AWESOME: Jetstar Asia To Make Announcements In Singlish!

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There are few accents in the world I like more than Singaporean English. I love getting on a Singapore Airlines flight and hearing the crisp announcement from a very Singaporean captain. But if there’s one thing I like more than Singaporean English, it’s Singlish. šŸ˜‰

Singapore National Day is coming up on August 9, and to celebrate, Jetstar Asia will be making Singlish announcements on select flights on that day only.

Here’s how they describeĀ this:

Wah seh!

We’re turning some of our on board announcements into Singlish, but just for one day only – on Tuesday 9 August!

If you’re on a return flight into Singapore with us, and want to experience the Singlish announcements, please let us know on our Facebook page at

Remember our April Fool’s joke? Many people told us they love the idea so we’re doing this to celebrate Singapore’s 51st birthday!

And don’t forget to cheong our very special SGD51 sale, so cheap don’t buy you really rugi!

Here’s the promotional video about it:

As you can see above, this was originally done as an April Fool’s Joke, but became so popular that they’re bringing it back. Here’s their video from April Fool’s Day about introducing Singlish:

Man, this almost makes me wish I didn’t already have plans for next week!

(Tip of the hat to Rapid Travel Chai)

  1. Buang your plans lah and Cheong down to singla-pore lor why u so like dat … Dun now how b flexi-able one meh

    Jetstarrr so on u dun play play u onri lugi out

    Up to u lah … U happy Dan come lor

  2. @MAKP

    You are confusing PRC Chinese with Singaporean.
    I can assure you that we are not the same. For most of us, English is our first language and it is also a lingua franca. But casually, we will speak Singlish among ourselves.
    And I am very certain we do not speak nor do we sound like the lady in the video.
    Maybe you should visit Singapore if you have not done so. Cheers!

    In Singlish:

    You anyhow confuse Mainland Chinese with us Singaporean lor.
    We very different one you know. Many of us speak English one. But among kakis (Malay for friends), we speak Singlish. I confirm we don’t speak like that char bo (woman in Min Nan Chinese aka Hokkien) in the video lor. Come and visit Singapore then you can see and hear yourself.


  3. @Andrew i know it’s not the same i just love that language training video, my children’s (ninang) godmother is pinoy she do the Phinglish which sound like the Singlish in my “white” ears :).

    But let me just ask you, “you want coke” šŸ™‚

  4. @Andy

    Hahaha… I didn’t know that. It could be Korean. But I feel the accent is closer to Mainland Chinese. But that is just stereotyping.


    Lol! Nope, Phinglish is nothing like Singlish. But I do get your point as I find it difficult to differentiate Australian and New Zealand accent.
    And I prefer Pepsi. Cheers!

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