KLM’s Trippy Yet Traditional New Safety Video

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Airlines put a lot of effort into creating memorable safety videos nowadays, not just as a way of encouraging people to pay attention to safety, but also as a way of marketing themselves.

Air New Zealand’s safety videos are almost a viral marketing technique, as they release a new one every three months, and they’re typically watched by millions of people not even flying with them. You know you did a good job when you can get people to watch a safety video on a plane. You know you did an amazing job when you can get people to watch a safety video off a plane. 😉

Anyway, KLM just came out with a new safety video, which takes place in a royal delft pottery (fitting, as KLM gives out delft houses at the end of every flight in longhaul business class, as I received when flying them from Amsterdam to Chicago).


The video is simple and takes place entirely on tiles. Here’s KLM’s new safety video:

While I like how it’s traditional and very “KLM,” why the hell are the tiles shaking?!? After watching that whole thing and focusing on the tiles I feel like I just had breakfast at an all you-can-eat “brownie” bakery in Amsterdam!

In terms of the content itself, it’s interesting that they specifically say “if you lose your electronic device in your seat, please do not adjust your seat, and call a crew member.” That’s a logical recommendation given how many phones are crushed in airplane seats, though it’s the first time I’ve seen an airline explicitly say that in a safety video.

What do you make of KLM’s new safety video? Anyone as annoyed by the shaking tiles as I am?

  1. The tile is shaking because each frame is painted on a different tile, photographed, and moved away so a new tile can be placed down. If they don’t place the new tile in the exact same position as the previous tile it appears to shake when the pictures are put together to form a video as they did.

  2. Air france’s safety video also mentions calling a crew member if you drop your phone. Doesn’t delta do it too? Not sure, but I am fairly sure air france does

  3. Air France does when it’s the video. When it’s the one performed by the FA’s they don’t mention it. AF’s is still my favorite. It makes you want to behave well. I just got off a long-ish trip mostly on AF, and the flight crew across all the flights were SO SO SO good. It was a work trip, so one long haul was in economy, the other was in premium economy, and one short haul was in business and the other was in economy. Across all of them the service was excellent.

  4. I think that the concept is absolutely brilliant, I just wish that they would have cut between tiles and flight attendant a few more times to break it up a little bit. I absolutely love the cutaway and was totally shocked that they actually made every individual tile! Serious craftsmanship there. Really cool.

  5. The reason it mentions not to move PEDs lost in seat, is that AF (same company) had an incident where a pax in biz class on a Zodiac seat moved his seat and cracked the lithium ion battery inside and and a small flame started. The crew poured water and that resolved the issue.

  6. Having been one to rant (on more than one occasion) about the sheer levels of stupidity American carriers’ overly-tongue-in-cheek safety videos have reached of late, I absolutely adore this. It’s informative, short, interestingly different, and pulls in the carrier’s country’s heritage. It draws in the viewer for the artistic nature, keeps them engages with the content and visuals, and passes the information on with minimal bullshit.

    I wish the US3 would take notes. I’m so tired of, and embarrassed by, the US carriers’ continued use of hackneyed cliches and no-longer-funny pop culture references and internet memes. Their hard/soft product is nowhere near good enough to be cutesy with their safety videos.

  7. Hi Ben,

    The AF ‘france is in the air’ campaign also asks passengers to call a crew member if their electronic device falls into the seat. AF has such a slicker video too, this one is weird!

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