+1 day)

LAN 602, Santiago to Los Angeles, 11:50PM-6:10AM (+1 day)
LAN 603, Los Angeles to Santiago, 2:45PM-6:05AM (+1 day)

Of course the equipment on all these routes is subject to change. They’re actually already operating the 787 to Los Angeles starting on January 1, though only on certain days of the week, so be sure to check the schedule for the dates you’re traveling.

While LAN is generally great about releasing award space, Los Angeles is definitely one of their tougher destinations for finding award space. That being said I do see business class award space for the 787 flights to Los Angeles, so hopefully I’ll be able to check out their 787 sometime in the new year.

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  1. Awesome! I did the grand stopover tour of SA on LAN courtesy old BA miles and I really liked their older 767 business class!

    PS, I think the LAX-SCL nonstop is LA 603, not 601.

  2. I just flew the 787 from SCL to EZE on Sunday (15K miles one way using BA miles in Business) Its a great plane, the seats are amazing in Biz. The window shades are really cool, they “tint” instead of going up/down.

  3. Just flew that route…wish I had done so on the 787.

    But the 767 is fantastic, and despite the common criticisms of LAN, I thought they were fantastic. And their boarding music is 2nd only to Etihad.

  4. @ AK — You’re right, thanks!

    @ Lee — Happy to hear you had a great flight!

    @ Andrew — They haven’t announced plans for it yet, though I’d say it’s fairly likely it’ll eventually be a 787.

    @ Chris S. — Still meaning to fly LAN, they seem like a great airline.

  5. We are booked. On the LAX-LIM-SCL route in business next summer (Easter island bound) great to hear this route will be flown on a 787!

  6. @ Aaron — Sure can. MPM plus 25% (which is what you’re allowed) is 7,972 miles, and that route is 7,314 miles.

  7. I am sorry to say that the Economy seats in the 787 are actually much WORSE than they were in the 767. I have family in Chile, and fly there regularly. Although it has always been an exhausting trip, flight 600, just a few days ago, SCL to LAX, was the worst extended flight in my entire life. The seat pitch is worse than that in any domestic US flight, and the on board entertainment, which was excellent, does not make up for the pain in my back, hip and knees several days later (I am 5’8″).

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