Ingenious: Lagos Airport Getting A Fence

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A couple of days ago I wrote about an incident that occurred at Lagos Airport, where a man climbed onto the wing of a plane just shortly before it was due to take off. The man allegedly brought a carry-on, which he decided to store in the engine, and he wanted to fly to Ghana, even though the plane was just operating a domestic flight.

Unfortunately an incident like this doesn’t come as a surprise, given that Lagos Airport is known for having quite a few “incidents.” For example, last year Lagos Airport was in the news because apparently it was commonplace for robbers to go into the cargo hold of planes.

Following this latest incident, the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria is taking action, assuring travelers and airport users that new measures are already being put in place to enhance security.

FAAN is taking full responsibility for the breach, and says that the intruder is in custody. So, what is the airport going to do?

Stating that the Authority takes full responsibility for the breach, Capt Yadudu noted that the Federal Government, through the Ministry of Transport and Honourable Minister of State, Aviation has already assisted in the award of contracts for perimeter fences at the airports, including detection devices and CCTV cameras with infrared capacity.

He added that plans are also underway to erect observation towers this year, so to enable proper monitor and coverage of the airport.

Wait a second, the airport hasn’t had perimeter fences up until now?! And this incident — and not the repeated robbing of aircraft cargo holds — is what’s causing them to take action?

It’s also noted that this is a “dynamic industry,” and that “new threats are springing up daily and the criminal elements are fashioning out ways to circumvent security architectures.”

I mean… I feel like a fence around an airport, or at least some sort of camera system and/or guard towers aren’t exactly novel innovations at this point?

  1. It’s quite funny when US didn’t allow flights from Vietnam, yet the US airlines freely operated (and still operate) to a fenceless International airport in Nigeria.

  2. You know losers like @Amper Sands have been successfully deplatformed and live in a fake news bubble when they are trying to spread their right wing views on a luxury travel website..

  3. I NEVER watch FOX because they are full blown clowns. I dont like Pence’s views at all. At the same time i like what Trump is doing most of the time not always.
    If you want people out of an airport land /property because they dont belong there lawfully, build a damn fence with razor wire. How is this different than our border?

  4. @ Ben – How did the FAA allow Delta to operate nonstop flights to the US with no perimeter fencing?? I am almost certain a US Gov’t agency must approve/certify foreign airport security measures to approve flights to the US.

  5. Of course there is a perimeter fence at Lagos airport – well part fence – part wall.

    The problem is that it isn’t a very good one – and in sections the area is heavily overgrown – giving good cover to anyone getting over it.

  6. @ Endre — Difference is a border wall costs like $500 billion to build and can’t be built across a river.

  7. @ Endra — I guess we could revoke the Trump tax cut and use that money to pay for the wall. That won’t pass EVER.

  8. Nothing new at Lagos. Several years ago, a fence was installed. However, it was stolen within about a month after completion.
    The best thing was to sit in the cockpit of a 747 and watch people come out of the bush and open a 727 or 737 cargo door and watch bags being taken out and thrown into the bush. Nothing beats Lagos. Overnighted on Victoria Island and had to have an armed escort both ways!

  9. Wow I never realized how left wing this place is.
    Oh wait yes I did thats why this blog is dead.

  10. @Gene
    Why the tax cut has given us the best economy in decades. Might be better to cut welfare for the leeches aka democrat voters.

  11. The Lagos Airport called Muritala Mohammed Airport has perimeter fence however, there are some portion of the fence that either has holes or broken. That is what the MD of the airports was talking about.

  12. @ Megaman — I suppose those “leeches” don’t deserve to eat? The true leeches are corporations and the wealthy. The poor could only dream of getting handouts like those folks get. And, those tax cuts are just more borrowing by our government. In fact, they’ve run out of money just this month!

  13. The press release of FAAN talks about “new measures … to enhance security at the nation’s airports” and “perimeter fences at the airports”. So I guess Murtala Mohammed International Airport has got perimeter fences – even if not perfect ones (as Taiwo says) – but other airports in the Nigeria don’t have.

  14. Having traveled through Lagos Airport many times, here are a couple of things:
    1. There is a fence around the perimeter
    2. Safety is definitely an issue at the airport and I wondered how the US and other International Airlines could allow direct flights with the lack of security and high levels of corruption at the airport (as one comment said – oil!).
    A story to demonstrate: I was flying into Lagos and Asky left my luggage in Togo. There was no real system to claim your lost luggage, they just said ‘come back tomorrow, hopefully it will be on that flight’. There was no claim tag nothing to indicate missing bags (there were about 75 passengers who had bags missing). I went the next day and walked into the airport through the exit, walked through the airport, crossed the customs area, walked into the baggage hall, saw my bag lying on the floor amongst a pile of bags, took my bag and walked out of the international airport without ever being checked or asked any questions! I could have been anyone and I could have picked up any number of bags!

  15. Stealing a fence is a great one. Seems like the airport will have to bring the fence and gates inside for the night since they are not safe outdoors.

  16. US airlines can fly as long as they perform their own security. Ie DL must provide and oversee security instead of the airport.

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