Join The Mile High Club In Las Vegas With Love Cloud

There’s a new start up in Las Vegas called Love Cloud, with the slogan “What Happens Over Vegas Stays Over Vegas!”

Here’s how their website describes the experience:

When you arrive at the Airport you will be greeted by your very own pilot who will walk you to the aircraft and answer any questions you have.  Prior to boarding the aircraft your pilot will explain the simple but essential safety instructions and will give you a full safety briefing.  Once on aboard, your pilot will let you know when he is ready to start the aircraft and that it is safe to begin the flight.  Seat belts must be worn during taxi, takeoff, and landing.  Your pilot will notify you when you and your partner may remove your seat belts.

It will only take the pilot 10 to 15 minutes to reach the cruising altitude of 5,280 feet or exactly one mile high above Las Vegas.  At that time, your pilot will notify you that it is safe to remove your safety belts.  You and your loved one will remain totally undisturbed for that time and the only thing that you will hear is the hum of the engines.

You have the option of bringing your own playlist of music to play from our wireless sound system or you can pick, choose, and/or create your own playlist of songs from our own Love Cloud music collection.  We have provided a comfortable custom cabin with pillows, cushions and blankets to relax on.

After the flight you will be presented with His and Her Mile High Club VIP Certificate Cards and will then have a photo next to the aircraft so that you have both a picture and card to remember your romantic adventure by.

The prices are $799 for a 40 minute flight, $999 for a 60 minute flight, and $1,299 for a 90 minute flight.


I have two thoughts:

  1. Those poor, poor, poor pilots. They better be paying them good money!
  2. There are classy ways to join the mile high club (Emirates and Singapore A380s, for example) and not so classy ways to join the mile high club. I think this qualifies as the latter…

(Tip of the hat to Chris)


  1. Flying F from diamond on EY (states to AUH) to and later F on CX (HKG to states). What flight, and how, would provide the optimal opportunity for membership?

  2. Classier to do it behind a screen in a cabin full of other people? Each to their own I guess. I like the idea.

  3. Joined the club using side by side suites on the Singapore A380 SIN-NRT. The only way to fly!

  4. I asked this in the free amenity kit post, but how hard is it to get two people into the Emirates shower spa? I am guessing FA attendants are watching at all times. In addition, if you are flying to Dubai, I would imagine police may be waiting for you on the ground if you run afoul of any decency laws.

  5. Pretty sure there are no classy ways to “join”. I always thought the whole point was to get away with something though, so this is a different kind of club.

  6. @Anthony, I agree if you are going to try and do this on any Middle Eastern airline, you would want to do it coming back to America or Europe, especially if the female is not married to the man. The Emirates still follows Sharia law on matters like this.

  7. Two questions I’m sure are on everyone’s mind:
    1: What points/miles can we redeem for these flights?
    2: When should we expect to see a review posted on your blog?

  8. @Haldami — well, evidently they only give out “his and her” VIP certificates, so I’m assuming same-sex couples are an afterthought. I’m also assuming if gays were running this joint it wouldn’t be decorated like a teenage girl’s idea of a bordello. (Just think- clean lines, 500-thread count Frette sheets, some Jonathan Adler accessories- I could be down with that.)

  9. I agree with @BeachFan…I’m not sure there’s a classy way to accomplish this. BUT, seems like you’re renting a hotel room in this scenario vs a very public place on other commercial airlines.

    Can you ask the pilot to fly over certain things?

  10. @ Anthony — I mean, the shower spa does say that the maximum occupancy is two. 😉

    Probably all depends on the crew. If you have a nice crew they’d probably look the other way. If you have a not-so-nice crew they might try to stop it. But I definitely don’t think there would be repercussions beyond that.

  11. Wait, the pilot climbs to 5280 MSL? Isn’t that cheating? I think you have to be a mile above the ground for it to count, or else I’m a member merely by virtue of the fact that I live with my wife in the mountains at 6500′ elevation.

  12. Just to be clear, I am very interested in koining via A 380; just don’t think it’s classy.

  13. “It will only take the pilot 10 to 15 minutes to reach the cruising altitude of 5,280 feet or exactly one mile high above Las Vegas.”

    Vegas sits at 2181′ above sea level, so a cruising altitude of 5280′ is not a mile high above Las Vegas.

    If the objective is simply to join the ‘mile above sea level club’ just come on over to Denver and have a roll on the ground. You can even smoke some pot while you are at.

  14. I thought part of the fun of joining the mile high club is the adventure and risk of it? I’ve always considered those with proper beds in the A380 cheating, this is even more so.

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