Revealed: La Compagnie’s New A321neo Business Class

Well that was quick. Earlier I wrote about how La Compagnie revealed some more details of their new A321neos, which they’ll begin flying between New York and Paris in April 2019. The planes will feature 76 flat bed seats with high-speed wifi.

I speculated as to what type of business class seat they’d offer, though the airline has now made it official. On Instagram La Compagnie has shared renderings of their new A321neo cabin.

They say that the seats are being produced by Rockwell Collins, and that they’ll feature 15.7″ touchscreen monitors from Zodiac. As expected, these are the Diamond seats that we find on many airlines, where the footwells for the seats is underneath the seat in front, in order to save space.

I’ve gotta say, the new cabin looks beautiful, and I think this configuration is the perfect balance between maximizing capacity while also offering a solid business class product.

While this won’t be the world’s best business class product, having a fully flat bed at the prices that La Compagnie charges will be a very compelling value proposition for consumers. For example, at the moment the airline has roundtrip fares of $1,600, though in the past we’ve sometimes seen fares lower than that.

This might just be the most visually stunning cabin out there, purely in terms of the size of the single cabin and the all business class layout. There’s not another airline in the world operating a configuration like this (at least that I know of). British Airways has their A318 with Club World London City, though that cabin is significantly smaller. Meanwhile Four Seasons has their 757 private jet, but that’s not an airline.

I’m now even more excited to try La Compagnie’s new business class!

(Tip of the hat to M Hsu)


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  2. “There’s not another airline in the world operating a configuration like this (at least that I know of).”

    You dont know about the all business class A318 of british airways?

  3. The choice of Zodiac RAVE perplexes me. I’ve always seen it as a “cheap” IFE solution for stingy customers as it is connected wirelessly to a server that streams content directly to the tablets. I’d much prefer a Panasonic system that looks sleek and modern, though I guess IFE is better than no IFE at all.

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  6. @ Chris W. — I’ve updated the post to clarify, but my point was that there’s not an airline with a plane of this size that has such a configuration. The A318 is way smaller than the A321, so the visuals of a 32 seat cabin are very different than the visuals of a 76 seat cabin.

  7. So, if I’m not mistaken, in this configuration, to leave the window seat one has to step over the person in the aisle seat? How easy will that be if the aisle seat is in fully flat position?

  8. Although the seat itself is gonna be a nice improvement, I find the design of the cabin bland and uninspiring. Not beautiful at all.

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  10. Hapag Lloyd Cruises also operates a similar type of plane (Airbus A319) which is in a similar configuration to the Four Seasons 757 that was mentioned in this post; the A319 has angle flat business class seats in a 2-2 configuration that they use for round the world air cruises.

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  14. I believe this was in 2009 or 2010, so maybe Swiss doesn’t offer this anymore, but I redeemed miles for a business class return flight from Lisbon to New York via Zurich. The Zurich to NY leg was on an all business class 2-2 Swiss 737. Those were like flat seats, very spacious but didn’t look nearly as nice as this plane.

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